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on 2 September 2011
The information in this book gave me insomnia. The case is documented in extraordinary detail, with all the facts laid bare, without sensationalism. I have been left in no doubt that the MOD - and their counterparts in other major western countries - are not only aware that the UFO phenomena is real (and not made up by a mass of crackpots who are desperate for little green aliens to visit them) but that they also take an active interest in UFOs, collecting the data from UFO encounters experienced by military personnel and taking the matter very seriously indeed!

Jenny Randles explores the Rendlesham Forest case in the context of international UFO phenomena, which is utterly fascinating. Her straightforward style is compelling and there is a clarity about her writing that is reassuring. She is clearly not biased one way or the other towards an explanation, but just wishes to bare witness to the facts.

Jenny doesn't keep the reader waiting too long before she documents the events in the forest that happened over a period of two nights, pieced together from several eye witness reports (one from a particularly high ranking officer in the US military), and when she does so it blows the mind. I keep turning what happened over in my mind, it's unforgettable. The world looks a slightly different place to me now! Don't forget, there is documented evidence to prove beyond doubt that something extraordinary happened in that forest... that's what keeps me awake at night!
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on 25 July 2016
I purchased this from the Amazon in the U.S. and found that Jenny Randles has written another insightful account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. As it was published in 1998, I consider it a little dated, but nonetheless, it is a worthy installment of one of the three UK UFO team of ladies who have been working tirelessly on the case. I consider Jenny, Brenda Butler, and Dot Street to be three of the best UFO investigators in the UK. They have, by far, brought more information together on this particular case.

The format is quite good, with chapters that progress along a timeline that can be easily followed, a good Index, and Bibliography. Also, there are maps, drawings, and photographs that assist in understanding the event.

Many witnesse statements are included, and there is excellent documentation found in follow-up by the author. Several scenarios are put forward as to what actually occurred in the Forest, and it is worth reading about these. Although the author does not seem to believe in ET beings present in the event, there is an excellent case made for the coverup by the MoD and the USAF. As I write this, in 2016, there is, of course, new evidence that proves Randles' statements that the MoD and the USAF lied and covered up their investigation into the affair. There is also more than enough evidence that justifies the author stating that Colonels Halt, Conrad, and Cochran, and Williams knew exactly what was going on, and lied to protect themselves and the USAF; all while offering to give reporters an inside story "scoop" of the has to wonder, for pay? We know from other sources, that Halt did request remuneration for telling his story to "News of the World" newspaper, because he wanted to send his daughter to school in America. There is no question that Charles Halt, Ted Conrad, Gordon Williams of the USAF, and Pam Titchmarsh, and Donald Moreland of the UK, were all involved in cover-up and disinformation; and Randles lays out the case in a superb manner. Some would call it lying. That's too kind. Since Randles wrote this book, and laid the groundwork with an update from previous books, we now know that there was a massive investigation carried out; Airmen were drugged and roughly handled; some were shipped out to other assignments the NEXT DAY, so they couldn't talk or be interrogated by the media and other interested parties. The NSA (National Security Administration-US) and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence-US) were involved up to their eyeballs in this one.

This book, although dated, still carries the story along from the earlier two from the trio of UK UFO investigators previously mentioned: "Sky Crash," and "From Out of the Blue," which I would recommend as background material. Jenny Randles doesn't conclude that ET's were involved, but she makes a case for other possibilities, including secret government experiments.
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on 20 November 2013
ive seen films and read many books on the rendlesham forest encounter , some are way over the top and some are just disinformation they say the best book on the encounter is turn left at the east gate ,but ive just read miss rendles book and find i need not buy any other book on the subject as this is by far the best book ive read a bit long winded at times but miss randles as put some time in to this book i.e talking with the work men who work in the forest and to cold step the mod i take my hat off to you it gives you facts plain and simple , which i find a tonic in this day and age. if any one whanted to know what a encounter is like with a ufo please read pages 58 and 59 in chapter 3 but its best if the reader buys her book and reads it them self and make ther own mind up as for me i still think this is the best book to date
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on 6 July 2013
It's a good read but I've read better written by Jenny Randles who certainly knows what she's talking about. I found that I was yawning while reading parts of it. She certainly does background on the work that she does, but I would have preferred it to be more stimulating. That said, it's well worth buying. When I have seen Jenny interviewed on television she has always comes across as honest and thorough.
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on 10 March 2016
An excellent, well-detailed, thorough and well-balanced recapping and questioning of a classic UFO case. Definitely worth a read if you want an in depth study of a particular (and very interesting) case.
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on 21 September 1999
I bought Jenny Randles book - UFO Crash Landing, hoping that it would uncover some hard facts surrounding the 'crash' near RAF Bentwaters. Unfortunately the book is written in a very strange style which jumps back and forth to different events over a long timeline. The book also tends toward Alien encounters rather than Military happenings. A very interesting subject to write about, but poorly presented.
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on 4 May 2014
Interesting account with follow up info which I have researched since and its surprising what you can download about related sightings
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on 12 June 2016
A more uptodate version of SKYCRASH , with some startling conclusions .
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on 26 October 2015
Loving this sensationalism but open minded discussion.
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on 6 July 2016
Very detailed and interesting book
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