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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2014
His life and family stolen from him by a greedy selfish Angel. A thousand years later he is left cold by meaningless encounters with women. He swore to his wife he would never remarry if he lost her. Until Honour, she changes everything he ever knew and thought he wanted! Love it!!!!
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on 1 May 2017
This is about Dmitri and Honour! It is a wonderful and very moving story of their journey and love story! The best in the series yet
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on 6 December 2012
I adore Nalini Singh she is my favourite author by far. Everybody who loves romance, action and fantasy must read her books. Addicted. I own all her books and she never dissapoints!

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on 28 April 2017
Good service will use again
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on 12 December 2012
When the tattooed severed head of a nascent vampire is discovered, the case should have been passed directly to the Guild but Dmitri has an ominious sense of familiarity. In his long life as a vampire, Dmitri has seen many things and his search for the truth of the killing leads him to work alongside Guild Hunter Honor. But while Honor is a competent Hunter, she has just survived a brutual imprisonment by vampires and the last thing she wants is to be forced to work with one...especially one as powerful as Dmitri.

This is the fourth book in Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series (after Angels' Blood,Archangel's Kiss and Archangel's Consort) and is the first to move away from Elena and Raphael as lead characters. Instead the book focuses on Dmitri who has been a supporting character from the start and introduces a new Guild Hunter named Honor. Elena, Raphael and all the other characters I've come to love are still featured despite the narration change.

The book is tightly plotted with dual storylines running together. The investigation into the severed head leads us into Dmitri's past while a concurrent investigation tracks down the vampires who abducted Honor. There is a fair amount of tension and some scenes manage to be deeply creepy which makes for compelling reading. The romance takes a backseat to the character's healing from their pasts, which works well both for the storyline and overall development of the characters.

Dmitri has been a favourite character of mine since the beginning of the series. He's always been portrayed as arrogant and controlling so it was fascinating to see why he is that way. He has lived a long existence but never recovered from the events surrounding his turning, leading him to become darker and more deadly. However, when he meets Honor he begins to change and it is fascinating to see how he develops.

I found Honor to be incredibly well written and the way in which she gradually deals with the horrors of her past feels believable. She is very different to Elena as while Elena is physically very strong and confident from the first page, Honor is broken and delicate yet holds herself together with an extreme level of self-control.

Holly (a survivor of Uram's rampage in the first book) and Venom both stand out as supporting characters with Holly's recovery being aided by Honor and Venom showing a slightly softer side. Interestingly the book steps back from the global changes in the previous installment to tell a tighter, more character focused story and this was a refreshing change.

All in all, this was a great read and I'm looking forward to Archangel's Storm.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 48/50
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on 27 September 2011
I feel very torn about this book. On the one hand I love the author's writing style and the relationship between the the leads is beautiful and pulls you right in. I won't dwell on this aspect as it has been well reviewed by the others and I agree with what they say for the most part.

Despite this, I can only give the book 3 stars. All of the archangel books have had a level of violence (as do the psy/ changeling books to a lesser extent) but this book really ramped it up, and at times I found it hard to read. This suprised me because I often read violent crime or horror books, but I think it was the way the violence was justified and essentially permitted. I accept that in this fictional world there is some need for the brutal behaviour of the male leads, but in the previous books Elena thought about these issues more, giving me a 'way in'. I appreciate that Dmitri had a hard time but I found him quite repulsive on occasion and this is not made okay by some loyalty to a friend and being unwilling to hurt children. There does have to be something about suspending belief when you read, but if you ever met Dmitri, or were on the wrong end of him, I doubt that romance would be on your mind. Perhaps all of this lends more of a realism to a genre which often skims over unpleasant aspects, but for me it was too much with no meaningful acknowlegement this behaviour is morally questionable. Honor seems to make much of the fact that Dmitri would never harm her, but there are passages that suggest that he has been involved in sexual situations with unwilling partners, which I would find impossible to accept in a partner (which is a shame as I was fascinated by Dmitri from the get go!).

I'm aware that many will disagree with my concerns, but this bothered me significantly and I wanted to highlight it for others who may have similar reservations.
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on 14 December 2011
I've read three previous guild hunter books and thought they were excellent. I was very exited about fourth book knowing it's about Dmitri who was my fav character. But I must say the book is truly dissapointing. I thought the story was rather weak and it took quite a long time comparing to other books to finish it. Somehow I didn't recognise Dmitri in this book, I know that he couldn't possibly stay as that cold,sexi,demanding, cruell, down to earth man cause it would be raher hard to fit romanse in it but there was nothing left from his personality in this book, especially in later chapters, he was so not like himself anymore, totally forgettable. His story was heartbreaking but i have a really hard time beliving he would be mourning his wife for nearly 1000 years, whatever happened. Nalini did a great job with Raphael who is cold, hard and dominating on one hand but has a soft spot for Elena on the other, it didn't work with Dmitri thought. Actually I prefer to remember Dmitri as this sexy, interesting, old vampire as he was in previous books. I didn't really like his story with Honor that much, and I knew it will be hard one to get right. Honor was a very plain character, Dimitri would just crashed her in the real life I suppose, she was likeable, but no way fitting girl for Dmitri.It somehow didn't feel right. And the sex scenes........more than dissapointing, what about that honey all over the place??? Because it's Dmitri I thought the sex will blow me away but actually it was boring and again it didn't feel like it's Dmitri, vampire with hundreds of years experience. I gave it 3 stars because overall it wasn't totally awfull, but certainly the weakest book in the series, and it's a real shame about Dmitri becoming this rather forgettable creature.
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on 8 September 2011
With each story Nalini Singh has always managed to sweep me away into another world and make me fall in love with her characters. But then there are those rare stories which just takes the reading experience to a whole other level. Archangel's Blade is sheer perfection where every story element comes together and blows my emotions out of this stratosphere! There wasn't a moment my attention faltered or where I felt a tinge of disappointment because plot or character development didn't work for me. The intrinsically layered story allowed the characters to soar in their journey where rip-roaring action and soul claiming passion ruled. I was encompassed by Dmitri and Honor's trials and tribulations from page one!

Dmitri is dark, unforgiving, arrogant, he is brutal and has strength to match it, and Nalini Singh keeps him that way. He is called Raphael's blade for a reason. I would almost call him an anti-hero but his backstory just sucker punched me. It doesn't make Dmitri all of a sudden a goody-two-shoe but it deepens his persona in a profound way. He is complexity to the nth degree and is a challenge no woman can ignore! Complex men don't make for easy loving and Honor is about to find out how true this is.

Honor is a blend of fierce temperament, courage and vulnerability. She had to overcome a vicious attack and is now taking back the reigns of her life. Honor is the kind of character who can completely take me in to the moment and let me feel her fear, her potent fury, her passion and her strength. She shows Dmitri her own claws even as she feels the fear. She owns her sensuality again even as Dmitri challenges her boundaries in this. Everything about Honor spoke to me.

A huge part of the appeal in Archangel's Blade is the interaction between Dmitri and Honor. Nalini Singh lets the exquisite sexual tension seep through in to the dialogues, the body chemistry and ultimately, the passion, which sets the pages ablaze! Watching that attraction evolve in to something so much deeper, essential and intense was quite the emotional roller coaster ride. The mystery brought external as well as internal struggles for Dmitri and Honor to deal with. It fused the plot and romance together to a point where it heightened the overall impact of the story. Early on there were small slivers of thoughts or feelings which made me connect certain dots and wonder about a possible plot twist Nalini Singh might have in store for us. My hunch gained more certainty as the story progressed and it drove home to an ending that had me in tears.

Next to Dmitri and Honor dealing with the mysteries and their sizzle and burn attraction there were a few other characters who I loved getting to know more. Sorrow for instance is a character with an acerbic tongue whom I liked on the spot. Venom , Illium, Jason, Raphael and Elena. They enlivened the dialogues even more with banter, humor or flat out arrogance or authority. They are larger-than-life personalities not of this world and they mesmerizes me. With each novel in the Guild-Hunter series I just fall more deeper for the core cast. It is something I love Nalini Singh for! She is able to put together such a memorable cast of characters and set them in a world you can't help but want to go back to the moment you've finished a story.

While Archangel's Blade absolutely wow-ed me it is partly because the writing voice of this author just makes me live and feel it all!

A sample of Nalini Singh's lyrical writing;

She'd taste of salt and wildflowers, intermingled with an earthy femininity that sang a siren song to the man beneath the civilized surface.


The tenderness of the moment destroyed him, singing to parts of him he'd thought long dead.

This is the kind of lyrical writing which bursts in to vivid imagery in my mind's eye or conveys the intensity of each emotion felt by the characters. This is writing where I have no hardships, at all, to connect to the characters. This is writing which plays my heart strings like a symphony and leaves me baffled by the end.

Dmitri and Honor's journey is one of sheer perfection where everything comes together and blew me away! Archangel's Blade is unequivocally one of Nalini Singh's bests stories to date!
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I am a huge fan of the Guild Hunter series but I'll admit I was a little nervous about reading Archangel's Blade. This is the first story that doesn't focus on Raphael and Elena and I was a worried that I wouldn't enjoy it as much - especially since I've never been the biggest fan of Dmitri. I'll admit he had grown on me a bit since the first book but he has always come across as so cold and I wasn't sure how I'd like him as the hero. I should have know that Nalini Singh wouldn't disappoint me though and as much as I still find him quite a scary character and definitely someone you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of I had fallen head over heels for him by the end of this book.

Dmitri is the kind of guy who takes what he wants and makes no apology for it, he is all hard edges and arrogance - definitely not your typical hero. There is a reason that Raphael trusts him to lead his seven and it's because he has the ruthlessness needed to make even the older and most dangerous vampires and angels fear him. No, Dmitri isn't the kind of guy you'd want to cross but he is exactly the kind of guy you'd want on your side in a fight. What I loved most was seeing into his past and getting to know the human Dmitri used to be, he didn't choose to be turned into a vampire and the way it happened and the things he lost are what turned him into the man we know today. 1,000 years ago you would have met a totally different person, that Dmitri was sweet, romantic and head over heels in love with his wife and family. My heart absolutely broke for everything he had been through and it was no wonder he had closed off his heart so that he wouldn't have to go through that kind of pain ever again.

Although Honor doesn't magically change Dmitri back into the man he once was she does get to see a side to him that nobody else does and it was no wonder that she was unable to resist him. Honor is a guild hunter who went through a horrific experience when she was captured by a group of vampires and remained their prisoner for 2 months before the guild was able to track her down and rescue her. Her experience has left her wary of people and turned her into a shell of the hunter that she used to be. Thankfully guild director Sara is on hand to give her the kick that she needs and force her to face the world again but it is Dmitri who really helps build her confidence back up. He never treats her as if she is weak and breakable, although he understands that it would be easy to chase her away from him and he is careful in his seduction he respects her skill as a hunter and he is determined to give her her freedom by helping her track down the vampires responsible for what happened to her. The closure she gets from her revenge helps her move forward in her life. The chemistry between them was incredible from the first moment they meet but it takes time for Honor to trust both Dmitri and herself and give in to the connection she feels which made things much more believable considering everything she has been through.

I wasn't too sure what to make of events at the end of the book at first. I wasn't sure if I liked the way things played out (I know I'm being extremely vague here but I can't say too much without giving spoilers) and to begin with I felt a little disappointed. After taking some time to think about it I have to say that the ending made a lot of sense and I don't think the story would have worked as well if it had ended differently. My main reason for giving this story 4 stars rather than 5 was that for a lot of the time I felt more invested in Dmitri's past relationship with his wife Ingrede than I was in his current relationship with Honor. I know there were reasons for that and I was happy with the outcome but it was something that bothered me slightly while I was reading. Archangel's Blade is still a fabulous instalment to the Guild Hunter series though, it has everything I love about Nalini Singh's stories, a sexy dominant hero, a heroine strong enough to stand up to him when she needs to, hot sex scenes that will make you feel weak at the knees and plenty of appearances from some of our favourite Guild Hunter characters.
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on 25 April 2012
The first three Guild Hunter books are fantastic. I was obsessed with the characters and every thing they did. Brilliantly written, I felt like I was apart of their world.

I was already wary about this book when I found out that it wasn't about Elena and Raphael - I still feel that their story isn't completely finished with and would like to know more about their lives. Unfortunately I didn't get that with this book. This book is about Dmitri. Dmitri is considered the scariest vamp in Raphael's territory and is Raphael's second in command and I was quite happy thinking he was this scary sexy monster of an almost-immortal but no, this book gave him a softer back story and a heart. It sort of ruined the other books for me. This was a man I had actual nightmares about and now suddenly I felt sympathetic towards him. I won't be able to read any other books with him in now without remembering his past and his loves and losses, sometimes a character doesn't need a back story and I was disappointed Dmitri ended up with one.

Apart from that, the writing as usual was fantastic. The plot was okay, the ending did make me cry once I'd gotten over the fact that Dmitri wasn't who I imagined him to be. I found this book to be less action packed than the others but it's an okay read none-the-less.
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