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on 9 October 2004
An excellent read. I found it a little difficult to get into for the first few pages but after that I found myself almost rationing myself to a single chapter or two at a time so as to prolong the enjoyment and ensure I got full value from Jim's observations.
JR actually published the book in 1994 but the economic truths he tells are every bit as relevant today. He also makes some startling predictions too, several of which in the intervening period, are already taking shape __ I won't spoil JR's thunder by revealing them here but I can assure you that you will never think of national borders in the same away again.
I immediately ordered JR's follow-up volume on the basis on Investment Biker. Enjoy!
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on 30 June 2000
Ever wondered what happened to the Charlie Sheen character at the end of Wall Street... if art ever imitated life you can't help wondering if this is where the story takes you. Rogers tours the world by motorbike with his girlfriend, providing a mix of travelogue and investment tips along the way. A fun and simple read, the initial chapters are more detailed than the latter. Towards the end you question whether Rogers wants to stop writing and keep riding, or perhaps is a little keen to finish his memoirs once back home. Nevertheless, it's great fun... but it isn't a new book, so don't expect any great ideas as to which markets to invest in.
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on 7 March 2010
Strongly recommend reading this before, and in conjunction with, adventure capitalist. Rogers views are well thought out and developed - whilst he doesn't always call it right, many of the predictions he makes in this book about the development of the world have been born out. More than that, he gives an insight into how to think about investing on a macro basis, how economies should best be run and geopolitics.
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on 31 October 2012
i remember seeing jim a while back on a tv show - wearing a ludicrously designed bow tie, talking about financial predictions, asset allocation and investment strategies - in a south american, idiosyncratic accent. who was this fella? he looked rather silly for a wall street type, but the interviewer and the rest of the panel were dumbstruck, lapping up his every word. i had never heard of him, but after some initial research i found that he was part of the original quantum fund (george soros' hedgefund that earned billions) and had written some books - many of which have very good ratings. i now knew why he is taken very seriously...

the book tells the eccentric tale of rogers and his girlfriend fulfilling his life dream of travelling around the world on motorbikes during the nineties. its very entertaining (bribing officials, crashes, communisim, cultural clashes etc.) combined with predictions on the economic landscape of the world (many of which have come true) and his investment strategies (what he looks for, what he likes etc.). i couldn't put the book down - it was that good.

i highly recommend the book for anyone who's looking for that something extra from a financial perspective - or for anyone who likes travelling. if you like both finance and travelling then you're in for a treat...
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on 29 October 1998
I wished Jim had written this book while I was in high school. It's a great story about geography and world economics. Some of the countries names may change over time but the economic commonsense will remain. I'm looking forward to his new one in the millinium. Meanwhile my 13 year old son is reading it.
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on 27 September 2011
Jim Rogers is unusual for somebody who has made a lot of money on Wall Street. He sees money as a means, not an end in itself. He therefore "retires" at 37yo but does not just sit back and spend his wealth. He picks up a motorbike (actually two, one for his girlfriend too) and travels the world for years, writing a fascinating account of what he sees and whom he meets. And he does not go to posh cities in the developed world but crosses all of China (at a time when hardly anyone did), the Soviet Union, Africa, Latin America. He takes his chances in his quest to understand the world. His political, philosophical and economic analyses are sometimes brutal, and sometimes simplistic, but he does provide food for thought. Often, he turns out to be right! This is a unique book about a unique man, and highly recommended to adventure travel buffs!
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on 9 October 1997
The book was a gift. I probably wouldn't have bought it even though I am a cross contry motorcycle rider myself. After about 50 pages I put it down, but when I again picked it up weeks later, I was totally absorbed. Riding a motorcycle around the world is enough for a book, but throw in the wisdom of the seasoned international investor on the foreign markets he visited along with his personal observations of the curtural and economic aspects of these nations, and it is worthwhile reading. Building block by block he constructs the economic model for the collapse of the United States based on ancient and modern history.
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on 4 September 2016
I got to about 150 pages in, and had to give up. If I had to tell you what was contained within those 150 pages, I'd struggle. The premise is fantastic, but it just doesn't come together. There's an awful lot about bikes and various money making adventures, but the travel aspect is seriously neglected. At times it's hard to remember which country the current narrative is focused on, and at such an important time in history and for such a unique trip, it's unforgivable. As others have said- fine if you like bikes and investment, but a travel account? Not so much.
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on 11 April 1999
Jim Rogers has done it all and continues marching with a common sense approach. I was in my senior year when a professor required this for reading. Needless to say, Ive read it twice since then. Rogers started the Quantum Fund with George Soros, provides commentary for CNBC and is traveling the world again. In this book he sheds light on the then possible and eventual economic collapse of Asia. This highly reccomended for anyone investing in U.S. or abroad. I place this book next to text by Peter Lynch and Ben Graham. Happy investing.
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on 17 May 1996
This paperback is identical to the hardcover book by Jim
Rogers, "Investment Biker: On the Road with Jim Rogers".
Jim has been quoted as saying he did not need to do an
update as all his recommendations and observations were the
same as when he wrote the hardcover book earlier, which is
consistent with his secular investment philosophy. See my
review of the hardcover edition, which I recommend over the
paperback because it is a classic primer on global investing
and travel. An enjoyable and informative read!
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