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on 30 September 2009
I found this book reasonably easy to follow, I wanted some inspiration for decorating a cake for a honey fete. You may be drawn into purchasing some items from the author's website to get you started as I did, but I did make a pretty cake which was easy to decorate using a couple of cutter sets.Overall a pleasing book that I will use again and again.Good for inspiration and beginners should be able to attempt much of the contents.Not all fiddly flowers that take hours.
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on 27 February 2012
This book is quite daunting for an inexperienced cake bakerist!!! but i just love the pics. It is definately inspiring and Im going to have a go at the front cover cake this week for my mums birthday. Just maybe not quite so fancy!! cake recipes are straight forward, the hints and tips helpful. I have found some of the instruction for wonky cakes confuddling at best! but maybe if i were more experienced it would be less so. However, i am sure when i have mastered some of the fabulous looking cakes then i will have more technical abilities. There are definately some ideas i have not come across before, so i am looking forward to working my way through this book!!!
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on 26 April 2010
This book is full of beautiful and unusual cakes, with detailed instructions. It's nice to have the section on beaded and wire decorations, too. I haven't made any of the cakes yet, some are quite ambitious and would suit really special occassions, but it is a lovely book to have in any collection. Being able to view the inside pages on Amazon before ordering it was a big deciding factor when it came to ordering it.
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on 5 February 2009
I'm just starting out with cake decorating, and this guided me through the basics - what is sugarpaste vs flowerpaste to what cutters to purchase - plus it has loads of hints, tips and ideas (such freezing cakes to cut them more easily!) which really make sense. It even has recipes with scaleable amounts for different sized cakes. All this on top of really wonderful ideas to have a go at!
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on 3 July 2010
I really enjoy looking at cakes that can be made in a different way and this book does that. Its quite quirky! I have made 3 of the cakes from it and all of them had the 'wow' factor! Definitely recommend it though you have to have a fair bit of experience to be able to make them.
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on 15 June 2009
This is the best cake decorating book I have ever bought. The cakes are modern and imaginative and the instructions make it very easy to replicate them. No need to be an expert at piping flowers!

I recreated the wonky flower cake on the front cover but mine was only one layer and not wonky. It went down a storm and everyone thought I was an expert at cake decorating - If only they knew it was all ready made sugar paste and cutters.

The cutters required can be easily purchased online or in good cook shops. The book includes details of online shops and stockists at the back. The author also does her own courses and packs of cutters on her website.

To make different colours don't buy colouring you can always roll ready coloured pieces together such as red and yellow to make oranges and peaches, red and white for pinks etc.
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on 25 January 2012
As a keen amateur cake maker, so far, I have found this book really helpful. It certainly has lots of ideas to inspire and has clear, illustrated steps to create similar designs; it even shows how to create cake Jewellery, which I can't wait to have a go at. There are several cakes that I'm really looking forward to trying. The book includes useful quantity charts and guides relating to how many portions you'll get out of a cake.
Love it...just wish I had more time to 'play'!
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on 17 August 2009
This book does have some lovely pictures, and as one reviewer has pointed out - the author is clearly one who is inspired by art in general. The reason for my purchase was however more practical - I was looking for a book that would hold my hand and take me to a sligthly higher skill level of cake decorating. I have done amateur Birthday and Anniversary cakes for friends and family, and wanted to take the next step - there are some useful pages at the front of the book, but it VERY QUICKLY steps up a pace and is swiftly into creations that is way beyond the average home-baker. Obviously, this is just an opinion, and if you're looking for a real challenege then this could be for you - but anything that takes me more than a day to do looses my attention I'm afraid, I simply don't have the time.
In summary, gorgeous book, yummy looking cakes and a good few hints and tips but not enough advice to make me want to keep it. Some of the designs were slightly outdated for me too, from the front cover I was expecting 'funky' all the way through...
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on 9 December 2012
The only part in the whole book worth a look or worth making, is the cake on the front cover, which whilst its gorgeous and anyone would love to make it, it would cost a fortune to make as lindys cutters are so expensive its beyond ridiculous! the cutters for this particular cake come in 2 seperate sets each priced at a ridiculous £19.80 and £18.05, (lindys excuse when i asked why they charge such ridiculous prices, was that their cutters are extremely high quality and so it costs them quite a lot to make them and that their prices were the best they could do- its metal ffs!!! wake up!!) you also carnt buy any similar cutters from amazon or ebay, so unless you want to spend ridiculous amounts of money, avoid lindys books!!

this particular one isnt worth reading anyway- like i said the only good bit is the cake on the front- and if you want to make it be prepared to spend £40 on cutters!!
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on 21 August 2009
I'm a novice at cake making, dabbled a few times but never got that professional look until......I purchased and followed this book. I've now mastered tiered cakes, wonky cakes, and cake jewellery - a fabulous buy and simple to follow instructions.
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