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on 1 April 2012
I found this book a real comfort. Although it has taken a long time to get over our loss, I thought that this book is written in a sensitive way which doesn't attempt to presume what you are feeling, but gives you case studies of others' feelings through their similar experiences.
However unlikely it seems that it will help, it really helped us to read about others, and how they dealt with their losses.
The book covers abortion/termination, miscarriage, and later pregnancy losses amongst other things.
I would recommend this for not only the individuals that are suffering the loss, but their family and friends too as it may enable everyone to understand more about the feelings being experienced.
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on 2 March 2015
So far, this is the best book I have read on miscarriage and baby loss. It deals with the loss of a child through early and late miscarriage, abortion, genetic abortion, still birth and (very briefly) IVF failure. It isn't a religious book at all, so I believe it would be suitable for most people experiencing these terrible circumstances or for anyone supporting someone that is, including family, friends, medical staff and counsellors.

I am training as a miscarriage and baby loss counsellor and I will be recommending this book to clients, if they are looking for something that comforts them without religion or lots of medical jargon. However, I will read the most recent edition first, especially to see if the IVF failure section has been extended. As the brevity of the IVF failure section in this edition, is the only reason why I have not given the book 5 stars.

I wish I had found this book when I was going through my own miscarriages, I believe it would have brought me a great deal of comfort and I would have known that all of my feelings were perfectly normal, rather than suffering alone with them.
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on 7 June 1999
I have experienced multiple losses and the stories in this book gave me inspiration and hope. It is well-written and very sensitive.I cried all the way through it but it was a good kind of crying.
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on 8 January 2012
A nicely written book, with some interesting and compelling accounts of loss. While the stories offer some comfort, by confirming emotions etc, the in depth analysis of very specific cases were not helpful to me in the early stages of my own grief. I would have preferred a more general approach. If interested in specific psychological cases, it might be of interest though.
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on 2 April 2012
This book is very helpful as it covers EVERYTHING! Just the help you need when dealing with something this sad.
I also bought 'a silent sorrow' which was great help too.
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on 20 May 1999
The book contained a lot of information that I didn't need or want to hear about. The author goes into great detail about pregnancy and abortion but spends little time on spontaneous abortion. Some of the subjects were not comforting to me in the weeks following my miscarriage.
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on 24 December 1998
Ms. Kluger-Bell has brought an emotionally wrenching subject to light in a warm approachable way, allowing anyone who needs to deal with pregnancy loss a way to do so. Because nearly all women and men will know loved ones who will experience or have already experienced such a loss, this book is a must read. It's also a good book to have on one's bookshelf for loaning to others in a time of grief from pregnancy loss.
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on 9 February 2012
This is one of the best books I've read on pregnancy loss. I have read a number of books on the issue of pregnancy loss (particularly abortion) and this was the first that I felt I could relate too. I really appreciated the author's honesty and neutrality - not getting mixed up in political debate but concentrating on those suffering loss. I also liked that it focused on experience of men as well as women, and the fact that it covered all kinds of pregnancy & baby loss.

An excellent book that I would recommend to anyone working to support clients through pregnancy loss, or that are trying to make sense of their emotions having gone through those kind of loss(es) themselves.
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on 14 April 2010
LESSONS FROM GOD ; What happens to a Baby's Soul after Abortion or Miscarriage

(Please think about this then read the following)

One fine morning at home, I was chanting mantras when Sai Baba appeared and said ''Amarjit, come with me", we reappeared in a Temple
Baba looked at us and said '' I have brought someone to meet you''

I said, "Baba 'who have you brought''
Baba said ''Look meet your other daughter''

I was totally confused ''Baba you are mistaken we have a daughter we do not have another, ''

'' AHA,! said Baba '' She is your other daughter, do you not, remember the trauma your wife suffered during miscarriage 15 years ago?"
I replied, "Sai Baba, why have you brought her to see us''

I saw this girl standing next to us tall and very serene as if she had been touched by the hand of GOD!.

Baba said '' Amarjit, When the mother has a miscarriage or Abortion it is not automatic that the child's soul ascends, If the mother is constantly immersed in prayers then God intervenes and send Angels to take the Baby soul to Heaven/appropriate place, if not in prayers -- then the Baby soul can be trapped in Limbo, becoming a BHOOT/Spirit , and normally attaches itself to it's mother where it is home!
From the mothers body the Baby soul may cause untold Trauma to its Mother/father and all around. Many times the Soul has no idea that its body/temple has died! The soul watches everything the parents do and interferes with their emotions. Amarjit, this is why its important to immerse in God prayers always.
Amarjit, God has acknowledged your prayers & Devotion & intervened to take your baby soul Home!".

Baba then took hold of our daughters hand and the gates of Heaven opened and he disappeared with the Angels.
Its only when the Hand of God touches us we realise there is more to life then what we perceive.

We should open our senses and allow our Inner Godhead to awaken.

Baba says "I am God, You too are God, Everyone is God but you all fail to recognise this!

OM SAI RAM Amarjit

With Miscarriage and Abortions invariably the baby soul stays within the mothers Womb where it was conceived as it is home to it.
The mother has no idea why she has gone into depression after miscarriage or abortion. She has no idea it could be the Traumatic Soul stuck to her.

From the womb the Baby Soul then may choose to cause a lot of suffering to her host/ ie Mom and people around. If the baby Soul becomes possessive of the Mother then it will invariably become very jealous and act accordingly with the people attached to MOM!

With an Abortion / Miscarriage while it may be argued that the foetus has no soul in it in the early stages, it was shown to me by Baba that the foetus can be classified as a Phantom Living organism of the Mother similar to ' The Phantom Limb'.

So Aborting the foetus is similar to that of having a trauma when you loose part of your body, say the Limb , Kidney etc. The very fact of removing this living organism causes Untold trauma especially in the Mother.
Our body is the temple of God 'Do not defile your Temple'.

Being born as a woman conceiving Wow, Men find it hard to understand why their women behave strangely.
Think about this - for approx 9 months the Mother has 2 soul within her body hers and the baby's.
The baby's mind can also influence the mother during this period!

Case Study :
My first teaching from Baba happened at a friend's house.
We were praying and suddenly I saw inside his mothers womb a baby soul due to an old miscarriage some 40 years previously.
I asked his Mother to ask God to release this soul to Heaven.
She became nasty and I was asked to leave immediately!
Nowadays I have to be very careful how I word myself.

Case Study
I was praying with a woman who had gone into depression and ill health when suddenly Sai Baba showed me in her womb was a dark energy. I spoke to this energy and it manifested to 2 Aborted souls which the mother had over 9 years!.
The souls were jealous of each other and fighting each other inside her womb giving her health and emotional problems within her family. Baba took the souls away after we prayed for their release their Karma to be forgiven . The lady since has changed for the better.

Case Study
Another lady suffering from Emotional problems had darkness attached to her breast.
When I spoke to this darkness it turned out to be an aborted baby soul which was sucking her mothers breast for milk , energetically and draining Mom of all her energies.
Baba then took away this soul as well. She has changed for the better since with Gods Grace.

If the women dies with the soul still stuck with her then this becomes a Karmic issue. If say the women is reborn as a man or a woman in the next life this trauma still follows the person reincarnated. We have seen sometimes the energy becomes absorbed into a Karma Issue or in some cases the Soul waits for the rebirth of the soul it was attached to and as soon as it reincarnates it attaches itself to this Soul , the new body may not be a women it could be a man.
This Karma can be released thru mantras, prayer deep devotion to God or Sadhanas like Vortex , or the Grace of your Guru.

Click here: Phantom limb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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