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on 12 April 2009
THINK YOU KNOW YOUR CRYPTOZOOLOGY?. I recently receved this book, it's a great read, it's a A-Z Book of unknown fascinating creatures, it discribes the creatures and the eye-witness events surrounding them.

the reason i give it 4 stars, is because , i cant help but think they've missed out some creatues.

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on 19 July 1999
CRYPTOZOOLOGY A-Z is a terrific one-volume overview of the subject of "hidden animals" and the people who investigate their existence. Not only is it a good starting point for those new to the field, but it will delight the experts too, as Coleman and Clark have scattered much new material throughout the book on such subjects as the coelacanth and the pygmy elephant. A warning to the reader, however. Like the well-known brand of potato chip, the entries in this book, of which there are nearly 200, are so enlightening and enjoyable that you won't be able to read "just one." My two thumbs are way up.--Editor, The Anomalist.
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on 30 May 2012
this is a great guide to cryptids such as Bigfoot by the world's expert on such phenomena. It sheds light on so many mysterious animals.
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on 8 July 1999
this book by loren coleman is a must for anyone researching cryptozoology. thanks bill green fellow sasquatch researcher. bristol,ct usa
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on 19 July 1999
A quintessential compendium to zoological mysteries and the people who search them out. A compilation of histories and biographies of the enigmatic inhabitants of the Earth and those past and present who evaluate their possible existences.
Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark join together once again (their first joint book venture in two decades) to bring a human face, and an understanding of the fundamentals of cryptozoology. Combining biographies (and autobiographies in some cases), reports of various mystery animals, word coinage, and general history of major zoological discoveries, this encyclopedia offers the first time reader an idea of the mystery. For the seasoned researcher or informed reader, the book offers them a quick reference guide to better known and lesser-known mystery creatures (cryptids). Although not all encompassing, the encyclopedia does allow for a nice overview of the subject matter.
Perhaps one day an expanded full reference encyclopedia will be written. Until then the "Cryptozoology A to Z" condensed version, and similar styled books will have to suffice.
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on 20 July 1999
In their most recent collaborative effort, "Cryptozoology A to Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature", authors Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark have shed a much-needed light on an often misunderstood field and its personalities.
At once both compelling and fascinating in its detail and broad scope of coverage, "Cryptozoology A-Z" is destined to become the spark which kindles the imagination of a whole new generation of inquisitive minds. With biographies of the giants and not so giant in the field, past and present, as well as descriptions of cryptids both well-known and obscure this book is a fascinating tribute to an often maligned scientific realm.
It will surely be frequently referenced for years to come. Bravo.
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on 23 March 1999
JOIN THE ULTIMATE QUEST FOR THE WORLD'S MOST MYSTERIOUS CREATURESDid you know that in 1992 a new species of quadruped called the saola, the largest mammal to be discovered since 1937, was found in the Vu Quang Forest of Vietnam? Did you know that until New York socalite Ruth Harkness brought Su Lin out of the jungles of Tibet to the United States in 1937, that the existence of the giant panda still remained a mystery? Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman-these are the names of the elusive beasts that have caught the eye and captured the imaginations of people around the world for centuries. Recently tales of these "monsters" as well as an increase in the numbers of sightings has elevated these creatures, and many others like the saola and the giant panda, from the shadowy world of legend and footnotes in travelogues to the subjects of cryptozoology-the study of hidden animals.Cryptozoology A to Z, the first encyclopedia of its kind, contains nearly 200 entries of cryptids (the name given to these unusual beasts), new animal finds, and the explorers and scientists who search for them. Loren Coleman, one of the world's leading cryptozoologists teams up with Jerome Clark, esteemed editor and author of several encyclopedias, to provide many never-before-published entries, drawings and photographs from eyewitness' detailed accounts. Full of insight into the methods of these scientists, exciting tales of discovery, and the history and evolution of this field, Cryptozoology A to Z is the most complete reference ever of the newest zoological science.LOREN COLEMAN, a forty-year veteran of cryptozoological field expeditions and research, has written several books on nature's mysterious creatures, including The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Mysterious America, and Tom Slick and the Search for the Yeti, and has served as both on-and-off camera consultant to NBC-TV's Unsolved Mysteries and A&E's Ancient Mysteries. He is a university professor in Maine and lives in Portland. JEROME CLARK, author of several respected encyclopedias on the history of natural phenomena, including the award-winning Unexplained! He lives in Canby, Minnesota.
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on 6 April 2015
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on 6 September 1999
Fortunately or unfortunately, many Cryptozoologists from A to Z will not find their names or contributions mentioned in "Cryptozoology A to Z". The field of Cryptozoology was born out by years of tedious trials, and efforts by many bearing the title of "Cryptozoologist" who shall, in this book, remain virtually unknown. The book is a good primer for Crypto-zoo starters.
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