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3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2006
A very well researched book, covering the real origins of the neo-conservative think tank PNAC, the project for the new american century, stemming from the Israeli lobby as documented by Harvard professors recently to much storm in America. It charts the failure of the 5 main media corporations that control worldwide mainstream media, to reveal this to the public and thier complicity in non-coverage of dissenting voices to US foreign and domestic policies since 9/11. It reveals with some pretty solid research that 9/11 is quite probably the best example of false flag terrorism since Hitlers Reichstag fire, blamed upon the Communists to allow the enabling act and fatherland security to set Hitler up as a dictator and enable the atrocities of the holocaust to have been enacted upon the world. Something no-one should forget, even if people wish to argue the details of it. The striking similarites to the US and the Bush administrations seeming coup in actions since 9/11 are scary. Showing what happens when corporatism, the Military Industrial Complex Einshower warned against and big government elites are allowed to run amok, by a sedated public spoon fed soundbites and distracting media, to keep them flag waving and unquestioning of their evidently corrupted leaders. Top stuff and a higly recommended read to anyone seeking further details of what the war on terror may really be about. A war on freedoms and the protection of certain individuals and not the spreading of democracy at all. Similar books such as Greg Palasts and Al-Frankens books also reveal that the process of Democracy has been eroded by well learnt lessons from Stalin. It is not who you vote for that counts, but who counts your vote, as overwhelming evidence now exists that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen with careful rigging, PR scams and voter disfranchisement, not to mention tamperable electronic vote machines that are coincidently owned by the same corporations and intelligence agencies that appear to be benefitting most from the War on Terror and the psuedo Christio-Islamic divide. You tell me, Cui Bono?
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on 15 September 2006
I challenge anyone here to to dispute the facts. It is a huge book with so much information that it takes sometime to filter in. Covering everything from 9/11 to the war on terror, this is a defintive read for any truth searcher.
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on 14 March 2010
I was looking forward to a serious expose of the Neo-con phenomenon, but was quite disappointed.

The narrative is rather disjointed and contains a lot of assertions without serious back up, even with a multitude of references. There is one description of the behaviour of British soldiers in Iraq that I find incredible. With the freedom of the press in the UK (OK, not perfect), I'm sure this would have been exposed if it had really happened.

The writer spends a lot of time criticising Geo W Bush's lack of English, but the book is full of grammatical and spelling errors. It got to the point where I was concentrating more on the bad English than on the message, which is a pity.

There are some predictions in the book (written 2006) which have not come true (March 2010)and which, as a result, make the author look a bit silly. A new edition is indicated, one with updated predictions and/or reasons why the events in the original predictions didn't happen.

I really want to believe this book, but it isn't a serious work.
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