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on 5 April 2017
Ok before you buy this book be AWARE that it is a VERY short book. I only paid 99p for it on Kindle.
If you are paying full price for the full book you need to know its only short, that way you know upfront.


This book is brilliant.
I read it around a year ago and loved how clear and easy it was to read.
Having read many books on the Law Of Attraction this is possibly my favourite. It is short but very to the point of what you need to do.
I chose to buy it again a few days ago and I Love how easy it is.

True story here. When I followed this book around a year ago I was bought a lovely gift of a break away to the seaside.
I was very grateful even if my room was only going to be a small single room at the back of the hotel.
On my I want list I put that I wanted to get my room upgraded to a really nice sea view room.
Each night for around a week when I went to bed I asked my unconscious mind for this 'along with other things'.
About 10 days later my sister called to say the hotel had double charged her by mistake. She was annoyed but called them and was respectful and nice about it.
The hotel said they were so sorry and because my sister had been so nice about it they they would upgrade my room!
When I got to the hotel a couple of months later they guy checking me in said, I see we have upgraded you to our best room in the hotel!!
The room was HUGE and not only that it was a corner with wonderful sea views!!!!
Coincidence? NO! This stuff works.

Anyway please buy this book if you are interested in attracting amazing things to your life. I now intend to re do my list as I am in a better place now. I know without a doubt ALL my dreams will come true.

The only thing you may need a bit of extra help working on, is any limiting beliefs you may have about money. If money is something you want to attract, you need to clear out your mental garden of limiting beliefs. This is something I am working on a bit as it is.

I wanted to write this review as a way of saying a big thank you to the author. His book is great and gratitude is something I want to work on.
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on 13 November 2015
At 103 pages long, printed in large font, it's more an essay than a book. The writing style is simplistic and unispiring. It reads like an infomercial for the likes of Tony Robbins and The Secret. So if you're into that kind of stuff, this may be a nice, quick read for you. But if you'd like something more meaningful, give this a miss.
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on 10 December 2017
The book is a simple and yet detailed guide for those seeking to use the Law Of Attraction but don't know where to start.. I agree with most of what it says. You need to have good intention for others if you expect good things for yourself. However, having "wants" is surely an indication to the universe that you "don't have" and therefore saying the opposite to what you need to. Let me explain: When we say affirmations about ourselves, we say that "I am strong, I am successful... Etc", regardless of whether it's true, as we intend it to become true from that statement. So, if you want something, then it's the same principal - you need to say that you already have it.. "I have a good life, I have £20,000 in my bank, I have a be car". That way, you can visualize it like it already yours and the universe will have to align your thoughts with reality. Enjoy
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on 1 July 2017
I downloaded this book right after I had read The Magic, which is written by the same author as The Secret. Unlike The Magic, which has a lot of "homework" you need to do every day and which is very time consuming, this book is short, to the point and no nonsense! Everything the author has learned from reading books such as The Science of getting Rich and The Power of Your subconscious Mind is condensed and simplied and to the point! I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in this subject.
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on 21 April 2018
Changed my mindset completely. I needed to be more positive. I can honestly say since I read this book and changed my attitude and mindset good things have come my way. It's not a magic wand, it's up to you how you move forward but I found this book very, very helpful.

It's super short. I think I read it in an hour. An hour I'm grateful I invested. My future is brighter because of it.
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on 15 August 2017
A good introduction to the laws of the Universe and why positive thinking works. Useful exercises to help you focus on what you want.
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on 11 December 2017
Easy to read book. Short chapters and a very easy read. I never put the book down until I had finished. Easy to put into practice. If you've never read any similar books before then this should be your first read.
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on 31 December 2017
"Item is of top quality construction, works perfectly, is sold at a great price and from reliable seller. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend both product and seller to all, thank you."
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on 24 November 2013
Love this book having read a lot of self help books on law of attraction this book is a simple clear way to manifest your desires can't wait for my future !!!
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on 4 February 2016
Good book I really enjoyed reading it, was very much needed at the time and a reminder that negativity gets you nowehere fast
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