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Customer reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
Dead Ever After: A True Blood Novel (Sookie Stackhouse 13)
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on 30 September 2017
I've enjoyed all of this series
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on 11 October 2013
Well that was different not sure of the ending all previous book have been going in one direction ERIC. Not happy, wanted a happy ending. The ending felt false, she settled for less. BRING BACK ERIC. AUTHOR HAS SHOT HERSELF IN THE FOOT. Was disappointed big time. With that ending it was a wait of time reading the Books before it.
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The wife has read all of these books and was rather sad that the series came to an end. It would be interesting to see what other series Charlane Harris can come up with.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 March 2017
3.5 stars

Dead Ever After is the thirteenth and final full-length novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series by popular American author, Charlaine Harris. Soon after she has used her Cluviel Dor to save her boss’s life, and quite unaware of what has been going on behind the scenes of her life, Sookie is called to appear at Fangtasia for a most unpleasant ceremony. And before she has a chance to get her head around the ramifications of that, she and Sam find the body of Merlotte’s one-time waitress, Arlene Fowler in the dumpster out back. Because she was strangled with a scarf of Sookie’s, Sookie is arrested, despite the dearth of actual evidence.

Sam’s behaviour after Sookie is charged with murder is puzzling, but the support from the many Bon Temps locals, and friends further afield, is gratifying, and Sookie soon has a houseful of guests determined to protect their friend and find out just who is behind it all.

This final instalment sees appearances by a crowd of characters: Amelia and Bob, Diantha and Mr Cataliades, and Barry Bellhop all make major contributions, but Alcide and Quinn also do their part. Karin Slaughter (no, not the author) makes an appearance. There’s soul selling, jail time, evil charms, a surprise pregnancy, a wedding, some paranormal psychometry, and a bit of (possibly ill-advised) line dancing.

Harris knew that, whichever man Sookie ultimately chose, she couldn’t please everyone with the ending, so she pleased herself, and the polarised reviews reflect this. The pace is a bit slow, although, in this final book, Harris does try to tie up loose ends. It certainly is not the best of the series, but fans who have stuck with it will be pleased there is resolution.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 May 2013
I've loved this series but the last couple of books have tailed off a bit in my enthusiassm. Still - can't miss the final one could i? Actually for what it revealed i could have. Eric - in the last book he was barely there, and in this one - well frankly he's been emasculated, had his balls chopped from the way he behaves... From being the over-the-top, fun-loving but selfish, sensual, virile, sexual Alpha vampire we knew from early books, he's become simply a poor shahdow in the last two books - I'd never have recognizes the Eric we knew and loved as the same man in this book. I mean would he have behaved like this? No, Eric is always Eric first, yet had a soft (and hard!) spot for sookie from the early books so he'd have found some way out. that man could get hhis way out of anything - he's resourceful and cunning to the Nth degree, no way would he have ended up like this. Then there the connundrum of for all that he was going to be consort to a powerful queen, would he really want to be a second in command, answering to a female? Nah - not our Eric, no way , he's always been Top Dog (or vamp!) Then there's Bill, my number one from the start :) He seemed to have been brought back in much more - for a reason i was hoping - over the last few books, and he and Sookie were mending fences and yet he was barely there in ths book either, just popping in and out occasionally. To have, as another reviewer said - built up these two strong powerful vampires only to drop them at the final fence seemed just wrong :( There wasn't any of the excitment of the early books, no drama, no wondering "whats going to happen next? how will this end" It all seemed horrribly dull and predictable and after the ending of the last book i wasn't suprised at how this finished - saddened as i thought it deserved better but not surprised. The early books I just couldn't put down and have devoured them time after time and yet this one - well, i actually got almost bored with it and put it aside to do other things twice while reading it - my family know how hard it is usually to drag me from a book so thats a measure of how disappointed I was - and its a very expensive disappointment too. I almost gave it just two stars but finally got to three, not sure why really, maybe just loyalty and the feeling that maybe I'll get used to the ending - won't like it still but its done so. On for another series. I see there's several spin off books from the series planned, after the disappointemnt of the last two books I'm not sure I want to read them - at the early books i'd have looked forward to them but feel the whole storyline has really just petered out :( and maybe my pennies - pounds!! are better spent elsewhere.
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on 4 June 2015
I hate to leave a bad review as I loved so many of the other books, but I'm just so sad and actually upset with how this book went. The characters were so different, Sookie seemed to lose everything about her that made her great and the overwhelming love between her and Eric just went, like that. Eric was written as someone annoying as opposed to the Eric we know from all the previous books...and where did Sam come from! I have actually chosen to ignore the events of this book and read a fan fiction alternative ending which finishes the journey so much better. I really don't know how CH thought this would satisfy her fan base. It's actually put me off reading anymore of her books, I'm that disappointed! I really hope CH considers re-writing this book as an alternative ending to satisfy her Eric fan base (which is huge!) I would be first in line to buy..
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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 5 February 2014
I have actually had this book since it's release date last year (7 May 2013) however it has been sitting on my bookshelf all of this time waiting to be read and I have been an avid Sookie Stackhouse fan for a few years now. Two reasons it has been unread and the first being that I have also been watching the True Blood series alongside reading the books and with them being so totally different from each other I have actually found myself getting mixed up on what has happened where which has left me not being as enthusiastic to read the books as to pre True Blood.
The second and most important reason is that the last few books just haven't been all that great if I'm honest and especially not in comparison to the first few in the series and so other series' I have been reading have always jumped the queue to be read ahead of this book as I have been eager to find out what happened next with them. I am truly disappointed that I actually picked up this book to read it and actually wish I had left it on my bookshelf to wonder about what happened next. Yes Sookie didn't end up with who I felt she should have but that wasn't the reason I feel so let down by the book. I feel so let down as it felt too rushed and everything has been too tidied up. I echo the sentiments of other reviewers in that I think the author has lost interest in the series a few books ago but has carried on writing in order to fulfill her publishing contract. As a Sookie Stackhouse fan I feel very let down by the author who I have loyally stuck with through the last few books in the hopes that they would improve despite them not having the same magic as the first several in the series. I won't go into what happens in the book in detail as this has already been covered in great detail by others and much longer ago than me reading the book now but I was disappointed in an old faerie turning back up to explain the attempts on her life along with the obvious non solved Eric situation. I was also disappointed that despite Eric and Sookie having this fiery relationship and the feelings for each other that this was so easily let go of by them both as I just didn't think that this felt real. Anyway I'll stop moaning now and put the book away on the bookshelf with the rest of the series and maybe just maybe I might be able to bring myself to read it again in the distant future.
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on 29 June 2013
What can I say, I loved every single page of this book and for me the ending was perfect, in a way I was routing for them any way subconsciously.

Great end to a great series!
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on 19 May 2013
Having been off the web for a couple of weeks I was unaware of the furore surrounding this final, but apparently not final, book in the Sookie series; I took advantage of the free Wifi at Athens Airport to download my Kindle for iPad copy, and sat back anticipating one last view of the world through Sookie's eyes.

And that was the first problem; the use of third person reporting undoubtedly made telling the story easier for the author, but it did not make telling the story better; all of the information in the prologue could have emerged in the course of the novel, starting with Sookie investigating just how Arlene turned up in Bontemps alive, and then dead, but it would have taken a lot more work for both author and editor. It seems that they did not want to put in the work.

This disconnection with the rest of the series continues throughout the book; like many other reviewers I often felt that I simply did not recognise the characters as the people I had come to know in the previous 12 books. People, whether they be human, fae, vampires or shifters do change, but they change for reasons; the author needs to show those reasons if we are to find them credible.

Equally, producing a vitally significant character like Karin the Slaughterer from nowhere destroys the willing suspension of disbelief on the part of the reader. We have been told over the course of the series that a vampire sire can force his children to do anything, and yet we are expected to believe that Eric simply did not bother calling his child to his defence against Victor, even though he knew that Victor intended to kill him and had hired the scariest vamp around to help do the job.

That one won't fly, even if Eric can; it's equally implausible that the intelligent Sookie, who has built her self-esteem over the course of the books, would fail to understand the consequences of Sam telling her that he just couldn't help himself with the Maenad. After all, Callisto might decide to make a return visit, and Sookie could end up dying in agony, whilst Sam was romping in the woods with her killer.

I have never seen these books as romance novels; I am not looking for a HEA. On the other hand, I am baffled by the inconsistencies, and regret the fact that there is apparently another book due to tie up loose ends; it looks like author and publisher seeking to extract yet more money from a series where the creative fire has died. I will try rereading DEA to see if it improves with familiarity, but I can't see myself buying the final final volume...
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on 29 March 2014
First thing first, Dead Ever After is not my favourite Sookie Stackhouse book, but it is clever how so many characters over the entire series make an appearance in what is obviously the final book ever for our 'Southern Part-Fae Telepath'.
It's plot is engaging enough to feel like the end is coming and Charlaine does her best as after thirteen novels the ending must be difficult to even say goodbye to these characters and let them become a thing of the past.
One thing that is disappointing is how Eric just drifts away into the shadows to Oaklahoma with his new Queen. Not even a saucy goodbye with Sookie! He was a delicious character to read about!
I did like how Bill and Sookie seemed to develop a genuine friendship after everything that has happened to those two and I am personally glad they didn't have a rebound momen otherwise that would have hit the fan in the worst way possible!
Killing Arlene seemed fitting in a way as her character went from likeable to utterly awful as the character epitomised how a real friend can turn hateful and even more...deceitful! Everyone has a friend that has a special place in their heart who will betray them, fact!
Finally having Sam and Sookie get it on literally was the thing most people have wanted one time or another throughout this series so it ends as positively as it can. Looks the vamps are out of your life and it looks like clear skies ahead for the future, goodbye Miss Stackhouse. You will be missed.
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