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on 21 April 2000
The fascinating story about and founder Jeff Bezos is convincingly told in this book. But apart from the final chapters, the book lacks substance. It seems that the main focus of the book is simply to retell the story about's raise to glory. It's a fascinating tale, but alas, it has been told before in numerous magazines, newspaper articles etc. When you reach the final chapters of the book it (finally) starts to get interesting. This is where Robert Spector gets to the point. He starts to discuss's business model, it's stock valuation and the potentiel problems might face on the privacy policy issues in the future. This is the most interesting part of the book, and should have been treated in more detail.
If you want to learn something new about this isn't the book. On the other hand if you haven't read the amazon-story before then don't hesitate to buy the book.
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This is an unauthorized account of an e-commerce leviathan's rise from obscurity. So, if one is looking for a detailed business module or a blue print of its technology, look elsewhere, as this is not the book for you. What this book offers is a very interesting, well-organized narrative on the early, heady days of when it was just an upstart internet bookseller looking to make its mark big time, as well as a look at its founder, Jeff Bezos, painting a flattering and intriguing portrait of this now multi-billionaire.
For its founder, Jeff Bezos, it was not, however, just about the money. If that were the case, he would never have left his seven figure Wall Street job. For him, it was about the opportunity to be on the ground floor of a business that would change the retailing community forever. Jeff Bezos, a true visionary, chose to take that challenge, and in doing so, he would forever change the world and the retailing community. The author, a business reporter for various publications, delineates just how it was that Jeff Bezos did so.
This book offers up an interesting summary on how Jeff Bezos was able to take the online community by storm and upset the status quo. The author provides a biographical narrative on who Jeff Bezos is. It is grounded in the context of where he grew up, his schooling, as well as his early interests. It segues from his Ivy League educational underpinnings to his foray into the upper echelons of Wall Street, deriving the experience that he needed in order to take on the risky proposition of starting up his own company. It is clearly the story of a visionary and decision maker with heart.
The book succinctly details the rise of as an e-commerce force with which to be reckoned. It tracks its growth and change from an upstart, fledging, by- the-seat-of-its-pants-company to one that is now a staple of the popular lexicon. It superficially explores the philosophy of Jeff Bezos in terms of having his business "get big fast" and the technological, financial, and logistical hurdles that the business needed to overcome in order to do so. The author also keys in on the ability of Jeff Bezos to think out of the box, when so many business pundits said that what he sought to do could not be done.
The overall texture of this book is enhanced by Information provided by those with some insider knowledge, such as those who knew Jeff Bezos, those who worked with him in those early halcyon days, rival "brick and mortar" executives, business analysts, and financiers, among others. This book, which is a look at a visionary and his company, details how that visionary was able to transform his company into a veritable cultural phenomenon unto itself. Those who are devotees of Amazon will find this well-written book heady stuff, indeed, as it makes for absorbing reading.
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on 9 July 2001
The initial part of the book is very inspiring; reading about's early days and the formative years of its founder, Jeff Bezos, is both interesting and encouraging. As the book moves on (in time), most of the information is not unkonown by people who use the site, but it makes for a good read and is a very good biography of a young company.
A few drawbacks: sometimes it seems as if you are reading an Amazon training manual, and I wondered why I was not getting paid to read it. (Too much like work! Not my work, but work in general.) And it seems like a big appreciation society towards Amazon, which grates, but this is swiftly changed in the final few pages where it shows some criticism of Amazon. Best of all, it questions whether Amazon's business model will work (after all Amazon has yet to make a sustained profit).
One laughable thing about this book was its pretensions of being "an essential purchase for anyone interestes in e-tailing". The business element of this book has been clearly overcooked, giving little end of chapter platitudes to wannabe start-up merchants.
As a biography, it is very good. As a business resource: ho ho.
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on 29 October 2000
I hesitated before buying this book. I don't usually buy or read books from the business section -- though Mike Hudson's (not totally unrelated) <cite>Managing without Profit</cite> was an earlier exception. I didn't buy the book to find out about Jeff Bezos (I don't buy biographies either). I bought the book because I'm more than a little intrigued about the process of building something big, fast, online. And how much money it costs. And the processes and contexts, accidents and co-incidences. The style of Amazon.Com is upbeat, fast, anecdotal and, dare I say, inspiring. The author's "takeaways" bullet points are irritating but easily skipped. I am reading it on the bus going to work in the morning. It helps put me a certain mood for portal-building (which is what I do, on a much smaller scale, for a niche in higher education). I have to confess, though. I'm writing this review before I've even finished the book (now on page 171 of 244). Maybe the ending will be downbeat. I don't know. But so far it's a worthy book for a cold gloomy November Monday morning.
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on 18 April 2000
It is fast.By reading,get big fast,we can understand more how a E-merchandiser can get big fast from a garage to become a world leader in E-commerce.As it has written in the book,emplyoing the smartest people to the company is the main factor to determine the success.Beside that ,you will be fascinated by the way in creating a loyal costumer network which is not only practical in E-tailer but as well as in normal business.To understand deeper into the competition of E-commece?It is an essential book to be read!
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on 7 May 2015
Good Book, I advice for business students
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