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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2014
I read the series straight through which was good as you keep track of characters and events. The only downside for me was the fight 'scenes' got a bit repetitive and seemed drawn out. That's just me though, fight fans will love it.

Thanks for a great read!
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on 13 December 2014
Great story Perfect.
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on 24 January 2009
James Barclay managed to pull off an amazing and somewhat unexpected ending to the Raven series with Demonstorm, managing to round off the Raven's adventures with a final, desperate fight to save the people of Balaia and Calaius from destruction at the hands [or claws/tentacles etc] of the Arakhe, which could easily be the worst enemy they have had to fight throughout the series.

Without giving too much of the plot of Ravensoul away, Barclay has managed to bring in an even fiercer enemy than the Arakhe. One that even the dead have reason to fear. He has managed to pull off another amazing Raven plotline and as has been said in other reviews, it's not just the lovable, loud mouthed barbarian back for a visit. Ravensoul gives an even better ending to the Raven, though the last few pages seem a little too rushed.

All in all, this is still an amazing read. If you've read the rest of the Raven books, it's a must. If you haven't read the books, then I recommend that you do so. Immediately. :)
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on 4 April 2009
The book was fabulous. James brought back the characters of the Raven with such style & believability , that it reduced me to tears of joy as they kept appearing while the story progressed.
I don't want to spoil the plot but it was wonderful for all Raven fans to be able to see them standing shoulder to shoulder for one more final battle. James kept all the humour & witty banter between the group going throughout, which made it fun & enjoyable.
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An unexpected addition to Barclay's raven series. I say unexpected because most of them died heroically at the end of his last book.

The Raven is/was a band of mercenaries that have included warriors, mages, Elves and even a shape shifter. As the series progressed through 7 previous books the line-up changed and they morphed from mercenaries to heroes and the land's best hope against all sorts of evil intent. A very enjoyable series which came to a natural and satisfying conclusion with Demonstorm.

So a bit of a shock to find another one pop up, and the author could have taken the easy route of fitting in an extra story set somewhere between the earlier books, but no, this is set some 15 years after Demonstorm. In this story, the dead are coming back into the bodies of the recently deceased. At the same time an ancient an unstoppable enemy is sweeping all before them, including the forest homes of the Elves. Can a Raven consisting of dead souls in new bodies make a final stand? There are a variety of bad guys in this, but the one who turns out to be the main human one will come as a bit of a shock!

This was okay and I like Barclay's writing, especially the easy camaraderie between the Raven and his dialogue in general. The plot and the threat was a little complex and it was harder to get into then I was expecting. Inter-dimensional jumps and links to previous books and characters did cause pause for thought a few times as I had to jog the memory, and this was a bit of a flaw. It feels like you should read this with the other books fresh in your mind, if you have read a lot of books since Demonstorm then it will take a while to refresh. It would have been helpful to have a list of the Raven members at the front and a reminder of which books they were from and how we left them.

It was an interesting concept to bring back the Raven, but I think it took something away from their previous sacrifice and the rounded ending that Demonstorm gave us. I think Barclay's many fans will enjoy seeing their heroes back, but may feel some discomfort at a book, perhaps. too far. It is also not a book for new readers to start with, they need to start at the beginning with the excellent Dawnthief and they have a treat in store. For those of us who have read all the books, I am not sure if this adds anything.
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on 29 October 2009
It was nice to see the Raven operate again and James again creates wonderful archetypal characters.
This is probably the worst Raven book but if you have read the others this is worth a read just to see them work together again.
Some very thin plot lines that are even less credible than previous encounters but still some very good action scenes.
Summary: worth a read if you're a Raven fan.
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on 6 October 2009
I must say from the outset that this is very much a book for fans of James Barclay, and particularly the 'Raven' series. While the plot is slightly different in that the adversaries are different to the last book, this novel very much follows the tried and trusted 'Raven' formula with witty dialogue and fast furious action from start to finish. Anyone new to this series MUST read all of the previous Raven books to gain any real value from this as most, if not all, of the interaction between the characters involved are based on an understanding of what has gone before. But for fans the the 'Raven' this is a surprising 'resurrection' of this series and a joy to read as always.
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on 21 March 2011
Have read all of the raven books now,and I can honestly say this isn't the best of them,but is a fitting send off for the Raven.At times the story felt rushed,but then at other times I felt as if I wanted to skip a page as I was just treading over old ground! Besides that,it was still a good read,and one that I just couldn't put down as like the other raven books before it id become totally immersed in the story,and the camarderie of the characters.James Barclay has done a great job of this series,altough it was good too see some closure on these characters,with a fitting ending at the last.Overall id give this book a 4 out of 5.
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on 23 July 2015
I love James Barclays books, I really do, but this was a Raven book too far. Weirdly reading his elves books and the ascendants has made me dislike the Raven series in general (also possibly reading every Raven book again back to back before reading this has really dragged for me as the characters throw out the same one liners constantly!!).
This review is not a reason to not read his books, give one of them a go as I would genuinely rate him as one of my favourite authors, I'm just honest about how I feel
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on 17 September 2013
The last in an enthralling series and it has been a tremendously worthwhile read. The storyline and the inventiveness keep you wanting more.
I would recommend without hesitation anyone to get involved but please make sure that you start with Legends of the Raven 1 and work your way forwards.
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