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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2010
This is a truly excellent publication with clear tips on how to prepare meat, poultry and fish for the barbecue, handy notes on avoiding charred food, useful cooking times and the most delicious and inventive marinades, sauces and relishes. It is accessible for the whole family to read and use, a very practical guide and a must for any novice barbecuer, the book has the depth to provide a broad range of recipes which will keep you going all summer and also very practical tips on how to roast your turkey on the BBQ at Christmas. A great present and a great all round cookery as well as recipe book for barbecuing.
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on 24 July 2010
Without a doubt, the best book on barbecue I have seen to date. The first chapter is a BBQ tutorial followed by loads of interesting barbecue recipes - including a few vegetarian ones.

Recipes are included for homemade sauces, rubs and mops - no bottled sauces recommended in the recipes. This book is for the serious barbecuer or somebody who wants to raise their BBQ IQ.

The author was trained at the Culinary Institute of America, so he knows his stuff. Quality information, quality recipes, quality photos - very well done. Overall, a most impressive and interesting read.
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on 5 May 2011
While there is nothing wrong with this book- be careful if ordering!! I am a big fan of Weber and Amazon, but I don't understand- this book is IDENTICAL to Weber's "Way to Grill" but there is no indication or warning!!! I love Weber's "Way to Grill" and have used the recipes for over a year. So I ordered this book looking forward to more great recipes. But it was identical(just a little smaller) and it cost me extra postage to return it. Needless to say I'm not happy. Weber is great, Jamie Purviance's recipes are great, so I don't know how to rate this product - probably 5 stars for content and 0 stars for Weber's and/or Amazon's marketing. Please DO NOT MARKET THE SAME BOOK WITH TWO DIFFERENT TITLES!!!!!!
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on 7 May 2011
Book is excellent, it is written for both begginers as well as pro's so everyone will be satisfied with it. One really good thing is that it was published in UK (Europe) so all measures used are European which makes the book easier to read compared with US editions. It also contains useful graphic tips which can help you learn some new moves with your bbq tools and meat's. Can't get enough of reading really good recipes and preparing them on daily basis :)
Congratulations to author and graphic designer of this book!
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on 12 September 2011
This book contains all that you will need to be an excellent barbecutioner. The book is the absolute best primer/introduction to BBQ cooking, something all too many people (lets be honest, its mostly men) think simply requires; taking mead out of its packaging container, slapping the meat on the BBQ then moving everything around (not really knowing why they're doing it), then finally taking the food off the grill after 45 minutes, because it "looks done".

This book tells you the real way to do it, and most usefully it goes into great detail, for example most BBQ recipes will ask you to marinade your food first, but they rarely given any indication of how long the food should be marinated for, and this varies for all meats.

'When should i marinade my meat; 1 hour in advance, 1 day in advance.?' the answer varies by meats, and is all explained in the book very well, along with the whys.

For me, cookbooks should always be explaining the why, as that is the simple biggest word i hear from friend/family trying to follow a recipe the have seen in a book ('why does he want me to do that?', 'why should i put it in the fridge for 2 hours before BBQ-ing it?'). This books consistently explain why they are doing something, or why you should get a particular (perhaps more expensive or harder to source) ingredient. For this reason Weber's Complete Barbecue Book: Step-by-step Advice and Over 150 Delicious Barbecue Recipes is a very educational cookbook, as such information will help your cooking skills massively as you learn more about the basic reasons of why things are done in the culinary world.

This is my recommendation as the first BBQ you should buy. BBQ is a tough business, and you dont want some book with 400 recipes but very little practical advice, this book is a Handbook, perhaps half of its content is straight up recipes, the other half is various nuggets of advice and information scattered around the book.

For those just looking for some nice recipes and a little guidance, this is great for you, but for those looking to take BBQ fairly seriously, and want to understand the details regarding marinading, dry rubs, butchering various joints, and why sea salt vs table (in rubs) are absolutely not substitutable. Then buy this book immediately, as it will become absolutely indispensable to you.
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on 1 September 2011
Great book with some excellent recipes. Not only that it's a great guide to how to control your charcoal BBQ - with techniques for maintaining temperature, how to grill with direct or indirect heat etc. A real help for using your BBQ to make some real tasty dishes
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on 13 September 2016
These days so many books that talk of barbecue are about marinading and slow cooking or smoking meat for a whole day in a secret sauce... Which is great but not many of us home cooks have time or facilities for that, this book is for people who like to take their cooking outside in the summer and is a great book for people who like to prepare their food from scratch- it covers everything from how to light your barbecue to how to enjoy the end result, there are a range of recipes for marinades rubs sauces and sides, things you might never consider barbecuing and techniques such as stir fry on the barbie that you might not yet have tried.
It really is worth a purchase if you enjoy grilling and many recipes can be transferred to the stove in colder months
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on 31 May 2013
I bought this as a guide to use of the BQQ and to have a set of base recipes to help me as I had just purchased a Gas BBQ (non weber) and this one was sensibly priced and came from one of the key market players.

It is perfect for me , the book does not assume you have a weber bbq of any sort but approaches the whole business of the Barbequing very methodically and clearly and assumes no prior knowledge. It covers the types of BBQ , how to prepare and maintain each type and discusses pros and cons of each one. It then moves on to cover each of the food types one by one such as red meat, pork, poultry, fish, fruit, and veg with each section giving details of key 'how to' features (e.g. ' how to cook steak' 'how to cook burgers' recipes but also key instructions on how long to cook each type for, and FSA recommendations etc. In addition it has a great resource section covering marinades, sauces, and rubs and summary tables for each food type of cooking times for say burgers, steaks, pork chops which being a bit new to the art I find really useful and reassuring.

The author explains the how and more importantly why very clearly ( e.g. differences between direct heat, and indirect heat and why some meats use each method, what is low, medium and high heat) and although we are new to the BBQ we have used this book for our last 5 barbeques, with the wife making home made marinades and its honestly some of the best BBQ food I've tasted ...and if the book can do that with my cooking skills trust me that makes it well worth money.

Thoroughly recommend this before buying a BBQ and absolutely endorse its use thereafter
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on 24 April 2016
A must have recipe book for any bbq fan. Includes rubs, marinades, breads, vegetables and desserts plus many mouth watering meat and fish recipes. Well written full of useful tips. Will make you want to fire the bbq up straight away
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on 5 January 2015
This book is fantastic and a must for anyone who owns a Weber barbecue. It explains how to use your BBQ whether it is Charcoal or gas fueled. Tells you the different cooking zones in the BBQ, How to light Charcoals and the different types of coals.
Once you have read all this information there are plenty of recipes to whet your appetite.
Before I bought this I nearly always overcooked anything I put on the BBQ, not now I love using the BBQ now and can't wait for the spring to try some more recipes.
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