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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 3 November 2012
If you've ever been to New York, you'll know the place is incredible and majestic and so recognisable from a million movies and tv shows and photographs and paintings and songs that you'll find yourself stopping in the middle of the street just to marvel at a corner you've seen somewhere before. It's like you've stepped into that work of art, you are in that movie, and you are expecting that character to walk past at any moment. Adrian Tomine creates moments like this in his art. Scenes that anyone familiar with New York city will see and find themselves reminiscing, their minds travelling back in time to when they were there. At least, that was my experience with this book.

Tomine is best known for his comic book series "Optic Nerve" and his graphic novel "Shortcomings" as well as numerous other books, but he's also been a continuous contributor to the New Yorker magazine, supplying several covers and the occasional strip. These, along with sketches of snatched moments with strangers around the city, are collected here in a beautifully produced hardback with high quality thick paper.

The sketches are particularly good - Tomine includes a small note about the scene and the person within it like on the subway "this woman stared ahead, unmoving, smiling for 4 stops and then got off". Each drawing feels like a story in itself. The New Yorker drawings are absolutely gorgeous, Tomine's clean, precise style and eye for placement and angle making for an image that captures your attention instantly. There are also a few strips here, though not many, including a 3-page comic intro to the book which tells the story of the artist's first New Yorker party when he had just moved to the city. The strips are the kind of low-key yet thoughtful and interesting stories that Tomine fans love him for.

"New York Drawings" is a book containing portals into New York and for anyone who loves the city Tomine offers you a scene to step into, a person to imagine a conversation with, and a moment to lose yourself in. It is a wonderful tribute to an incredible artist and definitely worth buying and returning to again and again to include exquisite New York moments within your days.
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on 17 October 2012
I am not familiar with the American magazine "New Yorker" except for the odd copy I have seen and browsed for a few minutes whilst on holiday. However this book is images and cartoons ie drawings from one of their contributors, Adrian Tomine.

The book starts off with a cartoon about the authors/artists arrival in the Big apple and its entertaining. But delve further into the book and there are covers from the New Yorker which Tomine has drawn and other drawings from the inside. The artistry is new too me but if you were/are a fan of Jaime Hernandez"s Love an Rockets you will see several similar drawings. I just love the cover and each drawing says tells a story. Just love it. I really know nothing about the arthur/artists but that will ow change. the drawings, the narrative to the rear of the book and the sketches have excited me. This was one lucky purchase for me and hopefully if you get this book you will enjoy it also.
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on 10 January 2013
I love this book . The illustrations express so much about New Yorkers . I particularly like the subway. Turn the pages, enjoy and then do it again. This book is one of those pleasures that make you smile.
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on 14 October 2013
Adrian Tomine needs to invest in a smartphone. That way, instead of shuffling around in an embarrassed fashion asking for directions to the coat check room, the next time he feels awkward at a party he can simply faff about checking fictional text messages like a regular person. Although, while arguably more socially comfortable, such a move may well deprive the world of another excellent book like New York Drawings since, as the opening comic in the book reveals, the germ of an idea for creating said book came to Tomine while he was hiding in a toilet at a party after exhausting his coat check bit.

The creator of cult comic series Optic Nerve and the writer/illustrator of Shortcomings and Summer Blonde, Tomine is perhaps still most widely known for his illustration work for The New Yorker and the beautifully produced New York Drawings collects every cover, comic and illustration that he has produced for that iconic magazine to date. Although many of the illustrations will be familiar only to readers of The New Yorker, a notable few have crossed over into the general consciousness. Perhaps the most famous of these is the cover featuring a fleeting glance shared by a young man and a young women, both reading the same book, as they pass each other while travelling in opposite directions on the subway. Another particular favourite cover features the owner of a bookshop glancing over to spot his neighbour receiving a delivery from Amazon.

However, New York Drawings is more than just a sumptuous catalogue of Tomine's work for The New Yorker; spread across its pages is Tomine's love letter to New York City. In addition to The New Yorker material, also included are a host of character sketches, location drawings, album artwork and an assortment of short comics. All of Tomine's artwork is great but the character studies are particularly fine. It's clear that he has a lot of love for New York and New Yorkers. At the back of New York Drawings are brief descriptions (and the occasional commentary) of each included image which help to contextualise the more esoteric illustrations and provide an interesting insight into Tomine's thought process when he is drawing.

Adrian Tomine is a masterful illustrator and cartoonist. New York Drawings is a fascinating collection of his art and comics and is a volume that can be enjoyed again and again. Tomine has an excellent eye for capturing the millions of small sadnesses that exist against the backdrop of a city that is by turns thrilling and tragic, mundane and hilarious. New York Drawings is a glorious, poignant tribute to all that humanity has to offer and is an invaluable archive of Adrian Tomine's work. Even the endpapers are beautiful.
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on 11 January 2015
There is a recurring sadness, and pathos, to Tomine's drawings. Alienated worker bees, missed opportunities, broken hearts, and crushed dreams. Jealousy, confusion, desire and envy are all here. But there is hope too. Much hope. Open up to something beautiful and buy this.
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on 7 January 2013
This is the most fabulous graphic novel ever. So complex and complete, you could never describe it as a book. It is a world to be swallowed up in. Especially enjoyed the story of the Bee.
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on 14 August 2013
Bought as a present. Went down very well. A lovely book with great illustrations which would go down well with fans of New York and the New Yorker.
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on 19 December 2013
Beautiful Art work from Adrian Tomine - as always. Bought originally as a gift but need to buy the boy something else as I want to keep it.
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on 1 January 2013
This was a gift and judging by the reaction, it was very well received. It arrived well packaged and in plenty of time for Christmas.
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on 20 May 2013
Arrived in excellent condition which was good as it was a present.
Great price for what it is.
I recommend this product.
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