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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 July 1998
I don't think that the lord of the rings should be turned into a parody or into other thing... it's great and Imortal as it is.
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on 2 May 1999
Perhaps the worst book ever written. First of all, let me say that I hold Lord of the Rings nearly sacred and believe that it should not be satired in any fashion. That being said, maybe I would have received this literary trash better if it was at all funny. I find it hard to believe that it would be funny even in the seventies. For those of you who liked Lord of the Rings and like this book, be ashamed of yourself. For those of you who don't like it in the first place, you deserve to read this filth.
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on 29 January 1999
I can't believe ANYONE would make a parody out of The Lord of the Rings! The thing wasn't even funny! It is as disgraceful as "SpaceBalls" was when it tried to make a parody of StarWars. Tolkien was a genius, and one of my most favorite authors (the others being CS Lewis, Jack London, and Douglas Adams) and his great work DOES NOT deserve this kind of s***! If you want humor, read The Hitchhiker's Guide.
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on 28 July 1999
IN THE NAME OF ELBERETH! The Lord of the Rings is a beautiful, magical story, and I do NOT approve of people making stupid parodies of it! I hope that not all people in the world have such a twisted sense of humour! I mean, even the names utterly stink! Frito? Pepsi? And how do you get "Pepsi" from "Pippin" anyway?!?! I am utterly disgusted!!!
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on 13 April 1999
yeah sure like MINIMUM 100 WORDS, like i have the time to write all that mm... I DONT THINK SO PAL not this time nor another nor here nor anywherel, do you understand me young man??!! jeje, bye (i hate the man who wrote this book, how those he dare to interfere to magnificent tolkien???!!!) babay
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on 4 November 2004
This book was profoundly weak. The author tries to create humour in the hackneyed style of introducing one absurdity after another, creating a torrent of utter, meaningless flubberish. It reads like it was written by a child whom ineptly tries to hide their incompetence. It is as painful as watching a bad boulevard mime.
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on 24 June 1999
_____The introduction of this book not withstanding, this is truly a poor excuse to put down on paper language and situations that may be best left unused and unthought. Just because the authors warn beforehand that this is not meant as literature and that no one should take offense, it does not justify its contents. _____To begin with this is not a parody. A true parody usually occurs when something(s) worthy has(ve) to be said and the author uses a known literary work to set up a frame that the reader will be familiar with and introduce his/her point(s). Sagacity and ingeniousness to introduce new ideas in a known plot with minor variations make for a good parody. James Joyce's "Ulysses" is a very ingenious parody of the Greek poet Homer's epic poem "the Odessy." Shakespeare's use of the Greek Orestes' trilogy in his "Hamlet" is an adaptation that may be seen as a parody. Another option is using elements of known works to make a new story, usually in contrasting story lines; this is another valid version of a parody. Read Cervantes' "Don Quixote" the greatest parody of all time for this latter type of parody. Parodies do not have to be funny, they have to be smart. And this makes us laugh. BOTR is way off the mark to be a parody. It has no discernible point to be made that would validate its existance other than the authors' concupiscence and desire to write down sexual situations, some time-period references, name brands and gross bodily functions. The worst part is that this garbage has to be compared to LOTR because it makes references to and is based on it. But garbage has always been printed and will always be printed. The part that should worry us is that there are people that consider this good writing and defend it (see some of the previous reviews). It's OK if you like to read garbage and if you have a sick mind but don't lead sensible, smart people to buy this very unworthy book saying that it's a good parody of LOTR. It isn't. If you do not care fo outright gross sexual innuendo and bodily function comedy, save a few bucks and buy a tabloid. That's better than BOTR!
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on 15 March 2000
How could people actually enjoy this book it may be funny But I think J.R.R Tolkion writes the best books I have heard in my life Lord Of The Rings were great books and I don't Think They should be made fun of.
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on 19 September 1998
Tolkion was a brilliant man. He created Middle Earth to be a whole world outside our own, and to be admired, not mocked in some sort of cartoon! Boggies! Please. Give it up for JRR Tolkien!!
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on 1 October 2001
THIS BOOK IS FUNNY.if u hate Tolkien (or love his work like me)u will like this book. Wonderfully brought to u by the authors who went on to co-create the great "national lampoon" films. allthough not as long as Tolkien's 3 part epic, it still manages to cram in a parody of the whole 1008 page classic into its little pocket sized pages.With comical names (akin to the original) and a heavy barrage of jokes, this is deffinately a title to own. I enjoyed it, so will u.
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