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on 6 January 2018
Yes. The official story was always a 'crock of...'. RIP the victims. Independent inquiry? No chance. So a group of patsy lads are briefed on a 'terror drill', none at all politically affiliated, (and one a youth worker); they buy a load of bleach (???) from random hair salons (???); make an unstable and comedy 'bomb' in a bath tub (in a house owned by a person never prosecuted ???); drive to a station that uses Photoshop in its CCTV (???); catch a train that was actually cancelled (???); arrive at a station where the CCTV 'wasn't working that day' (sound familiar?); and arrive in London town AFTER a series of precision, military type Cemtex explosions detonate....; from devices clearly planted UNDERNEATH (???), not inside, the train carriages; (which were removed and destroyed immediately after, having no forensic value...???). Kollstersom's Terror on the Tube is another good read on this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/TERROR-TUBE-NICK-KOLLERSTROM/dp/1615777725
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on 6 June 2016
All ok
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on 4 August 2009
Ahmed collects, collates and presents evidence brilliantly. He raises so many huge question marks over the government's 'official narrative' of 7/7 that one wonders why he does not more openly question the veracity of the entire story and the guilt of the four 'suicide bombers'.

Apparently he was forced by his publisher to change 'alleged bombers' to simply 'bombers' throughout the text. Ahmed has an academic career to protect so his extreme caution and guardedness is understandable.

Nick Kollerstrom's book on 7/7 "Terror On The Tube" is much more direct. It covers much the same ground but exposes the government narrative as almost laughably unbelievable. One is left understanding exactly why Tony Blair blocked an Inquiry into 7/7.

'Ludicrous diversion' indeed. How utterly shameful.

England will NEVER be a decent place to live until the questions raised in these fine books are thoroughly and truthfully answered.

After that viscerally important task is completed, it is highly likely that persons other than Muslims will find themselves taking the short bus-ride to jail.
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on 12 May 2007
I'm almost finished reading this. The author's list of sources is extensive - at the end of the book he clearly lists the sources - the reader can check them, since he clearly gives their locations on Internet, for example.

The part that makes me wonder about his sources is the part quoting Yussef (or Yossef) Bodansky. I looked up Bodansky's book about Osama bin Laden, and some people agree that Bodansky makes many controversial statements as fact, and not always with accuracy, but when asked about his sources, says that he can't give them. Some call his book about Osama a work of fiction.

It detracts a bit from the authority of "The London Bombings," when the author uncritically quotes Bodansky, I think.

An interesting book, though.
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on 14 September 2009
I must admit, having just finished reading this, that I am somewhat disappointed by the book. Having read the absolutely brilliant "The War on Truth" by the same author, I had hoped to find some more ah-hah! insights relating to the 7/7 London bombings. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Ahmed does point out inconsistencies in the evidence presented and debunks the official line that essentially, the bombing was perpetrated by a few disaffected Yorkshire Islamic militants without much outside support, instead of being a fully-fledged Al Qaida operation. So far so good. But he then presents the inconsistencies without really offering an alternative scenario. He points out the possibility that the bombers left the bombs without dying themselves (though this seems unlikely - where are the bombers supposed to be now?), that they were fixed to the undersides of the tube trains (how? surely impossible in the rush hour), and that the CCTV evidence of the bombers at Kings Cross is incomplete, owing to the timing of the arriving trains.

This mixture of doubt does his essential thesis no favours as it is not helpful to present the implausible along with the justifiably dubious. His contention that there were adequate warnings that the bombing was due to occur also lack credibility: to know that the Tube is to be bombed in the 6 months leading up to the fateful July wouldn't help anyone much. Was London supposed to live without it for 6 months? Was the public supposed to be panicked on to bicycles?

A lot of the book doesn't really address the bombings at all, but rather the state's connivance at radical Islamists within Londonistan. Here it becomes evident that the major radical figures are double agents for the security services and that they are allowed to remain at large in the hope that they will supply ever greater amounts of information. The world becomes increasingly murky. Ahmed draws useful parallels with the way the security services acted in Northern Ireland, where double agents are allowed to carry out atrocities as to prevent them would blow their cover. This is all very valuable stuff and useful to understand.

The book, though, makes dull reading as the reader is bombarded with dates and people and events without making these the illustration of a real thesis, or rather that the accumulation of this detail will make the reader understand that the "War on Terror" is itself a conspiracy - which I had already learnt from reading other books - notably the aforementioned War on Truth.

Ahmed is doing valuable work and can be seen talking about it on YouTube. I just felt that this book was not hugely entertaining and didn't add as much to the debate as I had hoped.

I think my greatest take-out was that for the secret services, information is a currency, the more the better. But there has to come a time when you trade in that information to do something useful with it. And this can only be predicated by government. Otherwise, MI5 and MI6 and all the other secret organisations will just continue accumulating moles, double agents and information until they themselves are hopelessly implicated in the very scenarios they are being paid to help avoid.

So useful, yes, but not a great read.
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VINE VOICEon 25 April 2007
1 - The CIA and MI5 are cognisant and implicated in not only the rise of al-Qaeda pre 9/11 but also post 9/11 and post 7/7.

2 - Yes, the UK security services can be shown to have foreknowledge of the events on 7/7

3 - Yes the 7/7 bombers were linked to an al-Qaeda network which is being tolerated by the security services in order to further their aims of intelligence gathering and hegemonic power gathering.

4 - Yes the Anglo-American government is fostering and using the militant threat as a means to gain a military and economic foothold in all the major oilfields of the world.

5 - Yes the Algeria military is widely recognised as being behind the majority of the massacres and atrocities perpertrated by "militants" who are in fact disguised army units.

6 - Yes. The only difference between a kook and a kick-ass world-class journalist is that the journalist can prove everything he says with references to official government documents, respected international newspapers & journals, UN & NGO reports and eye witness testimonies from the terrorists and militants themselves.
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VINE VOICEon 24 October 2006
When I began this book I was prepared for an onslaught of Muslim Agenda and a heavy dose of West-Bashing. It isn't there. This is a finely balanced, exquisitely researched book written by a man who truly loves Britain and who understands what true democracy and freedom are all about. He guides the reader clearly through several decades of betrayal by our own governments (both British and American) showing how we have gotten to such a mess with Islamic terrorism running amok around the world.

Ahmed puts before the reader what has appeared in print for over two decades and shows the reader how to connect the dots. There is no talk of jihad or holy war. There is no preference for one party over another. There is simply the bold, plain truth that we, as free citizens of western democracies have been lied to for years. This is not your leftie-liberal-victim drival with no base. This is cold, hard facts with penetrating analysis. Ahmed makes the reader want to know what the simple Joe Blow in the street can do to bring our politicians to some sort of accountablity.

His analysis of the Balkan connection to our current crisis is shocking. And when you learn how the diamond smuggling of Sierra Leone (used to finance much of Islamic terrorism around the world) is and has been done under the protection of our own security personnel you only have to wonder whose side the government is on?

Read this book only if you have the courage to learn the truth, and only if you are strong enough to accept that difficult days lie ahead of us if we want 'The Free World' to remain free. If you want real 'conspiracy theories' then you have them here. The conspiracy of so-called Western democracy in betraying its own people.
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on 3 February 2009
Excellent book I thought but of course you have to read it yourself: one isn't drawn to this material if your mindset is pre-set. I attempted to find out what was censored by going online but Nafeez's site doesn't apear online. I have a Malaysian print of the book too and it's also censored: a sad thing to find these days in any form.

How does one find the missing text? Governments can kill people like Menezes with impunity: Censored books to me rates on the same scale as an affront to civilisation.
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on 4 September 2006
"Given the response of the government to 7/7, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the London bombings have been shamefully exploited by the state to simply serve its own empowerment." p.269

This work is for readers who can follow a logical argument without emotional diversion. Ahmed's research and analysis is exhaustive, prodigious and profound; demonstrating the very highest academic protocols.

His conclusions are explosive and demand that every politically responsible UK citizen becomes aware of the facts and makes at least some effort to make others aware too.
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on 29 April 2008
If you have read 'The War on Truth', then you have absolutely no need to buy this book, which incidentally I gave a five star (personal) rating to. This book repeats much that is in that book and I found myself having to skip huge sections as I was already familiar with what was being stated.

Of course, this is in the UK's context, but if you read the other book, it includes all the same premises, which you can pretty much transplant to here.

That's not to say that this book isn't worth reading but if you wish to read a more comprehensive view and are able to make the leap to what may have happened in this little US satellite we call the UK, then buy 'The War on Truth'.
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