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on 12 June 1999
When I first started reading this book, I couldn't believe the easy methods portrayed by Master Lam. Master Lam has included excellent technical drawings, expected effects and results, and even a guide to what might happen over the first six weeks of training. I find the exercises extremely simple and relaxing, while at the same time, I know I am building up my internal stamina(chi), as well as my mental control. You really notice the effects within the first week, and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a more energetic body and mind.
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on 18 October 1998
The exercises in this book look so simple, that they can't possibly be effective - WRONG! Having practised Qigong and TaiChi for several years now, this is one technique that has definitely worked for me - I have a lot more energy and my immune system is stronger than ever. But to get results - you have to practice regulary/daily. I'm just as guilty sometimes, but believe me, try this daily for a couple of months and you'll be sold. But remember that to learn properly you should find yourself a good teacher. Otherwise it's like learning to ride a bike from a book...but a great introduction and you'll have those stabilers off your bike in no time!
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on 21 January 2002
One of the most pervasive systems of chi gung as taught on the Chinese mainland. Finally presented in plain, easy to understand and follow english, this is, of all the books I have accumulated on chi gung, undoubtedly the most thorough, well presented and, most importantly, easily learned. An essential purchase for those who want an introduction to this fascinating art, and a worthy addition to the seasoned practioners bookshelf.
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on 21 October 1998
I have read several books dealimg with Zhan Zhaung (pronounced Jan Jong), and I have recommended some of them, but with a disclaimer "Not safe for beginners". "The Way of Energy" IS safe for beginners, if the authors advice is heeded. Do listen to the signals your body sends you. This book has a safe and effective exercize system called Ba Duan Jin. to loosen the joints, muscles and tendons. On first glance you may assume that standing in one pose for a few minutes is extremely easy, but don't let that fool you. Zhan Zhaung is one of the most demanding forms of exercize ever developed. In my opinion standing in the second position "Holdinng the balloon" for 15 minutes will give you more of a workout than power walking for 3 miles. It will deffinately build your endurance! With dedicated practise it isn't unrealistic to build your endurance to where you can hold one pose for an hour or more. I like Zhan Zhaung because it doesn't abuse the body the way most exercizes do, and I meditate during my Zhan Zhaung sessions. This way I don't have to make time for exercize and meditation. I am not entirely happy with this book because it doesn't have a drawing showing where the meridians occur on the body, or teach how to lead chi along the meridians to clear blockages. If you think Zhan Zhaung is too easy, there are several ways to increase the difficulty. a. increase the difficulty of the pose by widening the stance, bending the knees more, or holding the arms higher. b. increase the time spent in Zhan Zhaung c. hold weights.
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on 20 October 1997
On first reading, I thought that the techniques in the book were too simple to be really effective; after all, they only involved standing still and relaxing; there were many other books with more fascinating systems. After searching in vain, I returned to this book and found, through practice, energy, health, a positive outlook and profound peace. Suitable for people who are stressed out by life, and want a sure remedy (not fast, just sure). (Daily practice recommended... :) )
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on 7 March 2010
Registered Tai Chi Chuan Instructor - TCUGB
Instructor - Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan Global Association

The Way of Energy is really two books for the price of one as Lam Kam Chuen teaches readers the distinct Ba Duan Jin and Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung systems.

Lam teaches a version of the Ba Duan Jin, or Eight Pieces of Brocade, as a complementary exercise to his Zhan Zhuang. Lam's rationale is that the Eight Pieces will help to improve the body's ability to handle increased chi flow resulting from Zhan Zhuang practice.

Lam doesn't identify the location of the chi meridians that will be enhanced by each Brocade but he does describe the specific benefit of each exercise. Furthermore, Lam gives basic and advanced versions of each Brocade so that levels of difficulty and capability are balanced.

Lam's Zhan Zhuang system comes from the lineage of the famous martial artist Wang Xiang Zhai and in "The Way" Lam shares teachings from Wang's original (Chinese) manuscripts.

Lam teaches the five basic Zhan Zhuang postures with clear illustrations, photos and descriptions. Typical physical reactions are also documented.

Lam goes on to teach progressively more difficult Zhan Zhuang postures and practices together with "mentality exercises" to derive further benefits.

Lam also describes the use of Zhan Zhuang in daily life and includes exercise regimes for various ailments.

The book is beautifully illustrated. In addition to drawings and photos relating to the Chi Kung there are many uplifting photographs of trees accompanied by relevant poetry.

I bought this book almost 20 years ago. Since then "The Way of Energy" has rightly become a modern classic. It is still as useful and important today as it was when first published. Lam is to be admired for sharing his Chi Kung so openly and empowering his readers to take positive and personal action to improve their own health.

This book is a very highly recommended buy.
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on 15 May 2014
Excellent book, gives the basics to the beginner in a language that is easy lo understand with illustrations that are easy to follow. A must for the would be practitioner and a good reference guide to the experienced. Very pleased
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on 23 December 2014
Lam Kam Chuen, he is the living miracle of life! I visited him in London luckily, he healed my long-term injured knee the way of his energy. This book explaines everything you need very clearly. Easy to follow and very enjoyable to read. You should get this book, get Lam Kam Chuen's words and youl will see your body, your soul will start to feel better quickly.
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on 15 January 2010
This book introduces some traditional Chinese exercises that are supposed to enhance your energetics and thus improve your health.

I noticed clear improvement of my health as quickly as after a few weeks.
The exercises are relatively easy, so that pretty much everyone can do them.
The book is extremely beautiful; reading it is pure pleasure.

In the long run, having to find enough time in privacy every day became unacceptably stressful.
After a few years, the exercises seemed to produce no further healt benefit.
Eventually, I got too bored with the exercises.

I had been doing Taijiquan for a year or two when I found this book. It seemed like a good way to move forward. The exercises in the book mainly involve standing in certain positions for up to 20 minutes. Among other things, Mr. Lam introduces Ba Duan Jin - a set of eight short exercises which is by far the best exercise for stretching various muscle groups in your body.

The first thing I noticed after I had started doing the exercises every day was that my sleep improved remarkably. The next thing was my immunity. I used to get sick frequently but now I didn't anymore. Then, one or two years later, my girlfriend mentioned that we had begun to have sex more frequently. I hadn't noticed that myself.

I checked out some other books on Qigong and other similar stuff like Yoga, "Five Tibetans" etc., but they weren't helpful to me at all.

I was so fascinated with this book that I bought several copies and gave them to family and friends. Eventually, though, there was no further improvement to my health, and the stress of having to make sure I'd be undisturbed for half an hour every day began to wear on me. Neither did holding the positions ever get easier, as Taijiquan or Qigong practitioners often claim they do. As years passed, I ended up doing the exercises less frequently, and eventually quit altogether.

I still do Ba Duan Jin every now and then, and I do even the standing exercise on those rare occasions when I become afraid that I might have caught a virus or something.

Probably, this book is not the answer to all you prayers, but it might be of some help.
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on 25 January 2013
A very interesting book with good pictures of the exercise stances. This book fully explains how this exercise regime came about and how it exercises both you body and mind.
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