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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 31 August 2001
In this serious and disturbing book, Dr David Jacobs, a sober and respected history professor, carefully evaluates the evidence for a seemingly ludicrous possibility. Namely that people are regularly being abducted by aliens and subjected to genetic experimentation.
You will no doubt read this review and approach the book thinking that it's basically ridiculous and the author must be some kind of nutter.
Before you dismiss it, though, consider for a start that the leading researchers in this field are not New Age freaks but respected academics. E.g. one of the others is Dr John Mack, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. (In fact he came to the subject when he was overwhelmed with psychiatric referrals from people claiming to be abducted by aliens, and upon further investigation decided that whatever the explanation was, it couldn't be psychiatric.)
In a nutshell, the evidence consists of extraordinary corroboration between the accounts of hundreds of abductees worldwide, obtained both by conscious recall and hypnotic regression. There seems to be no possible explanation for the consistency of these accounts (hoaxes, delusions, hallucinations and unconscious influence from books/films can all be ruled out). There is also significant physical evidence for the abductions.
Dr Jacobs is himself profoundly disturbed by the conclusion, reluctantly reached, that the accounts of these abductees must be largely accurate. Indeed, sufficient information has been gleaned over the last decade or so for it to be possible to piece together what the aliens seem to be doing and what it's all leading up to, apparently in the near future, which if true will have devastating implications for us all.
I urge you to take this book seriously and read it.
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on 15 April 2001
Far from being a crank as you might expect, Dr David Jacobs is a history professor, and uses his sober academic skills, particularly at evaluating evidence, to examine seriously the superficially unbelievable possibility that a small but growing proportion of people are abducted by aliens.
His conclusion that this is probably happening is very carefully argued and evaluated and, though incredible, follows almost inescapably from the (circumstantial but compelling) evidence.
If this sounds all too weird, please read the book. I like to think I'm an intelligent reader (university educated and all that) and though initially sceptical I was convinced by his arguments. You may also like to read his previous book Secret Life, written when the possibility of alien abduction was only starting to be taken seriously.
By the way, The Threat pieces together something not apparent when the previous book was written, namely just why the aliens might be doing what they're apparently doing, and it makes very, very disturbing reading.
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on 25 November 2000
After my interest in the abduction phenomenon was sparked about six months ago, I have read many books on the subject, ranging from the present day situation to how extra terrestrials have appeared throughout history back to ancient times. I find each individual story fascinating, pouring over them in search of new information allowing more insight into the meaning of it all. Other authors should certainly be celebrated for the counseling and help they have provided for abductees at the possible expense of their reputation and careers and their courage for bringing the message to the public, but they tend to leave me with more questions than I started with. This was before I read The Threat by David Jacobs. David Jacobs is a true skeptic, as all serious researchers should be, and jumps to no conclusions until he is completely convinced of its authenticity. The conclusions he does reach though tell us in no uncertain terms what IS happening now and WILL happen in the future. He only leaves the question, when will it happen?. Read this book (and you most definitely should) and make your own mind up; there is no doubt in my mind that Jacobs has hit the nail on the head. The message is not a good one and I am sure many people will dismiss it out of hand as a result, but they do so at their peril. Accepting the truth of the ETs presence is one thing, being able to accept what they are doing is something quite different. You have been warned.
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on 23 December 2001
I am not the worlds biggest reader but I read this book in one day.It terrified me and i found it very hard to sleep that night. I believe that all humans should read this book,from reading just the back of the book you could say it was laughable but the actaul contents of the book are backed up with evidence that you will not find in any other ufo type book.Ive tried to get family and friends to read it but once again ignorance and narrow mindedness prevent them from getting past the cover.This is a book not just for ufo enthusiasts but a book for mankind although a bit of initial reading may ease the highly sceptic into it, i reccommend Alien Liason by T.Good as a good introductory book.
I feel great sympathy for the author David Jacobs who must be subject to much ridicule but has produced outstanding results from research.I only wonder how much the government knows and whether they are maybe in the dark to the true nature of whats going on.
After reading this I recommend some of the chapters from Nigel kerner's (the song of the greys) which provides some very interesting ideas although some chapters were very complex and hard to understand. Now only time will tell as we sit back defenseless to our own future.The Threat is amazing yet terrifying and will change the way you look at yourself and earth forever!
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on 4 February 1998
Dr Jacobs has written a profoundly disturbing work. Based on over thirty years of careful, academic research and over seven hundred hypnotic inductions with purported abductees, 'The Threat' is a book that must be taken seriously. Given the author's careful methodology, it is impossible for us to dismiss the hundreds of memories he elicited under hypnosis as mere confabulations. His careful discussion of the false memory syndrome points out that: 1. Abductees remember recent experiences, not just childhood events. 2 Abductees often have indirect corroboration of events. 3.Abductees frequently recall events without the aid of a hypnotist. 4.Abductees are often found to be physically missing during the reported abduction. 5. About twenty percent of abductions include two or more people who see each other during the event. 6. Unlike victims of FMS, abductees seldom experience disintegration of their personal lives after they become aware of what has occurred. We must therefore conclude that most elicited memories of abductions correspond to real events. Hence about two percent of the world's population is taking an involuntary part in a vast alien breeding program, designed to produce alien-human hybrids, which is now close to completion. These hybrids, Dr Jacobs argues cogently, are destined to replace us in the very near future. While some of the abductees themselves may be kept, like zoo animals, to provide breeding stock, the rest of humanity would appear to be completely dispensable. This scenario, closer to the TV series 'V' than to 'Independence Day' is one which few Ufologists have been willing to consider seriously, because of its terrifying nature, though my own research also drove me to this conclusion some years ago. Given that we have no defenses against the aliens, this book might well have been entitled 'The End of Humanity'. It is safe to say, unfortunately, that cognitiive dissonance will prevent all but a handful of us from taking Dr Jacobs' thesis seriously. 'Unconscious of their doom, the little victims play'. In spite of the ravages we have inflicted upon the planet and each other, I find this thought every bit as disquieting as this nightmarish book.
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on 18 September 2013
I've never written a book review before although an avid reader. I'm writing this as it has had such a big impact on me, and judging by the other reviews, I'm not the only one.

The analysis of the subject is detailed and brings the bigger picture clearly into focus, too clearly, I almost wish I hadn't read it. Even although the subject matter may not be believable to many, this is one book that non-believers should read. Popular culture ( or whoever) has turned the subject into a laughing stock and ensured that it cannot be taken seriously. This book really makes you stop and think about all the different aspects we have heard about over the years and forces you to think, what if it really is true? what would it mean? I'm fascinated by the subject and would have said that I was a wishful thinker that UFO's were real. However, now that I've read this, and been made to put all the jigsaw bits together, I can wholeheartedly say that I hope to god that they are not real, that abductees are merely delusional and that David Jacobs has lost the plot, but I'm not sure I can say that. I am still a skeptic and don't know what to believe. I know that I probably don't know enough about the real cases, but this book, if its true, changes everything and that's a really scary thought. This book is far more frightening that any tv series or movie that I've ever seen.

An aspect of the book I appreciated was the criticism about the alternative view that the aliens are here to help, spiritual teachers idea. I've never been able to marry the idea that they're here for spiritual enlightenment with abducting people against their will and fiddling about with people's reproductive systems. This has never made sense to me nor should it make sense to anyone. David Jacobs looks dispassionately at the work of those who do subscribe to this idea, including John Mack, and makes you look at whats known and asks you to think about it in a way that no-one else does. This is a serious book about a subject that's taken far too lightly.
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on 3 November 2011
A massivley important book..This book is for anyone who is remotely interested in this subject, David Jacobs is quite possibley one of the best writers in this field along with Budd Hopkins, These gentlemen pioneered the way in how the broach this complex and sometimes distubing phenomena and this is where David Jacobs comes up trumps.His knowledge and understanding of this makes the message he is trying to convey easier to swallow and is executed with compassion whilst remaining objective at all times, This is a must read book for those of you who want to know WHY we are being visited...complelling reading Quite simply a masterpeice..
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on 21 July 2012
When an academic and successful man writes a piece of work that offers nothing in return, but public and professional ridicule, career jeopardy and a strong dose of depression - you have to ask what motivates him? David Jacobs is the only man on Earth who knows the answer to that one.

Here's my penny's worth: I don't doubt any of Jacobs' main findings. Like everyone, David Jacobs is a man searching for meaning in life. As a historian Jacobs understands research, he understands how people and events affect cultural influence and change; he may even have something to say about belief systems and how they developed through history. As an atheist (agnostic at best), he comes across the disturbing phenomenon of "alien abduction" - a phenomenon that confronts his very own paradigm; one which shatters the very core of his systematic and rational approach to life and work. Unable to determine if such a phenomenon is a form of mass hysteria or some hoax that attracts all the village idiots, he is drawn to an investigation to understand it. Little did Jacobs know that his research would take him, not down a rabbit-hole, but down a spiritual black-hole that is more demonic that otherworldly. Unbeknownst to Jacobs or because of the restrictive confines of his worldview, he is grotesquely unaware or unable to acknowledge that he is not dealing with a phenomenon orchestrated by aliens, but by demonic entities that have plagued humanity during different periods in history and in different ways. Many self-confessed abductees and secular researchers have conceded as much in their own reflections and writings - Whitley Strieber, Betty Andreason, Dr. Jacques Vallee, J Allen Hyneck, Prof John E Mack, Dr William J Baldwin, Dr Gregory Little, Dr Lynn E. Catoe, Brad Steiger, John Keel - not to mention the many Christian authors.

Besides the obvious hoaxers and the few who claim benefit from this phenomenon, it more often than not happens against the abductees will, it terrifies them to despair, it damages their personality and relationships, causes depression and suicidal impulses and there is not a thing they can do to stop it - or is there? Jacobs himself has confessed to just how disturbing his research has been for him.

Here's the good news - due to the similarities between "alien abduction" and what is described in the Bible - hybrid programmes between fallen angels and human women (see Genesis 6), some researchers have noted it as such and attempted to deal with it accordingly. It is a spiritual problem and must be dealt with spiritually. Guy Malone and Joe Jordan have found through extensive research and counseling with "abductees" that calling on the name of Christ Jesus during an abduction experience has brought the affair to an abrupt halt (Acts 2:21). David Jacobs refuses to acknowledge this.

I am now a Christian and there is no better explanation for this disturbing phenomenon than the one postulated by the Bible worldview - it's demonic. I lent this book to one of my colleagues, a Marine soldier, and after reading through the first few chapters, he immediately began to experience sleep paralysis and night scares and he was very concerned. I advised what helped me get rid of such experiences, but he, like Jacobs, refused to accept it. If you experience this disturbing phenomenon, don't make the same mistake.
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on 2 January 2013
I've always been fascinated and excited about aliens and UFOs, but part of me wishes I had never read this book. There are only two possibilities: either the author is completely insane/deluded, or we are facing a very grave and imminent danger. Dr Jacobs "reveals" (via hypnosis of alleged abductees) that the greys (and their insectoid masters) are planning to somehow take over our planet and replace us with a new "hybrid" race which is part alien and part human. This will initially be via gradual infiltration of our society, and will culminate in some kind of "catastrophic event" that will take place ahead of the final takeover although the details of this are not given. I don't have enough expertise to offer a critical review of Dr Jacobs' credentials or methods so I'll concentrate on the details of the alleged plan.

I'm not convinced that such a hybrid race is possible. We share over 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees yet it's unlikely we could even breed with them, let alone creatures from another planet which probably have something other than DNA. Humans would have more in common genetically with plants and sharks than with aliens. Also, if they have such advanced technology why not simply just upgrade their own equivalent of the gene pool to allow them to survive on earth, after all, we primitive humans are already capable of genetically enhancing plants and animals. Abducting millions of humans for a breeding program seems much harder work, and if so many abductions are taking place surely we should see UFOs over our cities every night, not just once in a while.

It's hard to dismiss the consistency of the abductees' accounts, although we only have Dr Jacobs' word that his methods were rigorous. Regarding the UFOs, clearly there is something going on - too many credible witnesses have seen these craft, and I'm convinced the world's governments know more than they are telling us (see Disclosure Project). I have always been puzzled by the reasons for the UFO cover-up, and naively assumed that they would reveal everything when we were ready to hear it. If this book is correct there is no way the government would ever admit the existence of this program to the general population, and it explains why US president Carter changed his mind about disclosure, as well as Margaret Thatcher's off-the-cuff comment to Georgina Bruni, "You can't tell the people". The fact that UFOs have deactivated our nuclear missiles (google for this if you are skeptical) is particular cause for alarm and makes me wonder if they are testing our capabilities ahead of a possible invasion. I can only hope that our militaries are preparing for this, although whether we would be able to fight back is another question.

Regarding the hybrid program, it is interesting that back in 1975 Travis Walton reported seeing what he initially thought were humans (as well as greys) aboard a UFO, he says he tried to interact with them but they failed to communicate with him, could these have been hybrids? It's unlikely that in 1975 he would have been aware of the apparent hybrid program.

To conclude: I simply don't know whether to believe any of this or not. I think at the very least it should be taken seriously enough for others in the scientific community to investigate further and confirm or reject Dr Jacobs' theories. Hopefully he is wrong. Alternatively if he is correct and we simply ignore this it could be the end of humanity altogether.
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Professor David Jacobs' second book on the alien abduction phenomenon is as influential and controversial today as on its 1998 publication. "The Threat" is rational, cogently argued, superbly written and seen by many as the best work published to date (2010) on the subject because it offers a plausible explanation of what this pervasive phenomenon may be all about. The purpose behind the abductions, the nature of the abductors, exactly why they do what they do; the processes and objectives of what is obviously a planned and managed program are explored with a clarity of vision exhibited by no other writer. If you are close to the phenomenon and personally know the evidence in detail then Jacobs' conclusions are lucid, enlightening and convincing.

The author's original title for this book was "Gray Area", changed by the publisher, Simon and Schuster, to "The Threat": appropriate for the content and stark conclusions. The review which follows is detailed because this book is so important and deserves special attention.

Jacobs prepares the ground in the first chapter by taking us through his 40-year methodical investigation into the UFO/abduction issue. The reader will quickly recognise that we are dealing with a strong intellect which has studied this subject close-up with profound academic rigor since the early 1970s, an evolution of understanding leading to periodic re-evaluation of position as new layers of evidence are uncovered. Jacobs' doctoral thesis was published in 1975 as "The UFO Controversy in America" and he has run the only fully-accredited course on the subject of "UFOs in American Society" in any American University for more than 25 years, educating thousands of students in the process. So agree with his thesis or not, he knows what he is talking about and has some pretty weighty academic credentials.

The common markers found in abductions, and the ways in which people start to suspect this phenomenon may be the source of all the weirdness which happens to them, are discussed. In the third chapter, "Shadows of the Mind", the issue of hypnosis is explored: confabulation and false memory syndrome, consciously recalled events (how reliable are they? - not very, he demonstrates), media contamination, examples of mutual confirmation fantasies between hypnotist and subject, and the importance of thorough and methodical questioning techniques. It's one of the most knowledgeable essays on the use of hypnosis to aid memory recall which you're ever likely to read, written with clarity and replete with pertinent examples. This guy knows his stuff.

In chapters 5 & 6 the issue of what these abductors are, what abductees' interactions reveal about their society and why the abduction program is carried out in secrecy is explored. As always the writing is concise, literate and engrossing and the arguments step-by-step logical, using multiply corroborated reports and sound scientific reasoning.

Some readers may be familiar with the Roper Poll, carried out in 1991 by the Roper Organization and financed mainly by the philanthropist Bob Bigelow. Chapter 7 details attempts by academia to design questionnaires for sizeable populations to investigate just how widespread is the abduction phenomenon. The Roper Poll was the culmination of these efforts: a face-to-face in-home survey carried out on 5,947 people carefully questioned about their unusual experiences, beliefs, social awareness and community activities adjusted for age, sex, race, income and the usual polling equalizers. The results were shocking to the pollsters, revealing that even using the most conservative criteria at least 2% (and almost certainly a higher number) of the US population are probably abductees. The conclusion of this chapter is stark:

"Many people think that abductions are a `study' or `experiment', or that the aliens are `learning' about us. The numbers suggest otherwise. The learning and experimenting, if ever the case, are mainly over...the evidence clearly indicates the aliens are conducting a widespread, systematic program of physiological exploitation of human beings."

Chapters 8, 9 & 10 deal with the "hybrid program" - though technically these beings may be "transgenic" rather than "hybrid". These beings have been reported by many abductees worldwide to different investigators for years ("they look like a cross between us and them..."), the obvious logical outcome of the breeding program consistently reported since the Villas-Boas case in 1957: decades of sperm and ova harvesting, missing pregnancies, anomalous extra-uterine masses (later discovered to be absent) picked up by ultrasound scans on female abductees; abductees reporting being made to embrace/nurture/interact with hybrid babies, infants and adolescents. Chapter 10, dealing with the independent activities of adult hybrids, contains the book's most controversial passages. Some accounts of interactions make uncomfortable reading, and for the ignorant or ideologically-driven critic ("this doesn't fit in my mental-acceptance box") make an obvious debunker-target. However these accounts from widely disparate abductees are consistent and pervasive, so Jacobs took the intellectually honest decision to detail a small number in the book, in the abductees' own words. It is fair to say that on re-reading (I just re-read the whole book again after several years), their shock value is somewhat diminished, their place in the entire narrative more logical and the importance of these accounts to understanding the nature of the phenomenon now becomes more evident. In 2010 we have more disturbing reports of the activities of "the human-looking ones" - as described to me by one abductee who has never met Dave Jacobs nor read any of his work - from widely dispersed geographical sources which corroborate those detailed in "The Threat."

In Chapter 11, "The Nature of Alien Intentions", Jacobs looks at the "positivist" spin placed on the abduction phenomenon by John Hunter Gray, Leah Haley, John Mack, Richard Boylan, Edith Fiore, Leo Sprinkle and many others. In short, these are superior beings coming to help us, enlighten us and save the planet, and abductees "consent" to being abducted before they are born. He does a good job of examining and deconstructing these perspectives, and explores channelling and other new-age mush with fair-minded and knowledgeable academic rigor. One is constantly reminded that Jacobs knows all these people, has read all the books and listened with patience to all the arguments for years. Jacobs' methodology is cautious, thorough and grounded, and - no surprise - he differs from the positivists on the issue of alien intentions. His arguments are logical and persuasive and to date, no-one has refuted his data nor provided any reasoned or plausible alternative explanation for what is going on (nb debunking from ignorance, having done no work on the subject, is NOT refutation of data).

Jacobs demonstrates step-by-step that the evidence leads in only one direction. The abductors' program is clearly to benefit them, not us. They probably intend no harm to abductees but given the nature of some of the procedures, harm (mainly but not exclusively psychological) is inevitable. The abductors' pervasive and secretive program of physiological exploitation of human beings is goal-directed towards the production and gradual perfection of a new race, neither us nor them, but a mixture of both and serving their agenda. They are in charge, and are utilising a calculated percentage of human genetic stock worldwide (between 2% and 5% is best estimate) to ensure exploitation of the entire human gene pool so nothing is missed. The program is persistent and intergenerational, selecting one or all of an abductee's natural offspring for inclusion. They have, through technology or bio-genetic evolution or a combination of both, almost total neurological control over us and are excellent manipulators of memory, often leading to confusion and misdirected belief systems to "explain" the abductions to the abductee. After more than a century of work and the investment of enormous resources, it looks like the end-game is in sight. The reasoning is sound, logical and in line with 50 years of consistent, mounting evidence from multiple sources.

David Jacobs' writing is erudite and straightforward, highly literate with structured arguments detailed for the intelligent reader. There is absolutely no new-age mush, channelled nonsense or ungrounded speculation. Of more than 60 different books published on the alien abduction phenomenon by 40 or so different authors, this is the one whose conclusions look to be closest to the truth of the matter. If you are at all interested in this important issue and you have never read "The Threat", then it's probably time you did. It's written by an excellent writer and expert on the subject, and might forearm you against much of the ignorant and misguided nonsense which exists out there about this issue.

Strongly recommended as absolutely essential reading (NB: read "Secret Life" first).
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