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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2009
I finished Control Stress in under two days, listened to the accompanying CD and I noticed how quickley my stress levels dropped! I work in a busy hotel in birmingham, mostly on my own on the reception, and on the day after i finished the book and following the instructions, checking out and checking in 80+ guests, taking phonecalls and dealing with complaints hardly mattered! The real crunch came to our one year old twins, who were teething and hungry. Again, this amazing book made it all easier to deal with without feeling overwhelmed.

I'm giving this book 5/5 for its easyness to use and for how quickly it helped.

Matt Wakefield
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on 12 April 2013
I have been struggling with anxiety and stress and this book has been very beneficial in helping me to find solutions that have actually helped me. I listen to the CD at night and have not heard it all yet as I can't stay awake! But it is very soothing and I am pleased that it has helped to settle the racing thoughts that I sometimes get at night and I have been sleeping much better.
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on 6 February 2013
It's difficult to over-rate this book. I was having major problems with stress, and they were affecting my health quite seriously. I had bought this book a year ago but put it away and forgot about it. My stress was so bad, and affecting people round me, that I remembered the book last week, after watching Paul McKenna being interviewed on BBC, I think it was the One Show.

I searched for the book, found it, and immediately put the CD into my player, without even reading anything apart from the instructions. As soon as Paul's voice sounded in my headphones, I began to feel myself relaxing and when it finished after 22 minutes, I was a different person. My physical symptoms vanished in that 22 minutes. I use the CD twice a day at the moment and I now find it impossible to get stressed at anything. Eventually, I will reduce it to once a day, but it will always be a part of my life now.
Every time I play the CD, I hear more, or hear it differently. I get more relaxed, I find myself drifting in different ways. It's amazing.

As for the book itself, it is just about the best thing since sliced bread. For the first time in my life I now understand stress and, more importantly, how to deal with it. I have already learned two of the many simple techniques which are explained in the book (Calm Anchor and Master Key - "Heart-Brain"), so that, if I feel I might be in a stressful situation, I cut it off quickly and easily.
I now wonder why our GP's don't suggest things like this, rather than handing out tranquilisers and barbiturates. It's not rocket science, it would save the NHS billions! I'm not saying it's the answer to all the problems of life, but I am convinced that anyone listening to the CD would feel better afterwards. I'm also convinced that everyone would benefit from reading the book and simply understanding stress - we all get it, we all suffer with it and here is a gold-plated method to control it without using drink or drugs. It's wonderful being back in control again.

Who is this book for? Well, I think it's for all of us and in particular, it's for people who are stressed out or facing stressful situations.
I have a message for Paul McKenna. It's "Thank you". I've just ordered another two books, one for a friend and one for a member of the family. I shall be ordering more.
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on 6 November 2009
''Instant calm'' are the words he uses. Like his other publications it gives you a number of partly common sence 'tools' and some clever ones to work with. You read the book a little at a time each day and listen to the excellent CD. Didn't think that you could ''powernap''? think again. This is a book for anyone who suffers with stress, embrace it and it will work! Wish I could have owned it many years ago...
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on 13 September 2009
If you are going to buy any book on stress relief then this is the only one book you need. It sums everything up in very simple easy to understand language. The cd is soooo relaxing, I listen to it every night and sleep soundly. Cannot recommend this book and cd enough it truly is life changing.
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on 1 March 2015
After suffering with extreme anxiety for two months,this cd took it all away. After just 3 sessions, I noticed a difference. Read the book - and take from it what you feel is your problem - but the cd alone is worth the money.
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on 27 August 2009
Having been a 'devotee' of Paul's work, I recognize a lot of material/ techniques that he's already covered in other books. Examples being; the 'finger and thumb' calm anchor, observing bad memories from the outside(dissociation), and metaphorical stories, which are woven into the hypnotic CD.

Most worry can be broken down to:
1 Writing down the worry,(or defining it),
2, Thinking what you can do about it,
3, Planning for the worst case scenario.
This is covered in the book, along with some new techniques; I particularly liked the 'Role Model' idea of seeing problems through the eyes of effective people you'd like to emulate.

To apply Paul's 80/20 rule, the bulk of the CD and book are previously covered; there's around 20% of which is new.

This isn't necessarily a criticism, as the system is tried and tested, he obviously has confidence in it.
I would also recommend in this genre, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (Personal development) for a longer read.
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on 28 August 2009
I agree with the reviewer that some of the material in this has been presented before in his previous works, but for someone who has never read anything else by Paul McKenna, this is not a problem. And for those who have, the way the techniques are applied to stressful situations manages to keep it fresh and un-repetitive.
I found this book to be immensely helpful and would highly recommend it!
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on 8 October 2009
McKenna does it again, with an approach to controlling stress that uses a combination of simple, common sense rational thinking alongside an intelligent reprogramming system which seeks to change the way we deal with the problems facing us.

There is the complaint that some of this material is simply a recycled version of his other programmes, but I feel is a little unfair. I think it's better to consider Control Stress as McKenna's honing of particular skills to a specific affliction. And with that in mind, the book is tailor-made for those who feel stress weighs them down and prevents them from achieving their goals.

As a psychologist working first hand with people who are unable to cope with similar issues as the result of relationships breaking down - as in Get Real! Relationship Success is an Inside Job - I feel McKenna's approach is responsible and effective, and recommend his book to anyone who feels then need to take command of their state of mind.
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on 23 January 2011
I read this book over 4 days, and then started listening to the cd. This process started about 1 week ago, and I have to say the results are very welcome. As a person who suffered frequent anxiety attacks and felt her life was out of control, this book has brought me peace. I am not saying that I don't still suffer the odd wobble, but my level of panic is now under the thumb and controlled. I feel a stabilty, a calmness that until now was unknown to me. I am now listening to the cd twice a day, only because I felt as though I was living on the edge, and needed to see results fairly quickly.I am very grateful to Paul McKenna for this book. He has shown me there is light at the end of the tunnel.I could not have even contemplated this thought over a week ago. Thank you Paul McKenna, I now feel hope for the future.
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