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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2003
Having followed Motorhead since 1980, I thought I would love the book and most of it I do. Lemmy takes the reader on a wonderful trip(in some places chemically enhanced)through his life. The early years are very well written and the influence of his early upbringing explains much of his attitudes and opinions. In places moving and always amusing.
The stories remain a fantastic picture of life in the hardest working rock band, tales of the excesses indulged in will make you want to throw away the suit and strap on the guitar.
My only gripe, is that the period 91-02 isn't covered in the same depth as the early years. Whether this is due to the consumption of earlier days ruining his memory or (And this is what I suspect) that the long running battle with the publishers/editors was lost and large chunks were cut probably for legal reasons, I know not.
But to surmise, a wonderful picture of a man totally at ease with the rock and roll lifestyle if less so with the business end of it.
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on 20 April 2004
As Virgil lead Dante through Hell and out the other side, so Lemmy is ourguide on this blast through his life - from his childhood to (almost) thepresent day. Along the way he takes in a large slice of rock-n-rollhistory, all of which he was personally involved in at one time oranother, including Hendrix, Hawkwind, The Damned and his own legendaryband, Motorhead.
We are treated to many and varied stories of sexual and chemical excess,intermingled with his personal thoughts on the music industry, producers,managers, musicians and groupies, all told in his forthright andhillarious style.
Despite - or perhaps because of - everything he's been through, and hasput himself through, Lemmy remains a thoughtful, philisophical character,displaying a deep understanding of the human spirit. He leaves the readeron a high, with the tantalising prospect that there's a lot more yet tocome.
If you are at-all into rock'n'roll or metal and you only ever read oneautobiography, this should be it.
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on 5 June 2016
How Lemmy lived so long is a miracle of science.
Very interesting read. Provides an insight into the mind of a rock legend, but does not get personal enough.
Lemmy talks a lot about flitting between bands and the ever changing line up in Motorhead, but very little about himself or relationships. We hear about the many women he has sex with while on tour or partying high on drugs and booze, but something is missing. He seems to be very lonely.
Overall a very good read, but it's just a diary of motorheads struggle really.
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on 29 August 2016
I was distraught when I heard Lemmy had passed , he had been a hero of mine since my early teens. Took me this long to get round to reading the book. Was lucky enough to have met the man a couple of times & he was always a top man although he got attention wherever he went. A true legend of heavy rock, I will keep playing the songs loud. RIP
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on 21 September 2016
Loved this book from start to finish. A great read and insight into the world and career of the late, great man. I would recommend this to any budding rock stars. A touching addition to the end of the book focusing on his last year's and his insistence to rock till the end despite his deteriorating health. A great legacy.
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on 11 May 2016
An insight that's full Jack and strong as a line. Arrived yesterday haven't been able to put it down. It really is as if the man himself is sitting having a drink with you and sharing these stories. Quite a laugh. Worth the purchase for any motorhead fan or a fan of the man himself.
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on 28 June 2016
Great book. Full of humour.

Reads like a transcription of an extended interview but that's not a bad thing as you can hear Lemmy's voice in your head as you read.

Even if you are not a huge fan of Motorhead then you should give this book a read as it gives an insight to the working of the music industry.
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on 8 September 2016
Saw Motorhead twice in the 80's at Newcastle City Hall, and followed them ever since, a unique sound and a unique man. A brilliant chronicle of Lemmys career, enjoyed every minute of the book. They don't make men like this anymore, RIP Lemmy, a pleasure to know you.....
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on 22 September 2016
Love Lemmy, but this really doesn't give any more than if you had read the interviews that he has given through his career. Nothing sensational. He likes girls, drugs and rock and roll. In any order.. still it's in his voice and that's a wonderful gift.
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on 2 March 2016
Strange book. The first half is anecdotal and highly entertaining, whereas the last bit seems like the author is running out of paper and just wants to get to the finishing line. Could've been a lot better, and I'm saying this as a big, big, big Motörhead fan. Also it's written in a distinctly American vernacular that doesn't seem to echo Lemmy's way of speaking.
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