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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 1999
An excellent introduction to the subject of UFO's by what better qualified person in the UK. Nick covers the extensive phenomenon comprehensively and in a very readable form. This is the book that started me on the search for more information on the subject. I have gone on to read another ten books so far, including Nick's other excellent book - The Uninvited. Highly recommended to anyone interested in UFO's
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Nick's qualified effort herein is well worth investigating for anyone who wants to expand their horizons. He is the man to take heed of on this topic and has the knowledge to inform and instruct any genuine seeker in this instance. I speak from personal experience of dealing with Nick myself over the UK UFO axis and MoD apathy herein. Buy it!
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on 22 October 2012
Was very pleased to find a hardback copy of this book available to buy via Amazon. It should make for a very interesting read. Nick Pope says he was employed as a Debunker and he did find a logical explanation for 95% of alleged UFO sightings, but that leaves 5% which was never explained. The item arrived in good condition within a very reasonable amount of time from first placing order.
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on 30 June 2002
I'd never read anything about UFOs before I was given this book, but now I'm interested in the whole subject and I want to read more.
This book gives a fascinating insight of what goes on at the Ministry of Defence's "UFO desk", and also the whole world of UFOlogy.
This is a very interesting book.
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on 9 July 2015
Not a bad book if I'm honest, but I'm unsure about Nick Pope & his stance on the UFO subject after listening to many of his interviews.
I'm not sure that somebody who has worked as the English MOD can tell all he knows about the UFO subject because surely this would break his national security oth to the MOD.
One minute he seems pro UFO, then the next minute he's playing it all down.
So whilst it's great to have a former MOD man writing a serious book about the UFO subject I remain skeptical that he is giving us the full picture of either what he knows, or what he knows our Goverment knows.
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on 3 August 2014
an enthralling book, well written and seriously researched into some world governments responses to UFO claims.
their repeated denials that there is any truth to the phenomenon or any risk to national security seems hard to believe in face of the hard evidence provided.
a compelling read which will leave you with far more questions than answers.
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First published in 1996 shortly after Nick Pope left his three-year posting as head of the UFO desk but whilst still employed by the Ministry of Defence, "Open Skies, Closed Minds" is a thoughtful, literate and occasionally amusing summary of the author's tenure as a full-time, government-paid researcher into the UFO phenomenon. He turns out to be a good writer, and although there may be few new revelations here for the serious student of the subject, Nick's unique official position and his fair-minded, diligent approach make for an original and valuable contribution to the field. It's the impartiality, the outsider parachuted into the job with no previous interest and no preconceptions who then undergoes gradual conversion to realise there is real substance to the UFO issue that makes for a compelling read. The level of commercial success and subsequent publicity for the UFO phenomenon gained by this book in the UK has only to date been equalled by the best work of Tim Good.

This review is of the original hardback edition, which has a good 8-page monochrome photo section in the middle and a comprehensive index.

Quote from the author: "One of the first things I did on taking up the UFO post was to read into the subject...there were also things called `close encounters'...where people saw a UFO and then arrived home much later than expected unable to account for a lost period...I had responsibilities both to the MOD and to the public as a whole to investigate all sightings and experiences in a totally impartial way, irrespective of my own views about a witness...

...many in the world of UFOlogy regarded me as just `the man from the ministry' as likely as not up to my eyeballs in crashed UFOs, dead aliens and cosmic cover-ups. But as I began to deal on a daily basis with people who had experienced events which appeared to go beyond human understanding, I formed working relationships with UFO researchers and a mutual trust developed." Has this trust been maintained and built on by Nick's successors? Alas, no.

The book is written with a broadly chronological narrative which proves to be a more engaging style than the fragmented listing of sighting reports. The author shares his discoveries opening up the MOD's existing UFO files and his own evolving conversion from admitted ignorance and skepticism to an appreciation of the reality of a mysterious, multi-faceted phenomenon of some complexity. He comes to the conclusion that the ETH best fits the facts, and that the evidence is that the ETs in the main do not appear to have humanity's best interests at heart. This is a remarkable public admission from someone working at a high level in the MOD, and in the absence of any official denial or disclaimer represents the nearest thing we're likely to get for the moment to a government acknowledgement that there is an ET presence and that it ain't friendly.

A whole chapter on attitudes to the subject begins: "There can be few subjects other than ufology for which government policy is dictated so much by attitudes and so little by facts or hard evidence. Many of these attitudes have been created by the media." Indeed. Nick writes about the main UFO groups and researchers in the UK and his personal investigations into multi-witness sightings, crop circles, cattle mutilations, the Rendlesham Forest incident (all given their own chapters), the notorious Santilli "autopsy" film and many other well-known cases. He expands the content to a more global perspective in the final chapters. His reputation for taking reports from the public about UFO encounters and other paranormal happenings seriously, and investigating them thoroughly and openly led to "maverick" status inside the MOD and thus to the media's term "The UK's own Fox Mulder."

So in summary, a good introduction to the subject for the casually interested reader, and even for the avid UFOlogist an interesting excursion into the workings of government and how the subject was managed during this period. Above all the author comes across as balanced, intelligent, grounded, sensible and good-humoured - and that alone, many would admit, is something of a rarity in this field.

A fortuitous career move inside the MOD led eventually to Nick carving out a whole new life in the UFO field outside government service in the real world, and achieving minor celebrity status as a recognisable face on TV. He's a professional, and has proved to be consistently effective at bringing the UFO subject more respectability and serious treatment by the mass media. Good for him, and good for the field.
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on 6 July 2013
He writes in a very straightforward way and he knows what he's talking about. He comes across as being very honest and gives value for money. I like the way he writes and I feel that he is looking for the truth rather than sensation.
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on 31 January 2013
Good reading for those who have an 'open mind' to the subject but at times can be quite lengthy with some of the UFO explanations. But it sure makes one wonder which planet some of the debunk 'boffins' come from !
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on 7 August 2012
Having had the pleasure of listening to Nick Pope on late night radio talk shows I found some of the cases he spoke about really quite fascinating which is why I turned to this book.

However, I have to agree with another reviewer who quite rightly pointed out that there is a distinct lack of substance in this book. Don't get me wrong, this book covers a lot of different cases/phenomena but Nick, in my opinion, doesn't get his hands dirty enough and flesh out some more detail for the reader.

It seems to me that Nick has more than enough evidence and hearsay to go on that he could have turned this into two (more detailed) books rather than the condensed version we have here.

Still, don't let me put you off too much, if you want a quick, easy conspiracy laden book to read go on ahead as you'll find it here. Just don't expect too much meat on the bones.
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