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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 September 2011
I feel very torn about this book. On the one hand I love the author's writing style and the relationship between the the leads is beautiful and pulls you right in. I won't dwell on this aspect as it has been well reviewed by the others and I agree with what they say for the most part.

Despite this, I can only give the book 3 stars. All of the archangel books have had a level of violence (as do the psy/ changeling books to a lesser extent) but this book really ramped it up, and at times I found it hard to read. This suprised me because I often read violent crime or horror books, but I think it was the way the violence was justified and essentially permitted. I accept that in this fictional world there is some need for the brutal behaviour of the male leads, but in the previous books Elena thought about these issues more, giving me a 'way in'. I appreciate that Dmitri had a hard time but I found him quite repulsive on occasion and this is not made okay by some loyalty to a friend and being unwilling to hurt children. There does have to be something about suspending belief when you read, but if you ever met Dmitri, or were on the wrong end of him, I doubt that romance would be on your mind. Perhaps all of this lends more of a realism to a genre which often skims over unpleasant aspects, but for me it was too much with no meaningful acknowlegement this behaviour is morally questionable. Honor seems to make much of the fact that Dmitri would never harm her, but there are passages that suggest that he has been involved in sexual situations with unwilling partners, which I would find impossible to accept in a partner (which is a shame as I was fascinated by Dmitri from the get go!).

I'm aware that many will disagree with my concerns, but this bothered me significantly and I wanted to highlight it for others who may have similar reservations.
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on 14 December 2011
I've read three previous guild hunter books and thought they were excellent. I was very exited about fourth book knowing it's about Dmitri who was my fav character. But I must say the book is truly dissapointing. I thought the story was rather weak and it took quite a long time comparing to other books to finish it. Somehow I didn't recognise Dmitri in this book, I know that he couldn't possibly stay as that cold,sexi,demanding, cruell, down to earth man cause it would be raher hard to fit romanse in it but there was nothing left from his personality in this book, especially in later chapters, he was so not like himself anymore, totally forgettable. His story was heartbreaking but i have a really hard time beliving he would be mourning his wife for nearly 1000 years, whatever happened. Nalini did a great job with Raphael who is cold, hard and dominating on one hand but has a soft spot for Elena on the other, it didn't work with Dmitri thought. Actually I prefer to remember Dmitri as this sexy, interesting, old vampire as he was in previous books. I didn't really like his story with Honor that much, and I knew it will be hard one to get right. Honor was a very plain character, Dimitri would just crashed her in the real life I suppose, she was likeable, but no way fitting girl for Dmitri.It somehow didn't feel right. And the sex scenes........more than dissapointing, what about that honey all over the place??? Because it's Dmitri I thought the sex will blow me away but actually it was boring and again it didn't feel like it's Dmitri, vampire with hundreds of years experience. I gave it 3 stars because overall it wasn't totally awfull, but certainly the weakest book in the series, and it's a real shame about Dmitri becoming this rather forgettable creature.
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on 25 April 2012
The first three Guild Hunter books are fantastic. I was obsessed with the characters and every thing they did. Brilliantly written, I felt like I was apart of their world.

I was already wary about this book when I found out that it wasn't about Elena and Raphael - I still feel that their story isn't completely finished with and would like to know more about their lives. Unfortunately I didn't get that with this book. This book is about Dmitri. Dmitri is considered the scariest vamp in Raphael's territory and is Raphael's second in command and I was quite happy thinking he was this scary sexy monster of an almost-immortal but no, this book gave him a softer back story and a heart. It sort of ruined the other books for me. This was a man I had actual nightmares about and now suddenly I felt sympathetic towards him. I won't be able to read any other books with him in now without remembering his past and his loves and losses, sometimes a character doesn't need a back story and I was disappointed Dmitri ended up with one.

Apart from that, the writing as usual was fantastic. The plot was okay, the ending did make me cry once I'd gotten over the fact that Dmitri wasn't who I imagined him to be. I found this book to be less action packed than the others but it's an okay read none-the-less.
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on 16 November 2013
This book in the series focuses on Dmitri and Honor. The level of brutality is alarming, and doesn't make for an easy read. The book does fill in some of the 'back story' for Dmitri and Raphael, so in that respect it does make sense. I felt the book improved towards the end, although the 'twist' was unconvincing which is a shame when Singh has made this fantasy world quite believable in all other respects.
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on 10 November 2013
the story is alright, its for adult :)... but its certainly not my book to re-read again, i'm struggling to remember the story lol
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