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on 8 August 2015
A book I couldn’t quite abandon, despite several times feeling the urge. The setup, probably a full quarter of the book, feels smug and contrived and takes forever to actually get anywhere, with the group of con-men known as The Gentlemen Bastards (lead by the titular Lamora) leading lives so charmed that any potential drama or intrigue is completely undercut. When, finally, the mysterious Grey King starts to make his presence felt in the (admittedly fascinating) city of Camorr there is a welcome injection of peril that begins to move things along at pace, and almost makes the insufferable setup worthwhile – the Bastards are thrown into levels of intrigue and danger far outwith their comfort zone, and the reader is finally carried along with them. The final quarter of the book seems to slow down just as it should be charging onwards, but scores are settled, daring escapes made, and intrigues resolved. None of this displeased me, but it’s too long by far and finishing it was ultimately a chore.
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on 21 March 2017
At any other time it may have deserved 5 stars, but LoLL had the unfortunate position of following my favourite Fantasy trilogy - The First Law by Joe Abercrombie... This is not on the same scale and in comparison felt slightly bland, therefore I can only give a 4. I won't be racing onto the next in the series.

Sorry Scott, blame Joe - Still 4 stars is bloody good
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on 6 February 2014
What a book to finish my 2013 reading! Thoroughly absorbing, interesting characters who are changed by events that happen to them, great backstory, twisty plot in the front-story leading to nail-biting tension. Highly recommended.

Trying not to give away too many spoilers we get to see the formation of the Gentlemen Bastards, a gang of young men devoted to the gentle art of thievery in a fantasy analogue of Venice. Through inserted backstory interludes we see them as starveling orphans being gradually educated and moulded into a five-man gang so close-mouthed that even the other thieves in the city (and the Capa who rules them all) don't know what they get up to.

Locke is a cocky child, too clever for his own good, who grows up into a cocky Gentleman Bastard devising elaborate scams to part the rich from their money. The balance of power changes with the arrival of the Grey King and his powerful bondmage, a challenge to the Capa Barsavi and his stable rule of the underworld, and an even bigger challenge to Locke and his gang who, as it turns out, are still too clever for their own good.

This builds from Locke's success through setback upon setback. There are penalties and consequences for everyone, but a very satisfying conclusion kept me up reading way later than I should.

There are at least two more Gentleman Bastard books and I'll be seeking them out immediately to add to my 2014 to-read list. I'm hoping that some story droplets not mopped up in the first book will soak into the pages of the next two.
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on 8 May 2017
Clunky with some incredible gotcha moments. The first 100 pages are painful and really should have been reworked... but without them, the final gotcha moment (which is EPIC) would have fizzled.
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on 25 June 2017
I picked this book up on recommendations of Pat Rothfuss and my god was it a great read. The main characters are likeable and fun and the villains are downright bastards and I hate them, as you should with any solid bad guy.

The midpoint plot twist/reveal was well executed and I did not see it coming. It actually made me well up a tad.

Overall this book had everything it needed to make it a great and in just the right amounts. 5/5 stars is to low.
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on 10 January 2016
The Lies of Locke Lamore is a strange book, but I found myself drawn into the rich, complex world the author created.

I really liked the present parts to the book and found the plot ally interesting. What pulled it down was the pacing as the chapters were punctured with bits from the past. Yes, it gave background but I didn't feel I learned from it.

I have the next two in the series and I do intend to read them
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on 15 March 2017
First book by Scott Lynch that I have read and really enjoyed it. A very different kind of story and thoroughly enjoyable. Will want more of this author!!
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on 6 May 2017
I enjoyed all of the characters very much. I particularly liked the Spider. I cannot wait to read the next novel.
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on 17 July 2017
I enjoyed every minute of this ride, with a sense at the end that there were no loose ends, but more to come.
There is genuine novelty in aspects of this invented Venice. Highly recommended.
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on 6 March 2017
If you're interested enough to read the reviews then I highly suggest buying it. I know it's a tired saying, but you really won't be able to put it down. There's never a dull moment, even normally uninteresting scenes like the characters getting dressed it made hilarious and engrossing. Long story short, buy it.
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