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on 26 December 2015
I'm a fan of this author's work and this book didn't disappoint.
I liked all the characters, and the story was entertaining and well written.
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on 6 August 2017
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on 14 July 2015
First time I have read Charlaine Harris book enjoyed the storyline different. Am reading second book now.e
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on 27 December 2015
loved it.
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on 23 April 2017
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on 18 July 2017
I found this book a little boring
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on 18 August 2009
'Grave Sight' is the first book of the Harper Connelly series by Charlaine Harris, I enjoyed reading 'The Stookie Stackhouse' series also by Charlaine Harris.

'Grave Sight' was slighly darker than the Stookie books and was action packed from the start, a great mystery but at the same time you get to know the characters of Harper and her step~brother, Tolliver and their background.

'Grave Sight' will not leave you disappointed if you enjoy this type of book, an easy, fun read which draws you in.

The only downside was how dragged out certain parts of the story were but that was just impatience on my part.
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on 16 January 2007
This book focuses on the adventures of Harper Connely, a woman who has an unusually morbid gift for finding the dead. At least that is how the fearfull and prejudiced pea brains who hire her seem to regard her. Aided by her brother she ends up resolving a mystery regarding one of her bodily discoveries, while she and hers suffer the price for her persistant investigations. Which are not welcomed by the culprits, as one might have assumed from the beginning. The dead, unfortunately, don't say much to Harper, but the living assume that she heard too much anyway.

Having arrived at this book via avid contemplations of the adventures of Sukie Stockhouse in Southern Vampire mysteries, I found myself rather disappointed by the predictability of the plot, which I sort of worked out by the third chapter. All the elements of a successful Harris work are there, form original characters to gracious writing technique, so I cannot claim that it was a bad read, merely that it was below the standard I have come to expect from this writer. I was not as instantly attracted to the protagonists as in the afore mentioned series, and feel they would have benefited from being expanded upon in a more vivid manner. It seemed like it was not enough, and left me with a vacant expectation.

Having said all that, I am awaiting the arrival of the second novel from this series in the post any day now, the reading of which will hopefully make me eat my words!
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Since struck by lightning when fifteen, Harper Connelly instinctively knows when dead are close by. A buzzing in her head helps her to track down the missing departed, paving the way for a proper funeral and closure for grieving relatives. It is a lucrative (if controversial) source of income for her and half brother Tolliver but creates suspicion and outrage wherever they go. Danger too, for in the township of Sarne sought dead will reveal secrets certain locals are desperate to hide....

Charlaine Harris again shows her skill at instantly arresting attention and deftly creating colourful but believable characters. Harper and Tolliver emerge strongly, so much detail provided that there is clear scope for prequels as well as sequels. Admittedly the climax, gun-waving confrontations as a storm rages, is highly melodramatic - with revelations some clever readers may already have guessed. (Actually my chief suspect was somebody else altogether.) It, however, does not disappoint.

Do not expect Harper to be another Sookie. Certainly (so far at any rate) there are no vampires, weres, fairies, goblins and the like encountered here. In different ways both heroines have much to offer - not least an enjoyable read.
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This is the first Charlaine Harris book I've read so didn't know what to expect. Story-wise it's a good mystery and I didn't guess the ending until...well, the end. I just never really felt connected to the characters though. Harper is really hard to figure out, one minute she's streetsmart and mouthy, the next she's a wreck and can't function because she's like a little-girl-lost. I'm not sure if this will be explained a little more in the next books but so far she's not that likeable. Her brother Tolliver is a bit of a mystery too and I'm still not sure what makes him tick.

It's a good book but I'm hoping it will become a bit more fleshed out in the rest of the series. I was hoping for more of her special ability of being able to 'speak' to the departed and the story did revolve around this, but there wasn't very much of that side of things this time.

It held my interest to find out where things were headed all the way through so I'd recommend it, but it's a fairly quick read and if I'm honest not a lot happened in this one.
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