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on 26 March 2010
When this arrived in the post I chastised myself for buying yet another beauty book on a whim. But, I was pleasantly surprised.
I've tried to figure what "season" colouring I am before, but none seemed to fit. This book is different. There are six colour groups (light, deep, warm, cool, clear, soft), all with two further sub-categories. Each category has clearly laid out palette of 30 colours to suit your complexion, with 12 further shades in your subcategory, a guide for choosing make-up & a brief demonstration on putting it all together.
I also like that the models they use though out the book are ordinary women you'd meet on the street.
The second half of the book has an excellent guide on dressing for your body shape (I've bought Gok Wan's book, but this one chapter is far better), a guide to finding your style personality (creative, dramatic, romantic, classic, natural, city chic), making the most of your face shape & putting it all together.
An excellent guide for anyone who's unsure about what basic colours & styles suit them. Geared at a 30+ market I think, but I'm 25 & loved it.
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on 7 April 2014
This 2014 edition of the UK Colour Me beautiful book is a good reminder that we may have to search around for style advice before finding what works well for us.
The main emphases here are on colour, body shape, personal style. I think the advice is poor.

Colour advice.
There doesn't seem to be any underlying reason for the different colour groups. i found earlier editions more helpful as they explain the differences, with types which include a secondary colour effect, such as warm colouring, mainly light, or warm colouring, more muted. Though for some reason they didn't include all the possible combinations (and I'm one of the ones they leave out).

As in 'Colour Me Younger', they barely mention people with grey hair, and completely ignore people with grey hair and warm-toned skin.

I find working directly with my hair, eyes, skin, blush, veins colours works much better for me than trying to fit myself into a set colour category. (And those colours don't appear in the CMB colour charts.)

Body shape
Some of the style guidance for body shape is very odd. Just one example : that poor girl who has to wear several striped tops which strain across her hips and droop everywhere else. Not in my view a good way of giving width to smaller shoulders. Makes me think the authors didn't actually look at people while writing.

If knowing what looks good on your body shape is an issue for you, the Flatter Your Figure workbook by Jan Larkey goes into much more detail and gives much better advice.

Personal style.
I like the inclusion of City Chic style - something that's important in Europe, and US stylists don't mention it.
Otherwise, for the styling in this book, they appear to have 'lost the plot'.
In my opinion, there is barely a single picture here of someone I would consider 'well dressed'.

Presumably CMB mainly advise professional/ management people, as nearly all the illustrations are of straight edged business clothes. Only a couple of photos of softer solutions and casuals. So this isn't a good place to look for inspirational outfits in a wide range of styles.

There are too many people who will lose confidence if they try this book, either unable to identify themselves in the colour groups, or find they look awful in the clothes suggested for their body shape.

Instead, try the new edition of Looking Good by Nancy Nix-Rice.
Or, if you're willing to make an investment purchase and are not disconcerted and distracted by out-of-date styles, there's :
The Triumph of Individual Style by Connor and Mathis
Wardrobe Strategies for Women by Judith Rasband.
Both bursting with fascinating and useful advice.
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on 2 June 2011
Firstly, what is a man doing reviewing a book entitled Colour Me Beautiful? Many years ago, before I was married, I paid for a Man's Image consultation and was "diagnosed" as being a Cool Summer. Actually I had been wearing all the wrong colours. Anyway I was impressed with the consultation and the lady's knowledge. However, some years later I attempted to contact her again and discovered she had become very disgruntled with Colour Me Beautiful and had moved on to "better things" hence they put me in touch with another of their consultants nearer my home. I booked a revision with her and she stated that I had never been a Cool Summer but instead a Cool Winter!
After meeting my wife I suggested she have a consultation but instead we decided to buy this book. I then discovered that Colour Me Beautiful have changed their system and now include such characteristics as "soft, pale, clear, muted etc. etc." making it more confusing than ever. Another problem is that, in my copy of the book, many of the colours seem not to have printed well. For example, I still have my swatches from my consultations and the colours frequently differ from those printed in the book. Therefore, as most people have commented, I would recommend investing in a consultation with a suitable Company rather than relying on this book. Its main use would be as a revision guide if you have already had a professional consultation.
Most ladies seem far more intuitive than men when it comes to choosing the right colours and styles of clothes to wear although, of course, glaring mistakes can often be seen along any High Street. Another idea to make a consultation cheaper is to book as a group. Admittedly you would receive less one-to-one time but at least you would determine your colour Season. Only afterwards would I suggest buying this book. Hope this helps.
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on 13 December 2011
This book was recommended to me and I was a bit sceptical at first . Not for long ! It has given me assurance that I was already doing things right albeit unknown!! But has now given me new options and confidence to try new things . I have also started to be ruthless with clothes I don't wear or need ! Favourite : if you are a different size and haven't worn it in a year you don't need it!
The illustrations and colour plates are realistic and it is an easy to read and understand book once you determine what type you are and the photos of women are a miixture of glamour and ' normal ' with illustrations you can recognise . It is a book I would recommend for most ages but certainly to older women in their 60's like myself who no longer have the money to spend on impulse purchases !! A good investment .
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on 27 March 2010
Anyone who is interested in style, fashion, color, and makeup will thoroughly enjoy this book! A follow-up to Color Me Confident, this book has been updated with new photos, illustrations, and new real-life women to illustrate the concepts. Fun celebrity examples are also shown. It is especially nice to see how fantastic the real life women models look when dressed in their best colors and fashion silhouettes. You'll enjoy being able to analyze yourself in terms of your best colors, best clothing for your body shape, makeup colors and hints, best hairstyle for your face shape, etc. There is an expanded section on how to wear black in the most flattering way. The authors have done a great job updating this book-you will LOVE it!
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on 27 October 2011
I read the 1980's version by Carole Jackson, but I was finding the content rather dated. This newer version gives a greater variety of colours to my palette and the make-up and accessory advice is much less dated. I discovered that instead of being a Winter with no other overtones, that I am "clear and cool", and many colours have moved into my palette, some of which I had felt almost guilty about using. So now I am no longer forced into bright turquoise when the middle aquas suit me much better...even almost warm aquas under other names ...those colours people have always complimented me on! So I recommend it as a cheap way of updating one's look. Also I rediscovered those lines that suit my curvy figure....not just straight skirts! Now I'm older I can't cinch in at the waist so much, so I needed some alternatives.
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on 19 May 2010
This book can certainly make shopping for clothes and make-up less of a struggle. Sensible information to help you decide what colours and shapes suit you, more important than you realise. It also helps you with what to buy for your lifestyle and tastes not some "style guru" without a clue about how you live your life and what you want to say about yourself following your own style. Very useful book, well set out and easy to discover a new way of shopping and dressing.
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on 4 May 2013
really good book full of useful tips about how to dress for your shape & includes make up & hair too. I have given my wardrobe a complete overhaul using this book & you can do that to suit your budget. perfect for people who want to look great without being a slave to the latest fashions. arrived in really good time & excellent condition too.
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on 28 March 2010
This is a good book with useful advice but I do think it is really difficult to analyse yourself, so I would suggest a proper colour consultation first. I was given a Colour Me Beautiful consultation for my 50th birthday last year and it was one of the best presents I have ever been given. I was analysed as a 'warm' with 'soft' tendencies and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours with a friendly consultant who suggested colour combinations, ways of sorting my wardrobe, did my make-up etc. I was then given a wallet with all my colour swatches in - really useful when going shopping and I have stuck to the advice with great success. I would definitely recommend buying the book but do try and treat yourself (or drop hints for your birthday) first!
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on 19 April 2016
I'm a color and image consultant and I was really excited buying this book because I was interested in the expanded range of color profiles for women of all skin tones. However, it was disappointing and not just because of the celebrity examples with dyed hair but also mixing the warm and cool colors in each dominant coloring. I think this kind of categorization of the colors and the coloring groups can be confusing. For example if somebody has rather cool traits she won't look good in a warm color like cocoa or apricot although these colors are in her suggested palette...
However, I think the body shape and style parts are really useful and visually appealing.
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