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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2001
With more than touch of the Chris Morris about it, this is a truly hilarious paper archive of one of the best sites on the internet. Who would have thought that spoof TV listings could provide so much amusement?
Occasionally savage, often surreal, always very funny, and execptionally well written, this is just great stuff. Its also quite a shock seeing something on paper which contains all the vitriol that you can see on the internet.
Highly recommended.
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on 22 October 2001
The book of the brilliant web-page works well, loads of extra bile and hilarious throughout. Nathan Barley, insert expletive here, even has his own tv channel, in the same vein as UKgold, showing non-stop c***.
Everything banal and dumb on TV gets rightly crucified, plus the celebrity "press", eg. Heat magazine, which should make all those hopelessly addicted to that culture as shameful as Judas.
Charlie Brooker is up there alongside Chris Morris as the best social commentators in Britain. This is an essential book with a simple message, wake up now!
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on 19 October 2001
The website which has spent the past two years satirising TV programmers increasingly bizarre ideas transfers easily from cyberspace to coffee table. All the long running series are here inclunding the obnoxious Nathan Barley, Mick Hucknall and his unique brand of exhibitionism and 'The ten tasks of one-armed one-legged Hercules.' Unfortunately the book spells the end of the online version but it makes a great archive of one the few comedy sites worth remembering.
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on 5 July 2002
I have been a fan of Charlie Brooker since his days on PC Zone, and thoroughly enjoyed the TV Go Home TV series - after watching it (and finding out Charlie created it) I visited the website - I was SO happy to find that a book had been made also! And what a book - a laugh-a-page! From "10 Things Ben Affleck Would Never Do" to the "Daily Mail Islander", this book will have you in stitches - and it even looks exactly like the Radio Times! So why waste [money] on lottery tickets - buy this book and you'll never be unhappy again!
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After seeing this book I wanted it - but it was out of print and my meagre wage wouldn't stretch to upwards of £50 (as it was on some websites). Although an online archive existed, it wasn't quite the same - but thankfully it has been reprinted and will now become part of my collection ...finally!

'TV Go Home' is a parody of the TV listing magazines which tend to live under the settee and is the creation of acclaimed Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker. Brooker is renowned for his dry and often caustic attacks on modern day media, his diatribes are fairly aimed though and this publication allows you to enjoy his whimsical take on the TV programming schedule. The familiar format of the listings make the edgy contents even more humorous, though it's a sad reflection on actual television that his fictional series sometimes seem as though they could actually be aired these days.

The entries consist of both unique ideas and running jokes - my favourite continuing series has to be 'Mick Hucknall's Pink Pancakes', if I ever catch mention of him these days I can't help but stifle a giggle as I imagine him squidging his spuds against a transparent surface. The magazine also introduces a program simply called 'C**t' which mocks the trendy media-types for whom style is everything and substance just gets in the way. The main protagonist (or c**t I suppose) is Nathan Barley and this fictional TV programme eventually became an actual one co-written with Chris Morris. Nathan Barley is one of the best comedies to fail to register on the radar of most TV Viewers (along with Sean Lock's equally fantastic 15 Storeys High) and the concept is typical of the many things you'll see in TV Go Home.

Brooker often uses vulgar language here, but it's not brainless swearing - his swipes are finely targeted and his words express what many of us feel about modern culture. He manages, often with just a program name and synopsis, to dissect the weaknesses of the celebrity obsessed age, this isn't just a funny book - it has something to say.

In a nutshell: TV Go Home shows is genuinely very funny and is crammed full of intelligent ideas which exist unfiltered in short paragraphs. It allows us to laugh at the worse aspects of television, and also stands as a strange warning of how things seem to be going! A series of clever rants disguised at potty-mouthed low brow humour.
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on 28 October 2010
An early taste of Charlie Brooker's splenetic fury can be found in this very funny and long overdue volume. It has some astonishing bile and the jagged humour is infectious. It's an ideal book to browse through, as most of it is amusing (and some of it highly inventive), and the depravity of some of the images is striking.

One small criticism is that I don't think the layout did it full justice, but the content is superb.

Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death Monkeys
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on 9 November 2001
110 pages may not seem like much...but when you're in the hands of TVGOHOME writer Charlie Brooker its excellent value for money. It has more laughs per page than any other book that I know of.
This is one of the funniest books I've ever read!
Buy it now....
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on 4 December 2002
honestly. the hilarity contained in tv go home is stunning - from social/political comment(Multinational Sh*tvert of the year awards), spoofs of existing tv shows (eg DI Spoonfed), or just plain wierdness (fun goose or war), this book has it in droves. it also has many obscenties, but i don't mind this at all, as brooker always fully justifies them - even mocking those who find swearing an end in itself. it significantly expands on the website's content, adding the marvellous "scorch" magazine ("20 reasons why celebrities are better than you"), nathan barley's nowbiter (it's so true i weep for media management..) and daily mail islander, plus movie pages, cable channels and much great stuff. back to the original point, the programmes themselves are described so briefly that it takes on a biblical style. i can read a programme a day and i still laugh . it's brilliant!
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on 22 October 2001
So, tv go home becomes the latest website to put out a printed version of its content, but is it worth shelling out for?
Well, yeah. Rather than just reprint existing material, this book showcases the best of the site's spoof TV listings, now covering a whole week's shows on four channels, plus satellite and cable (used for shorter jokes), _plus_ brand-new Radio Times-style features on things like History, and a few skits on certain regrettable publications..
Yes, there is plenty of reprinted material too, but it's still very, very funny. In places, it is also astonishingly rude - I really cannot over-emphasize this bit. I laugh, but you might not if you prefer your comedy to be safe and fluffy. Profuse swearing isn't funny, we're all taught at school; but Charlie Brooker is a master craftsman of profanity, his pace, his rhythm and timing of naughty phrases is immaculate; and, and this is the litmus test, he can be equally funny when he doesn't swear at all. Anyway, buy this book before someone bans it, okay?
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on 11 December 2001
this is the funniest book that has ever been written. from 'Cheggers Plays God' to 'Daily Mail Island' to Tekken the soap opera and the inclusion of Jellyback PI and his cohorts - Garcia and Spoonfed PI especially - mockery is made of a medium that has quite frankly been asking for it. if you've never been to (the site from which it sprang) then how did you find that this book existed? Never mind, just get this book. Unless you think there are some things which are not fit subjects for humour, in which case you are probably too far gone for an inspired site and book like this to be worth your while.
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