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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2009
I'm quite an experienced online poker player and blame bad luck an awful lot. For me, the most important aspects in this book were bad beats, or bad play.

Are they really bad beats? Perhaps you think so, but in my many cases I shouldn't have been in the hand in the first place.

The book explains precisely and clearly how to win online. I've read previous books that give me their life story of how they became a poker professional, their "ups and downs" - do I want to read this? No. I want tips and techniques on improving my online poker skills, and this book provides. Cash tables, sit 'n go's, MTT's, it's all in here.

It's a relatively small book, and may cover some stuff you already know, but trust me, it's worth the read. It reminded me of some of the skills I've picked up along the way but have forgotten or not used so much to my advantage.

My profit graph looks much more stable after reading this, previously I saw massive ups and downs, my "bad beats" have been massively reduced and you should start noticing an increase in your bank roll.
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on 15 March 2009
As the title I put states, this book is a great read for a novice just starting the game or even someone that has been playing a while, thinks they know the game but are losing still. It isn't prehaps going to teach anyone that has spent time learning the game much, but clearly that wasn't the aim of the book.

It's quite a short read of about 120 pages or so, and easy to read through in and evening if you are a quick reader, but whats in those pages will turn a weak, clueless and losing player into one that stands a chance to actually make some money at the tables and certainly at lower stakes where the majority are fish that while may have rough ideas of the game do make lots of bad errors still and don't have much desire to learn any better. This book will put you above them straight away if you take the guides in and follow them.

I will agree with one other reviewer that it doesn't overly cover odds, and to a fully rounded good player you should understand pot odds and the odds your hand has of being made. While many players believe intution is enough it isn't to be consistantly a winner over the long run. The simple fact is the more you know the better you get and less you are liking to lose, and in the long run the odds just aren't wrong, so knowing them is a must for higher level play and this book doesn't cover it. However, being that it's a book about online play its easy to get round this by using 3rd party software odds calculators that attach to most game sites tables and give you pot odds and odds of your hand standing up. Useful for novices still unsure of how to do the math, and even for good players that can do it but don't want to waste the scant 15 seconds time you often get to do the math. Plenty of good ones about, but make sure its a good one obviously. The book also mentions poker tracker briefly, which is also a good tool, not only for your own stats, but can be helpful finding the fish at the cash tables too as it tracks the data on anyone you have sat and played with so you can find them fast. These tools do cost money, so prehaps only for the serious players, but I assume most buying books are aiming to be just that.

Anyway, in short, this book is going to be great for anyone losing currently and with only a basic understanding of the game. Follow the guides and you will improve lots, and its all simple to follow. For good players already you're not going to get anything extra out of it. Good players I class as those that already understand the value of postions, starting hand requirements, player profiling and suiting your style to them etc and finally tactical requirements for SnG's, MTT's and ring games. If you know most of that then this book isn't going to teach you any new tricks or plays to add to your game.

I should state finally that I'm a winning player, and play about 6 hours a day on ring games and played about 2000 odd tournaments too last year alone. So why did I read this book? Because it doesn't hurt to read or constantly try to learn and improve your game, but it does hurt generally when you stop trying to learn more. So the moral is even if you learn lots from this book, don't stop there if you want to really earn. See you on the tables maybe!
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on 6 October 2009
First word of warning. This book is not about the basics of Texas Hold 'Em poker. It's about the basics of online playing, so if you are looking for basic poker techniques and so on, you are not going to find them here.

This book assumes you have already covered the poker basics elsewhere and launches straight into the do's and don'ts of online poker.

The book was an eye opener for me. It explains table statistics, which will help you find the table that is right for you and more likely to help you win. Read player's actions to help you choose the right place in the right table and a long etcetera of where you can go right and wrong, from size of bets to mood to note taking.

In sum, a very helpful book for the amateur poker player, not the novice, thinking about giving it a go in the virtual world.
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on 14 January 2008
Have been playing online for a couple of years now. Saw this - it is CHEAP - and thought I'd give one more poker book a try. It's great. Mendlesohn writes so simply and clearly that even quite tough stuff makes sense.
Bottom line: I was losing online; now I'm winning - consistently. Can't believe it. Simple tips, excellent strategys and everything clear and easy. GREAT! Book paid for itself in 2 minutes dead.
Buying his other poker books now and will report.
Ralph - Jo'burg
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on 6 April 2008
A really good beginners book, you can win with this even without counting the odds. Straightforward and easy to read. But if you want move on from the lowesttables, then you need odds, which this book does not clarify. But still simply loved it.
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on 20 October 2015
It's good, but doesn't really have anything special in there. online poker software have different systems, and different styles of play, so we can not assume we can win online on all poker rooms, the rigged are different in all sites.
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on 21 December 2009
In summary I would recommend this book to all those beginning or looking to improve their online NLHE Poker game. It is very strong on helping the reader to develop the correct mindset and starting strategy.

If you are keen to avoid being one of the many losing players out there, then I highly suggest you give this book a try. It is one of the cheaper books available, and despite only being 126 pages long has an awful lot to offer.

Before you read this book you need to understand the mechanics of poker, ie. hierarchy of winning hands, blinds, community cards, betting format (etc).

The early sections explain the common format of online poker sites, including how to pick the right poker site & table for you. There are also good sections on strategy for Cash Games, Sit & Go Tournaments and Multi-Table Tournaments which should enable you to adopt the correct style for the table you have chosen.

To round off the book there are sections on how to deal with bad beats and also some miscellaneous tips and strategies to employ.

The author recommends a tight aggressive style, and also the hands that you should you should consider entering the pot with (depending on the format of the game you are playing). The guidance offered is very useful, but is straight to the point... so don't expect large sections analysing the relative merit of making plays with different pocket cards.

This book does not go into depth on outs, pot odds and implied odds, betting patterns or chip management, so I would highly suggest purchasing another book that does in order to add these important skills to your game and become a well rounded player.
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on 29 July 2008
I bought this book when a keen novice, and it taught me so much in such a short space of time. The book is slim and is probably for beginners and those who have played a while but not with much success, however, its just what you need to get a solid grounding of the game. It is really well written so you don't get bored or have too much to take in at once and the strategies are easy to follow and understand. Bottom line - I read this book in 4 hours, then played two 10 seater sit 'n' go tourneys in a row and won them both! (albeit they were really low stake $1 dollar buy ins but hey, the $10 winnings meant this book had paid for itself in one evening!)
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on 20 January 2015
Some solid, common sense tips and guidelines in this book. Poker has definitely evolved over the past 10 years so this shoudl not be your only book on how best to play online poker, still it is makes for a good read and offers value.
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on 21 January 2009
I don't usually write reviews but thought I'd take a second for this book.

If you a beginner looking to get better, buy it...if your an experienced player as I was I don't believe it will have much to offer. I'll explain:

The book is split in to 3 main sections, Cash games, MTTs and SNGs - (There is also a lot on poker temperament etc, very important!)

Now, this is a small book...there is no way you can write some good, solid advice about SnGs, MTTs AND Cash games in such a small book. And it shows, there is some good advice but not enough.

If your looking for the basics get this, If your looking to get good at MTTs, SNGs and cash games buy 3 seperate books with good reviews.
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