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on 13 November 2014
could not put down
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on 1 November 2011
I just got this book through the post. I ordered a used one so that i could save some money. when it said it would be in very good condition it was actually in fair condition. I am a little disappointed at the condition because it would of been better if i bought a new one than a used one. I still love Dan Browns books anyway because I got into Dan brown by reading angels and demons and i am now reading the davinci code. Cant wait to read my Dan Brown books but all in all i would recommend the books by Dan Brown because they are absolutely brilliant. :)
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on 18 November 2009
Although I have previously read this story, I found the unabridged audio version was very well done.
I now have vision impairement and the audio books are proving a great way of enjoying old and new books.
I have listened to abridged books and deliberately chose the unabridged version as I did not wish to miss out on the detail. The story challenges some beliefs and so makes one think. This must be good what ever the outcome for one's beliefs.
This set met all my expectations. The range of voices from Jeff Harding greatly added to the enjoyment.
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on 8 February 2005
I got this book after reading Da Vinci code. This is equally exciting, the author skilfully weaving the action and political intrigue strands of the plot together. However, some of the action comes across as completely implausible, the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a Batman cartoon, likewise the highly trained baddie soldiers come across as bungling incompetents. Nevertheless the plot is consistent, there is an excellent ending and he writes very well for this type of genre, not too much hi-tech gobbledegook but enough to fire the imagination.
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on 17 July 2008
Distinguished academic Robert Langdon becomes engaged in a desperate chase around Europe in an attempt to solve the mysteries raised by the art of Leonardo Da Vinci. His quest leads him to question the very roots of Christian belief.
This is an immensely readbale book. The first time I read it, I found it hard to put down and this is a result of the breakneck pace of Brown's writing. It is no massive literary epic however Brown's manipulation of the argument theories and conjectures is highly imaginative and effective and this created controversy.
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on 2 September 2006
I was told that it would be better to read the book before seeing the film, i found the book most enjoyable and easy reading, and can't imagine the film living up to my expectations of the book.As an open minded individual i can honestly say that the book does raise doubt in the mind of the age old story that the more people that are told of a story and pass it on that the more pieces are added in. I am only hoping that you will come to your own decision on the storyline of this book,and not be swayed by others. This novel has certainly made me aware to both facts that i knew and was unaware of.
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on 12 May 2012
I recently begun reading again to improve my reading skills, i started with this book and i found it brilliant their are twists you dont see coming and also you are never left in the dark on any information needed, however all the landmarks and art works in the book i have seen before however if you are unfamilliar with some places this book gives a great description of the places
all and all a fantastic book and i look forward to reading about Langdon's other adventures and i would recommend this to anyone regardless of their reading ability
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on 24 October 2004
It amuses me to read so many reviews saying that it's a shockingly bad book. I'm sorry, but that's pure drivel. Why has it become so successful? Because people read it, enjoy it and tell other people about it. I know a large number of people that have now read it - all of whom have thught it was a great book. It's escapism and yes, I can quite easily see it as a Hollywood film but is that a bad thing? Should all novels be filled with extra long words that only eng. lit. professors can understand. Personally I think that if you're looking for an easily accessible rollercoaster read - go for it. If you're a poncy highbrow literary snob - avoid it.
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on 19 September 2014
After thoroughly enjoying angels and demons I wanted to read this book but as put off by some of the reviews saying it was exactly the same as the first.

Let me tell you I'm glad I didn't listen to those reviews because it was amazing with twists and turns throughout. It did follow a similar pattern as angels and demons but that did not make it predictable in the slightest, Brown obviously plays to his strengths with these books.

I also like how much history you can learn while reading these books. Leaves you thinking...
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on 26 August 2005
There are not many books that hook one from the first page and so much so that one either has to devour the book in one reading, or in two or three sittings. The Da Vinci code is able to do this. Partly due to the subject matter(s), partly the book's construct and partly due to the sheer movement and pace that Dan Brown injects.
How much of the book is based on fact and how much on fiction is up to you to find out or a matter for your own personal faith, but although most people's belief is that much of it is not fact, when a yarn is this rip-roaring engaging, frankly who cares.
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