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on 15 March 2015
I am only part way through this book but so far I find the story interresting that is all I can so for now
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on 29 November 2014
It was a lovely book that i will treasure and find a prime place in my library. The delivery was prompt and have great faith in amazon.co.uk and its products.
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on 11 January 2013
fast Service. Thanks.Saw this book on the telly years ago and told my husband about it and he wanted to read it. loved it.
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on 27 September 2014
History is at our feet but buried by the sands of time. In his book ‘The Gold of Exodus’, Howard Blum takes us on a journey to rediscover some of this history and uncover the buried treasures of Exodus—the gold of Egypt. The road map his characters follow is the biblical account of the Jews leaving Egypt for the Promised Land. Based on this account, Exodus 3 (in the Bible) places Mount Sinai (where the gold is buried) as being either in Midian or very close to it, as Moses was tending to his father-in-law’s flock near God’s Mountain’ and his father-in-law was a Midianite. This means then that the true Mount Sinai lies in Saudi Arabia as this includes the ancient area of Midian. It is likely then that the mountain called Jabal al Lawz, is as claimed Mount Sinai. Up to this point the story appears to be a plausible account, but to me this is shattered when spies, nuclear weapons and political agendas are embroiled into the plot.

While the authenticity of the bible continues to be vindicated as archaeology discoveries are made, this account of finding the gold and the adventure as described lacks credibility. The book is worth reading though is not easy to follow and I ended up reading it twice— something I would not normally do.
Brian Wilson NZ
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on 5 December 2003
In this book, author Howard Blum chronicles the adventures of Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke, treasure hunters. When Larry receives a letter, which suggests that Mount Sinai is not actually in the Sinai Peninsula but in Saudi Arabia, he determines to go retrieve the treasure left there by the Israelites-the gold of Exodus. However, unknown to Larry and Bob, that same Arabian mountain is a main part of the Saudi "Operation Falcon," the Saudi building of a first-strike capable nuclear missile program.
This book is written like an adventure novel. Following a narrative, that includes numerous flashbacks, asides and sidebars, the story weaves together the treasure hunt of Larry and Bob with the espionage activities of the Mossad and Saudis. Overall, I am not at all certain what one can believe about this story; it includes in-depth reporting of meetings of the Saudi royal family, plus the secret working of the Mossad.
That said, though, I did find this an interesting book, with a provocative subject.
[If you are interested in similar archaeo-investigative stories, then I highly recommend Nicholas Clapp's The Road to Ubar and Sheba.]
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on 8 November 1999
Mount Sinai is in Egypt? No. Turkey? No. Full of surprises as writer makes discoveries from texbooks, maps and fellow treasure hunters. A true story too. But disappoints at the end as after the adventure all around, the parts and descriptions at the area around the mountain fill less than half the page (What is inside the cave mentioned in the first few pages that writer must tell the world?).
I am also suspicious that writer has lots of help from secret service agents (CIA, Mossad, others?) to get to mountain, find things out and point story in a certain direction. Writer did mention the inteference of these agents in his quest.
The pictures are interesting but not comprehensive. But wait, writer refers to other books in his book. Maybe we should go out and buy those too!
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on 18 April 2001
I love non-fiction and this is probably the most engrossing piece of non-fiction that I have read to date. It's sheer gripping nature is largely due to the fact that the treasure hunters are constantly finding modern day evidence of the biblical writings contained in the book of Exodus.
One big question hangs over the authenticty of this tale however - how did they manage to get the daytime pictures on the mountain when they were there under cover of darkness??? According to the author, the mountain is still a secure military base today. If you remember too the night vision equipment never worked.
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on 2 March 2001
Almost an excellent read.
The mix of Historical events relating to the Exodus, the personal lives and back ground of the two main characters engaged in a treasure hunt, against the back ground of changing world politics, is the basis for a great story.....
The author almost convinces you that the yarn is a factual account of events that realy took place in the late eighties, but for me he dosnt quite make it.
There are a few things that just dont ring true.
The Taxi driver and related stuff in london is one, of them.
The lack of decent hotel in Cairo is another ..... there are some great hotels and resturants there ..... how come a millionair couldnt find one? I used to stay in the Sonesta in 1985 - 1986, and it was excellent.
The treck of the Tribes fron the nile vally to the gulf of Aqba ..... 220 miles ..... 800,000 men, women, children in 19 days ...... seems highly unlikley to me. It would be tough going for a fit young man in winter ..... not many people would even survive it in the heat of summer.
The photos included are realy poor and dont prove anything .... they could have been taken anywhere.
The stretch of shallow water across the gulf where supposedely the children of Israel walked over to Saudi?? ..... I believe quite big ships pass up there ...... how deep is it in the middle?
Still I havnt actually finished it yet ......and realy looked in here to see what other comments had been posted.
Well worth a read, but keep an open mind .....
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on 22 July 2000
It's a cocktail of treasure hunting, religion, politics, and history, even humor. It's quite unbelievable that it's a true story but they have experts who they referred to as well as the bible itself to base their suppositions. It's quite an engrossing reading full of adventures and interesting facts.
My boyfriend read it too and he recommends it to his friends.
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on 6 April 2014
This is one of my very favorite books. The Exodus story was proven to be real. I couldn't put it down.
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