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on 15 March 2018
This follow-up book in the First Law trilogy has a greater adventure than the first book. The battles and fighting continue relentlessly. The sense of expanse widens even further – to the ends of the world. The characters are further developed and nothing is predictable in their personalities. The story continues at a rapid page-turning wide-eyed pace.

Several characters are so intriguing including Glokta, Logan, Ferro and Jezal, where their focused and brutal actions are tempered with their loyalty and sense of justice. As a band of warriors, their cohesion and diversities continue to captivate. We get to see deeper into their nature and the subtle charisma with several is surprising. We will have our favourites but imagine feeling empathy and fond gravitation towards an Inquisitor!
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on 23 July 2016
After setting out his amazing world of The First Law in "The Blade Itself", Joe Abercrombie has given us a sequel that doesn't rely on the success of its predecessor. Expanding the world, taking Ninefingers on his quest and taking Glokta (one of my all time favourite literary characters) to the city of Dagoska, Abercrombie's brilliant creation rolls on with an unstoppable force. New secondary characters appear, with great additions in Practical Vitari and mercenary Cosca who you will want to see more of in their own books, I promise. Once again, you will be tearing through the chapters as you follow a twisting series of plot lines you will want to know the endings to. With two books down, what are you waiting for? Once you have read this you will need to get stuck straight into the concluding book on the trilogy: The Last Argument of Kings.
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on 25 March 2014
Controversially perhaps, I actually think this surpasses the first book. It’s always the case that the second book in a trilogy suffers from being (or being seen to be) the ‘filler’; bridging the gap between the fresh new beginning and the climactic finale. That said, the character development so central to a second novel - and designed to make you care more about their respective endings - I found to be more interesting than their respective introductions in The Blade Itself. This is probably because it comes hand-in-hand with a galloping progression of the story.

Things do develop, but there is also a sense of matters being tied up. The overarching story still remains, but the end of the book heralds the end of the quest, the end of another Union battle, and a full stop (of sorts) for Glokta – but all left teetering enticingly on the edge, with a whole new chapter ready to be opened, and new set of questions to be answered. My point being that you don’t immediately have to pick up Last Argument of Kings (but you will want to).

I maintain my comments from the first book about some characters you’d rather read about/with than others. Glokta remains absolutely superb, West comes into his own and develops into one of the most interesting and justifiably introspective characters, and Bayaz still annoys the hell out of me (although this is tempered by Logen, Jezal, and Ferro ,who remain close to him on their quest westward[?], which is altogether a great part of the story). I think this probably means there’s something for everybody, which may be part of the overall appeal; although I also think we can all agree on our opinion of Sand dan Glokta[?]

In short, it flows from the first book, and I will eagerly move onto the third. Good (old school) stuff.
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on 7 April 2017
I listened to this on Audible.

The last book I enjoyed. This book I thoroughly enjoyed!

One of my fave narrators brings to life a colourful story full of real characters and exciting conflicts. Brutal battles and tormenting tortures mixed with hilarious relationships and fabulous settings. This series is building by the book, I can feel it, and I want more!
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on 1 August 2016
Book two in the First Law.

Logan Nine Fingers and his band of renegades continue their quest and it is every bit as exciting as book one and we slowly get to discover more and more about each and one of the characters. We are beginning to understand more of what drives them, their needs and where they come from. An amazing middle tome, setting up for what I anticipate to be an amazing conclusion!
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on 5 February 2008
Well, I loved the first book. A cracking story (even though a lot of it was the set up for the rest of the tale), great humour, adult themes and a refreshingly different style of writing.

I was very excited to get my hands on the second book (as you can tell from my review for the first book if you're interested) and perhaps went through it too quickly. I speed read it because I wanted to find out what happened next. Not intentionally, just really excited to have found something so different.

As a result I failed to appreciate the writing so much and was overly disappointed by an ending that screams for the next book.

Don't misuunderstand me, I am not the sort of reader who gets excited by waffling prose or archaic style. It is just that this series is so different. It is written for adults and that is, in my opinion, quite unusual for fantasy books.

Anyway, to cut a rambling review to an end, I just want to say that the second time I read through the first two books, I enjoyed this one more. Although the story is exciting it is the way it develops, and the way the characters interact, that makes it quality.

5 stars, highly recommended, but make sure you read the first book...first.
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on 11 September 2014
As far as fantasy trilogys go the first law is a brilliant read and completely sucks you into its world. The story really takes shape with all of the characters venturing further into the dark world that Abercrombie has created. All of the elements that made the first book so addictive are not only present but have also been massively improved upon. There is plenty of action which is described in such detail that it feels like you are there. This is quite simply a must for any fantasy it now.
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on 5 August 2013
This is a wonderful book that follows on very well from the first book and leads onto the third expertly well.

It has everything you loved from the first book and so much more besides. Without giving too much away, several of the main characters have very good plot arcs in this book.

I found the title to be gripping and far too addictive to put down. Joe's writing style lends itself perfectly to the cast of characters and the world he has created. A very fine book, indeed.
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on 17 March 2012
This series so far is superb, I have the last book on order and i'm sure I will not be disapointed. Joe has an excellent sense of humour, I cannot stop myself from laughing out loud sometimes, which can be quite embarassing at times especially on the train or bus. The story is not particularly original, i'm sure a lot of people will say it's like this book or that book, but does that really matter when there are original characters and fantastic humour and very good writing. For me it's that warm smile you have on your face after being thoroughly entertained that really matters.
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on 3 December 2016
Quite simply the best author writing in "fantasy" fiction today...
And yes, that includes George R R Martin!

A brilliant continuation of the series. A gripping story with characters you find yourself rooting for, despite their all-to-human flaws. The writing is fluid and fluent, energetic and eloquent. Grand in scale, but magnificent in the details. I know the term 'unputdownable' is over-used... But I can use it justly here!
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