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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2017
Great series thoroughly enjoyable
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on 30 November 2014
Over the moon, well pleased. Great service. tess
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on 8 August 2000
This is a superb follow up to Dawnthief. Barclay has a style that moves the action along yet allows you to build a rapport with the characters. There is no one "hero" in the Raven, all are important and all are developed characters, and as we found out in Dawnthief, they are not "immortal". The book does not have the dread symptom of the middle one in a trilogy, where it is obviously a filler for the final book. This is a tremendous story on its own (but read Dawnthief first)and keeps up the high standard set in Dawnthief. If you think Eddings, Gemmell, Salvatore, etc. are good, then read Barclay and be amazed !
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Those who felt there wasn't enough character development in the first book (Dawnthief) can rest easy in the knowledge that this book seems more character centric.

It's heart-warming to see how Denser went from an outsider to a core member of the Mercenary A-Team.

The scale of this book is no less huge than it's predecessor, and deals with the consequences of the Dawnthief spell. This book is as full of politics as the last one - it has dragons too! What happens when you rip a hole through to another dimension? An alliance is forged and the Raven find themselves facing a seemingly impossible adventure.

Seriously though - this book builds on the group so well established in the first book, and defines them more. You feel more emotionally attached in this book and get sucked in like biscuit crumbs up a Dyson (and a DC07 and that!).

This isn't a simple story about a group of guys who blaze through an adventure leaving a wake of testosterone and gore - there are consequences to their actions. There is camaraderie, a bond, a love between the members of the group and when one falls - they all feel it. You will get lost in this novel and care about what happens.

The relationships between men and dragons alike is done brilliantly, and this time there's a woman in the midst, and the female perspective can only add more to the story.
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on 26 May 2001
I thought Dawnthief was brilliant but the second book in the series was at times breathtaking. I won't bore you with the plot, I'll just add that in some of the action sequences I was there....hacking with my sword, dodging and evading....experiencing the pain and the glory! Can't wait for the next one.
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on 5 January 2001
After enjoying "Dawnthief" so much, (Book 1 in the "Chronicles of the Raven"), I was expecting great things from "Noonshade" and I wasn't disappointed. Noonshade builds on the solid foundation created in Dawnthief and then leaps far beyond it - epic battles, sieges, magic, lots of dragons and gritty characterisation all blend together into a gripping, well told plot. Barclay's style of writing may not appeal to all but personally I love it and would recommend the book to anybody who loves escapist fantasy fiction.
This is his second novel and it is easily better than the first - but don't miss out - read Dawnthief first and then join the long queue of fans waiting for Book 3.
BTW, If you are not an Amazon Delivers subscriber, this book was also picked as one of the "Best of 2000" by Amazon's SF editor.
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on 27 January 2001
Dawnthief was a pacey, exciting all action read, with Noonshade Barclay has upped the ante; its a bigger book, there are more characters, the scope is greater and the action shifts into a new dimension (literally). But while all this is going on Barclay hasn't forgotten what made Dawnthief so great: the Raven and the pace. Your favourite mercenaries are still the focus of the book and the pages still go by in a blur. Oh and did I mention the dragons? We got to see one in Dawnthief and that was scary enough but in Noonshade there are hundreds of the things. Barclay gets over the scale, the power and the glory of a hundred foot long, fire breathing monster like pretty much no-one else. His dragons are the business. Cant wait to see where the Raven go next. Barclay is really onto something here.
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on 1 September 2003
The Raven battle to undo the damage that Denser inadvertently caused in casting Dawnthief. In doing so they must recover writings of Septern to enable them to formulate a spell in order close the rip, avoiding the still invading Wesmen, before venturing back into Beshara.
They make some unexpected alliances and get themselves into just as many sticky situations as only the Raven can.
The story is told in the same spell binding way as Dawnthief, with another superbly gripping plot.
If you liked Dawnthief, then you will love Noonshade.
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on 1 February 2001
I read Dawnthief and thought it was good, but I have to say Noonshade is better. I'll leave the other reviews to tell you what it's about, but if you want to escape into another world then this is the book for you! The magical spanner of Guugleburger isn't under the bed in the spare room because.....then there wouldn't be a story and, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's why we read these books, for a good yarn. Not such a good story if the protagonists find all the catalysts 'in a shoe box under the kitchen sink. I rest my case, I thank you.....
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on 12 December 2000
The plot jumps from one character to another; each with equal importance and equally engaging. A tad slow moving during the first half of the book as if Barclay is warming up for the final; and what a final it is! The no-nonsense writing and plot basically whisks you through the pages and it was with anticipation that I turned the last page. I found the theme of what it means to be Raven and being of the Protectors brotherhood particularly touching.
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