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VINE VOICEon 5 January 2003
I was given this book by a friend and told that it would not be as I expected. As its not at all my type of book it laid on a shelf until the moment when I had a flight to catch but nothing to read. So it came with me, and, I was so absorbed that I read and read until the last page turned.
I'd expected white breasted women and blood - and crosses and lots of mumbo jumbo. Instead the book is a good piece of historical fiction describing the New Orleans of a hundred years ago as well as an attempt to express the fundamental drawbacks to vampire immortality. The vampires of Ann Rice can love but not express it physically, they can ponder on the world of mortal man but they cannot become a part of it, so in the end they have to fill their time with art and literature and the philosophical questions that haunt them, why are we here, are we evil, is there a god and the worst of all what to do with endless time. Not suprising then that most vampires apparently kill themselves due to simple and utter boredom.
I throughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it as simply a fascinating story of an individual at a moment in time trying to come to terms with existance.
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on 11 October 1999
This is my first Anne Rice book and I found it so good that I can't seem to read it fast enough! It seems my reading speed can't seem to keep up with my urge to know more of the story. And when this happens, I know this is a good book. Highly recommended.
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on 15 September 2012
I read this a couple of years ago and only got around to watching the movie the other day. What a great film and a good adaptation of the book. The book was well written with vivid descriptions, although I did find Louis a bit of a drip! I much prefer Lestat. Tom Cruise did a good job of bringing him to life. Anne Rice had her reservations about him being able to pull it off, but he managed it in my opinion. Worth reading if you never read it the first time.
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on 16 July 2009
I truly found `Interview with the Vampire' was near impossible to put down. I would recommend that anyone that finds Vampire books or even fantasy books interesting or entertaining should read this book. `Interview with the Vampire' left me wanting to move straight on to the next book in the series (`The Vampire Lestat') and I did so within hours.
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VINE VOICEon 6 March 2010
I often find it difficult to read books where I've already seen the film as I'm rarely gripped by the need to find out what happens next. Interview with the Vampire was an exception to this and I loved the book as well as the film.

This is an epic tale of the undead. It's a well-told story and is fabulously camp in places. The characters are memorable and Claudia and Lestat in particular will stay with you for years to come. I would definitely recommend this for fans of supernatural fantasy, as well as its sequel The Vampire Lestat, although the Vampire Chronicles series deteriorates after that. I stopped reading after the dreadful Memnoch the Devil but don't let that put you off reading this wonderful book.
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on 6 November 2013
The writing style is something reminiscent of Mary Shelley - perhaps not surprising considering that is the date around which this story is set.

Louis tells a young journalist his life story, with a powerful message attached to it. Louis is the only vampire in the world capable of feeling emotions, and it is this 'human' aspect that he draws on throughout the story.

Emotionally engaging and viscerally powerful, I found it a great read.

Having said that, at times the description goes over the top and without end. I found myself skipping parts of the beautiful description to get to some of the action.

Worth a read.
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on 7 April 2015
This was a good gripping book. I feel that it started a little slowly but quickly got some momentum behind it so that it was hard to put down. This book changed my feelings about Lestat that I had from the first book. I feel that Lestat is now a more rounded character that I have a little more sympathy for but not much more. He is still vain and arrogant, but at least I know the reasons now behind what he does rather than Louis thoughts and perspective on it all. The rest of the series is set up well in this book. I actually really wouldnt mind reading the rest of the 7 or 8 books which seemed a daunting, thankless task after Interview with a Vampire.
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on 13 May 2009
Only half way through this book as found it hard to get into. It had been recommended to me and was not the usual type I read. There are no chapters because its an interview which I found a bit of a challenge to start with and slowed down my progress considerably. I am now getting into it and starting to enjoy it. Characters of Lestat and Louis are developing well and I am just past the part where Claudia has been turned into the first child vampire.
There is a whole series after this one so I hope to enjoy this one that I race into the next few!Certainly better than the film which I didn't enjoy at all.
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on 27 January 2011
I only recently read Interview with the Vampire after watching the film, and I would have to say that both are really good. The book is very well written and really good in parts, but there were a few parts where I was a bit bored, and the ending wasn't the best (the film's ending was better). I have only started reading The Vampire Lestat, but I actually already like it better than Interview. Also, I had trouble imagining the book-version of Armand as the leader of the theatre vampires, whereas I found no difficulty imagining Antonio Banderas' Armand as the leader. Overall, grandly good.
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on 13 March 2015
I saw the film before reading the book, and personally, I prefer the book. There is far more depth to the story as well as the characters.
Louis, a rich landoner turned vampire, struggles with the morality of being a vampire and searches for answers to what being an immortal means.
Lestat, a refined vampire that loves to spend money, toy with his victims and keep Louis in the dark about vamparism.
Claudia, the demon child with the apperance of a cherub and the mind and will of a cold-blooded killer.
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