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on 16 February 2009
This is a great book and Lloyd though young he his has managed to write a great book with one of the most fascinating protagonists I've read in a long time. This book has just about everything a Fantasy lover could ever want, an amazing cast of interesting characters, some really great magic that promises to develop well in Lloyd's later books and is truly action packed with some great battle scenes as well as some assassination and politics thrown into the mix as well. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

The great main protagonist is a boy named Isak, Isak is no ordinary boy though, he is a White Eye, one of gods chosen to rule the world of men. Isak doesn't start of as a ruler though he is a wagon brat who rides from place to place selling his wares. That is until he steps foot in the city of Tirah were the Duke, Lord Bahl who is also a White Eye recognizes that Isak is to be he successor and rule over the Farlin people. This is were Isak's story begins and were he will face constant danger from friends and foe alike, Isak must be careful also for he is not the only one in danger the friends and people who are around will face danger too, but not just from their enemies but from Isak himself, for the temper of the White Eyes is deadly to behold.

I've just ordered the second and third books in what i'm hoping will carry on to be a great series, if you like fantasy give this book a go, you'll be in for a hell of a thrill ride.
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on 11 June 2006
This book does not follow any preconceived formulaes for fantasy fiction novels. Its new, its vibrant and it grips you from the very start. The world is so detailed it feels real, the fact that certain aspects, creatures none central to the plot are just accepted, written as though everyone should know about them, just makes it all the more believable. It makes the reader think in a good way. Politics and intrigues abound but don't overpower the story, aren't overly complicated so that they add lovingly to the plot rather than detract from it or take center stage. By the very nature of the key players violence is always just under the surface barely held in check. The characters have believeable flaws and fears that add depth and credibility. Equal time is given to character development, detailed and enthralling action scenes, politics, mysticism and magic. The Final result is awe inspiring, and beyond doubt the best book I have read since I first picked up david gemmels book Legend when that was first published over 10 years ago. I can not wait for its sequel.

The story centers arround Isak. Isak is a "White Eye" these are stronger faster and alot more violent versions of Humans that are especially born to be the God's representatives on earth, and defenders of the land. A wagon rat with a bleak childhood suddenly raised as Krann the chosen of the god Nartis and heir elect to Lord Bahl Lord of all the Farlan. Everyone wants to use and manipulate him. Its the age of Fulfillment and prophersy, but everyone has there own version, and everyone one of power, all the Gods try to influence it, and Isak for there own purposes. But all they end up making is something none of them intended, Isak has more power than intended but is not ruled by prophersy, or god inspired abmition, or anyone elses whim. The story is far far better than that. It is not your typical phrophercy sword and sorcery bout, it is much much better and a MUST read
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on 31 October 2016
all in this book is very "cliché", and characters have no charisma at all, i'm really trying to finish this book but it's really boring.
Maybe i spent to much of my live reading Heroic Fantasy & SF, and maybe am i too old (42).
But i feel this story too impersonal, and character not well depicted, so i'm really not attached too them. and it feels like 3/4 of the first book is politics for a white eye who doesn't care about politics. Me neither
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on 23 May 2006
I was really surprised by this - I don't usually even pick up Fantasy books but was given this by a friend and really enjoyed it. It's very well written and the plot is clever enough to keep your attention. The main character, Isak, is both likeable and frightening, which only makes it more interesting. I'm really looking forward to the next book!
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on 1 June 2006
I was sceptical when someone recommended I read this book. I was expecting another generic fantasy novel, but how wrong I was. Lloyd has achieved something with Stormcaller that other fantasy novel often lack - a sense of originality and detail. The world he has created has what I can only describe as a sense of reality with prejudices and politics that so many authors just ignore. The battles have a structure and technical element to them that seem to bring them life. As a debut book, I can only see Lloyd getting better and better, and I hope we can expect more of the same in the rest of the series.
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on 8 September 2006
I'm embarassed to admit that the main reason I bought this book was the cover - something I think I should have grown out of by now. Having said that I am so glad I did! I didn't read it... I devoured it. I found the concept of the White Eyes intriguing and refreshing. So what if he borrowed Elves from Tolkien as a previous reviewer suggested? There are other aspects of this book that are completely original. It isn't often that you struggle to decide whether someone is good or bad in Fantasy but Isak's complex character defied easy definition. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to hug him or hide from him. The fact that Lloyd didn't feel it necessary to introduce a cast of thousands was also a plus. No flicking back through the pages to work out who someone was. All in all, a fun, exciting, action packed read!
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on 19 March 2006
I read the synopsis of this book and decided to get it and I am very, very glad I did. The plot moves at a good pace and its nice for the central character Isak to have flaws (inherent flaws due to his nature) and not being a particularly nice chap but somehow remaining likeable. Good battle scenes, good use of magic, interesting secondary characters and a solid base for further novels to build upon.
Well done to the author I say
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on 3 April 2006
I have never written a review before and the fact that im bothering says something about this book. Its quite frankly amazing , i loved it and couldnt put it down.
The fact that the author is only 26 blows me away. If you like Robert Jordan or Raymond E Fiest then trust me this book will be right up your alley.
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VINE VOICEon 2 September 2006
A universal 5 stars so far? Why have the reviewers on this page reviewed this book and nothing else? Draw your own conclusions from that.

I read cross genre but I keep looking for good fantasy novels because I grew up loving them. And as I've read lots of this stuff from CS Lewis and Tolkien onwards I am always searching for an original and mature take on the genre.

As a mature reader (by age if nothing else) I am wary of fantasy novels that roll out the old tried and tested Elves, sword, sorcery and magic routine. (My favourite fantasy novelist of recent years is R Scott Bakker). I also like the more down to Earth approaches of the late David Gemmell (will miss his work greatly) or George RR Martin. Unfortunately Tom Lloyd describes a fantasy world where humans and super-humans mix with Gods and about every mythical and fantastical previously imagined creature from the likes of Tolkien onwards. There are Elves (please not more Elves), minotaurs, trolls, dragons, wyverns, magic skulls, magic armour, magic swords and even vampires thrown in. At times I thought I was in some juvenile Sword and Sorcery role playing game. Perhaps Lloyd took a pack of Magic the Gathering cards and tried to incorporate the whole lot into a novel? He seems to have borrowed ideas from Tolkien, role playing games, computer games and even horror.

So, if I didn't like it so much why not one star? Because if Lloyd hadn't fallen into the clichéd fantasy nonsense and got rid of all the superfluous fantasy artefacts and creatures he has borrowed from elsewhere and reduced the main characters from a super-human to a more human level (getting rid of the horrible cliché of magic armour for a start), then what we could have is actually quite a well written novel. The central idea, of the abnormal White Eyes being born to lead lesser men is, I think, a good one. Surprisingly the story actually flows, the descriptions of people and places are sparse but succinct.

Maybe I am getting too old for this and maybe it was aimed at a younger audience? I don't think it's bad effort as a first novel, but I think he needs some better proof readers. If you are a Feist or Eddings lover then this maybe for you, if you go for Stephen Donaldson, David Gemmell, R Scott Bakker or George RR Martin, then steer clear. Will I look for sequels? No, I can't stand to hear any more about Elves, god I hate Elves. Books with Elves in should come with warnings on the cover. Tolkien took Elves from European folklore and incorporated then into Middle Earth. Lord of the Rings was a stunning original work. Ever since, authors have continually borrowed the same ideas. Why? Can't they think of anything original? The big shame here is that it could have been an original novel, but the good ideas got lost in the standard fantasy drivel.

Strangely enough I take inspiration from this. If the publisher was willing to publish this novel in this form then there must be hope for the rest of us!
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on 22 June 2006
At last, characters that are not super in every way. They get tired, grumpy and yes the hero even goes for a wee. Cracking good action sequences, convoluted and gripping story and fantastic writing. Definitely a good one for the jaded and weary fantasty reader and well as newbie readers.
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