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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2006
This is a superb read, you feel like a fly on the wall, reading everyone's actual testimonies into their encounters after an out of body, death experience. Completely fascinating and a valuable insight into our larger existance. Although it's 25 odd years old, it reads as fresh and modern as if it was last week or next month. Experiences involved being out of relativity, in another dimension, spirit helpers talking and guiding you, advice and reasoning on whether to come back or not. A modern classic and stunning read.
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This is a fascinating read about the near death experience. It is written in a clear way and is suitably scientific as to be credible yet not full of jargon to bog down the general reader. It leaves you contemplating your own mortality, in a positive way, and helps you on your path to leading a richer, fuller life now. It can be read by any religious denomination and will make enlightening reading for many.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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Life After Life by Raymond Moody, Rider (Random House), 1975, 208 ff.

Anecdotes of afterlife experiences
By Howard Jones

Dr Raymond Moody is an American philosopher and psychologist who has specialised in a study of afterlife experiences. Though he is not suggesting that his work `proves' the existence of a sentient afterlife, Moody's own beliefs on NDEs (a term that he coined in this book), can be summed up with the following quote from his television interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD:
`I don't mind saying that after talking with over a thousand people who have had these experiences, and having experienced many times some of the really baffling and unusual features of these experiences, it has given me great confidence that there is a life after death. As a matter of fact, I must confess to you in all honesty, I have absolutely no doubt, on the basis of what my patients have told me, that they did get a glimpse of the beyond.' [quoted on Wikipedia]

This book describes the experiences of those who have undergone what Moody calls NDEs.
What is both remarkable and reassuring is the similarities of the experiences described by intelligent and often highly educated people: `The people I have interviewed are functional well-balanced personalities . . . very capable of distinguishing dream and fantasy from reality'. Moody is not dealing with people seeking to build a reputation on sensationalism in the popular press.

The degree of detail recounted repeatedly by many different people denies the possibility that some of the features - the `bright light', `the journey through the long dark tunnel', `visions of one's own body and those nearby at the time of `death' as seen by an observer', the `welcome by deceased relatives or friends', the `reluctance to return to earthly life', the `sense of tranquillity and oneness of all that is' - could simply be imaginary. These features are also endorsed by spirits who manifest to materialisation mediums.

To qualify these accounts, in Chapter 2 on The Experience of Dying Moody points out that `no two [accounts] are precisely identical'; `no one person . . . reports every single component of the composite experience'; `no one element of the composite experience . . . crops up in every narrative'. Not all people pronounced clinically dead, or whose heart and lungs are stopped for such operations as cardiac bypass surgery (such as myself) report NDEs. But there is at least one patient - Pam Reynolds Lowery - whose brain was also stilled who reported an NDE (not described here but in Michael Sabom's book `Light and Death'). The phenomena are not restricted to any one country or religion.

Accurate description of events going on around the patient after they are clinically dead according to all medical monitors are some of the most convincing and verifiable evidence of the validity of near-death phenomena. Interestingly, patients' description of their spiritual body are very similar to the subtle body (as it is usually called) described by mystics of eastern faiths. It is described as like a misty hologram of the dying individual or their relatives who come to assist their passage.

To me, a rational scientist trained to look for explanations for practical, empirical findings, the stories presented here are highly cohesive, persuasive and reassuring though, like Dr Moody, I have never experienced an NDE or OBE myself.

Dr Howard A. Jones is the author of The Thoughtful Guide to God (2006) and The Tao of Holism (2008), both published by O Books of Winchester, U.K.; and The World as Spirit published by Fairhill Publishing, Whitland, West Wales, 2011.

The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die
The Articulate Dead: They Brought the Spirit World Alive
The Survival of the Soul
Life Among the Dead
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on 29 August 2007
This book is truly brilliant, I love the way Raymond doesnt just go on about his own experiences. It is a truly wonderful collection of many wonderful stories of afterlife. BRILLIANT. A definite book to read if you want to know more about the afterlife.
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on 28 December 2013
Wow! What a FANTASTIC read. This is the 3rd book on this subject that i have read since the passing of my Dad, and this one has been the most helpful - by far! I loved the way it was written, it was straight to the point - giving examples of NDEs right from the start. The previous books i have read (Embraced by the light & Guided by Angels - there are no goodbyes), although enjoyable and quite touching at times, have given alot (probably too much for my liking/that was necessary i.m.o) of background info until it got to the main points of the subject, which i thought was a bit boring at times. I guess that's because this book is more like a study of accounts rather than one of the writer's personal experience. I was pleased to find that the book wasn't heavily related to religion, my other reads sadly left me believing that some some of "Faith" or religious belief was necessary in order to have such wonderful "passing overs". I found the short passage about suicide induced NDE's particularly interesting in comparison to "natural" ones. Although this book didn't dissolve the feeling of loss i have for my Dad - I've since ordered another book that i hope will deal with such issues - it DID reassure me that my Dad's final moments were ones of happiness and joy, not fear and pain. It was so uplifting to read how loved ones that had already passed over were there to welcome him, he had lost his partner a few years ago and to think they have been reunited is just amazing - and it makes me very happy. This book has completely changed my view of my Dad's "death", and i believe it is a stepping stone in dealing with and coping with the grief i feel. A highly recommended read.
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on 14 February 2009
In these days of global economic and environmental gloom, 'Life after Life' by Raymond A. Moody offers a glimmer of light. Although we all know that death is the one certainty in life, this factual book offers us HOPE for the future. From extraordinary descriptions of near-death experiences, those of us who have lost a loved one or are simply interested in the phenomenon of death end the book feeling reassured and calm. Everyone should keep a copy of Dr. Moody's book by the bed - just in case.
Olga Swan

Amazon novels by Olga Swan:
Je Ne Regrette Rien
Project Kabala
Pensioners in Paradis
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on 6 November 2001
It may be 25 years old but it's not as seriously dated as you might think. Perhaps this is why Moody's work has become one of the seminal books on the near-death experience.
It is clinical, in that it is set out with the logic of a thesis but the use of case studies and quotes from the actual people he studied makes it very human and engaging. So much so, that I began to consider the experiences in light of my own life.
It's a good book to pick up if you are new to the area. Not only because of its definitive status but also because it doesn't pretend to know more than what it's presenting and it does question its own hypothesis. As it is the definitive title, you can see the beginnings of what is now the accepted lingo and knowledge. It's useful and interesting to read about the stages of the near-death experience in the context in which it was first explored.
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on 18 November 2010
If you are interested in the possibility of life after death but never heard anything that sounded like plausible evidence, read this book. It's excellent!
If you know someone that is terminally ill who might be scared about what may lie beyond, give them this book - and Raymond Moody's The Light Beyond, which is even better!
If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, another reason to read both. You will feel so much better. Guaranteed!
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on 16 April 2012
This is a well-written and intriguing book, full of fascinating accounts of NDE's. I recommend comparing the accounts with references to death, afterlife and resurrection in Holy Scripture. I am a Christian and did not find any conflict there. This book is greatly reassuring to anyone afraid of dying.
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on 17 November 2014
Dr Moody's 'Life After Life' gives a nice introduction to anyone interested in the possibilities of what may await us when our time on earth is done.
I say 'introduction' as even the author states this book cannot cover the entire findings and stories which were disclosed to him during his research phase of putting the book together. I therefore found Life After Life as more of a thought provoking catalyst for further (and deeper) reading into the subject - something which I have done in great depth over the years.
The book touches on a few subjects such as the Tibetan Book of The Dead, isolation tanks, psychological mindsets etc... and of course gives individual experiences of travelling to 'another place'.
Whist I found the book layout very easy and quick to read - even interesting in places; I also felt there just wasn't enough depth to the subject matter, with certain individual's experience only taking up a sentence or two. I would have liked to have read more on individual circumstances, culture, and a little more background into them prior to leaving their earthly form.
All-in-all, Life After Life by Dr Moody is a nice little book which is sure to bring some degree of comfort to those who have lost loved ones or who are left wondering and hoping that they found their 'Heaven'.
A book which is sure to open the mind and pave the way for further reading and research into the fascinating world - both here and beyond.
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