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on 19 April 2005
This is good very readable history and nothing can take that away from it, I enjoyed it. I think the problem comes from what it was sold as. Both the jacket and the people who recommended it to me, suggest it is a completely new take on things - the back cover says it "presents a fundamentally new interpretation of events". I think from that perspective I was left disappointed. I have read widely on this subject so my existing personal interpretation is not based on any one or two previous books but I felt in terms of overall impression this added nothing new for me. I felt in an effort to redress the balance of German/Russian perspective it moved very quickly over the summers of 1941 and 1942 and overall is quite light weight. That said it is readable and balanced, but if you are already well read on this subject I don't feel it offers a dramatically new view on events.
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on 11 May 2001
Most people interested in this era tend to read books told from a German viewpoint with all its' attendant distortions (it's all Hitler's fault we lost, I didn't commit warcrimes etc). This book uses sources from both sides but gives a military hisotry from the Soviet view. This was the most terrrible conflict in history in terms of casualties. The prose is at times formulaic. If you want to know more than just the pure military history eg what did the average Soviet citizen fight for, then you probably need to read Richard Overy's "Russia's War". For a more extensive military and political history read Ericksons "Stalin's War With Germany".
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on 15 June 1999
This excellent book has in it a full review of all Soviet opperations between 1939 beginning with the Soviet-Finnish war, through all of the second world war, and afterwards in mongolia. The book has interesting insight and anlysis of soviet military doctrine an its revival throughout the war
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on 16 January 1999
The sheer scale of the conflict in eastern Europe and Russia comes across in this book. There just isn't enough space to write about just one battle and it's participants, the war was so huge in the east. Thousands of people, masses of military equipment move great distances in the space of a sentence and still this book has to be economic with the language used to describe events. Descriptions are good and the structuring of the work is fine. This is no Saving Private Ryan, but it does justice to the efforts of the Russian people to defeat Hitler. Of no small importance is the fact that this book writes from the Soviet point of view. The front is the western front and the enemy a defiler of the motherland. The credit the authors give to Soviet commanders skill in defeating the German army and it's allies is long overdue considering the pro-German bias of previous accounts.
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on 27 June 1999
If you want to know where each army was, when it was there, and how many tanks it had, this is the book for you. There is no emotion, no drama, no feeling. I am a fan of "The Forgotten Soldier" - this book is the antithesis of that one. "When Titans Clashed" is a masterpiece of numbers. For me, the book was a disappointment.
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No one can argue that Glantz is the leading English historian on the Eastern Front but I do find his style dry. Here joined with House the text flows easily and they have done a good overview book on how the war progressed on the Eastern European front. A war they sum up in 3 stages and show how the Red Army progressed through dear experience (around 25 million casualties) into a very effective war machine. Where the pupil (Red Army)outdid their teacher (Wehrmacht).

The book is not overly long and it does paint the war in broad strokes, but on this colossal scale there broad strokes require detail. I have read a considerable deal of WW2 histories including the Eastern Front that has a special interest for me and this is easily the best summary of the war of Nazi Germany vs. Soviet.

As such a book I strongly recommend it.
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on 16 May 2011
Many valid points have already been made by other reviewers. The book is a valuable addition to the history of WWII, particularly being written from the Soviet side of the front line. In doing so the author restates the enormous sacrifices made by the Soviet peoples in defeating the Hitlerite beast, and also finally nails the argument put forward by many previous histories that the Nazi defeat was simply the result of Soviet numerical superiority, Stalin's brutality and Hitler's mistakes. The Soviet victory was down to better leadership, better understanding of the essentials of modern warfare and a population determined not to suffer the same fate of others who fell under the control of the Wehrmacht.
The drawbacks to the book are that, in my copy at least, there was a serious lack of maps, forcing me to have a pile of other books open as I read. Also, the book is a purely military history, dealing with startegy, military formations etc, and has no human interest element, which could make it quite a heavy read for those without a particular interest in military history.
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on 2 June 2015
A very authentic and extensively referenced work.
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on 5 January 2010
I bought this book for a friend who wanted it to help his daughter with a school project. As far as I am aware he was happy! With regard to the transaction I was 100% satisified. Good price and condition and quick delivery. Thanks.
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