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Customer reviews

2.5 out of 5 stars

on 23 March 2013
I brought this book largely on the strength of the reputation of the writer as being an experienced UFO researcher. Somebody who believed in the existence of UFOs, and who had an open mind to other similar phenomena. Without being "a Flying Saucer Nut"

However I was a little disappointed that they spent so much time criticizing other people's views on crop circles rather than detailing the facts and history of Crop Circles, or even explaining their own views on them.

The book is quite well written, easy to read, and it doesn't come across as too stuffy or too simplistic. It doesn't insult the intelligence of the reader by dumbing things down, or try to make out that the author is more intelligent than the reader (I find that a lot of skeptics books tend to treat people as idiot).

The book starts off quite well. It covers the basics of the history of Crop Circles in the UK (this book is pretty much a UK only experience), and covers a number of the features that differentiate the "mysterious" circles from the ones that were obviously created by a couple of guys with laws rollers.

Unfortunately, the writer chooses this time to play pretty much all of their cards. They reveal their entire hypothesis, and their entire argument right at the beginning. Then they go back to explaining the history of Crop Circles.

This early peak sets the tone for the rest of the book. Which is spent criticizing people with different ideas. Rather than expending on the authors hypothesis (It's not actually the authors hypothesis. It's the hypothesis of a British scientist that the author believes is accurate).

It's not particularly good criticism, either. Often, it criticizes other people based on semantics. In one case they even go so far as to criticize a competing author by quoting the old "... is of no defense significance" argument (Basically, when asked whether they are researching something, or if something is caused by aliens\Russians\whatever military officials will say that it is of "no defense significance", rather than actually confirming or denying anything). Which pushing things a little too far. Since the same said author has run up against this argument themselves over UFOs and has said that it's bunk when it was used on them.

Over all. It's an OK book about Crop circles.

Don't bother reading it if you want to know about the New Age aspects. The author skips over them in very quickly.

Also, don't bother reading this if you want to know about Flying Saucers (Alien crafts) and Crop Circles.

The author raises a couple of cases where people have claimed that Crop Circles might be caused by "UFOs pushing down stalks when they land". But they ignore almost all other UFO based arguments. They don't bother analyzing them or criticizing them. They just don't include them in this book.

What the author does get right, is that they openly admit to the existence of hoaxes (The author made several very accurate predictions about hoaxing, before the skeptics started claiming that all circles were hoaxes).

I bought this book used, for little more than the cost of postage. If I'd paid full retail I'd have felt disappointed. But it's still a useful source of information if you want to know about crop circles and research into them.
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on 7 August 2016
The whole premise of this book is completely flawed, it states that it is a natural phenomenon made by some randomic vortex plasma formed in our atmosphere, turns out that the phenomena cannot be such, because it has a pattern and it is clearly artificial and not natural. So either it ETI or it is a hoax, very unlikely to be a hoax. Problem with this author is that she wants to be seen as "serious" so she tries to be "rational", and forgets to take into consideration that other beings may act in a way much more advanced, and that the ancients would consider "magic".
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