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on 28 December 2016
As one user has noted there a few small spelling mistakes in the English introductions to the different sections of the book, however I did not notice any mistake in the Latin (although bear in mind that I'm still somewhat of a beginner), so take of that what you will. However, what I can say is that I have learned all of the Latin words in the book and it has massively improved my fluency in reading; I don't have check for words nearly as often, which makes reading much more enjoyable. Of course, learning the words themselves is a bit of a chore and something you have to really apply yourself to, but I would recommend this book to anyone who is learning Latin.
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on 6 March 2017
Warning. The format is very handy for learning vocabulary as it is sorted by type of word with all the principle parts and translations given the first time (not in the frequency dictionary or the index). That said, keep an eye peeled. Fruor, frui, fructus sum is listed as a 1st conjugation deponent verb when it is obviously 3rd; orior, oriri, ortus sum is listed as a 3rd, when it is clearly a 4th. Patior, pati, passus sum is listed as a 4th conjugation deponent verb, when it is clearly a 3rd i-stem, for which last no verbs are listed as a separate category. The principle parts of these verbs are listed correctly, just the verbs are in the wrong categories. However fateor, fateri, fassus sum is missing the macron over the e in the infinitive, so words are not written correctly everywhere.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 28 September 2013
I already have Latin Key Words which is in effect just a bare list of the most common 2,000 words in order of frequency, which has a number of flaws (see my review of it).

This new book is far superior; even though there are fewer words - 1,475, with 100 of these being from medieval Latin - in total it still covers, according to the introduction, about 95% of the words you will come across in a classical Latin text, the list collated from the most frequent words amongst hundreds of thousands taken from over 200 authors. It also says in the introduction that it covers the core vocabulary for GCSE.

Where this is much superior to Latin Key Words is in its arrangement. In the first section the words are arranged grammatically, so you can for example learn all the 1st declension nouns or 2nd declension verbs together and nail down the paradigm. The second section categorises the words by topic, so you have "the divine", "time", "nature" and so on - not every word is found in these lists.

The third and fourth sections list all the words by frequency and alphabetically respectively. The alphabetical list indicates the grammatical category in which the word falls, and the topical list in which it can be found if applicable. One downside of the frequency list is that it has no further indexing, so you would have to first look in the alphabetical list to then find it in the grammatical or topical sections. Thus the book doesn't really lend itself to easily learning words in frequency order in the same way as Latin Key Words, but then the grammatical and topical arrangement may well be a more profitable way of learning. Also there is no English to Latin lookup unlike in Latin Key Words, but that doesn't feel like a great loss.

After the word lists come a full section of noun, adjective & verb declension paradigms, and the final section as an addendum supplies the most common 100 words peculiar to medieval Latin.

One very minor thing of note perhaps is that whereas in the Amazon preview the shading is in yellow, it is in grey in the printed edition.

This is an excellent resource for learning core Latin vocabulary. My only real small complaint is the lack of direct indexing in the by frequency list.
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on 4 June 2015
A book of this nature, to enable people who already know some Latin to identify those further words that are worth memorising, is welcome, but a cursory examination suggests that this book contains too many errors to be fit for purpose.

Flicking through this book when I received it, I noticed two typographical errors on page 120: 'chapter' appears as 'chpater' and 'topical' appears as 'topcial'. A book of this nature needs to be proof-read several times by different people to ensure that all errors are eliminated. Since two such obvious typos in English words remain, the reader cannot confident in the proof reading, so cannot be confident that the Latin is error-free. I have also noticed several errors in the Latin itself, in particular missing or incorrect macrons. Since I cannot rely on its accuracy I have abandoned this book and cannot recommend it.
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on 18 January 2014
This is almost essential for anyone wanting to get on top of their Latin vocabulary, brilliantly thorough and well-presented, a great deal of care taken to make it a valuable resource
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on 2 January 2016
This is a handy resource. It collates both classical and medieval latin key words. This allows both a learner and someone revising latin to build up a memory framework to better engage with texts. The topic lists and grammar overviews then place these words in a context. Thus nicely organised, clear and ready to aid the reader.
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on 9 June 2016
Very good as it lists the verbs in different ways by frequency, topic, declension etc.
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on 23 November 2015
Daughter particularly likes the Medieval section - very useful
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on 9 March 2014
This is a thoroughly well researched book, clear headings and the thematic sections are a real aid to learning. I commend this book to all Latin students.
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on 25 March 2016
Great and easy to use for reference.
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