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Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box
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on 8 October 2008
The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events No.1)

I'm 17 and i haven't been wowed by such original and creative literature for youths since i discovered lemony snicket and spiderwick chronicles (before all the hoop la btw thankyou very much) i thuroughly enjoyed this book it kept me hooked all the way through i really loved all the quirky characters and perilous situations i even found myself holding my breath at one point for mariah and sacha

a gripping read straight through honestly you'll love it
5 stars

i recently found out there's a second one and i bought it straight away
looking forward to it.

GP Taylor nice one :)
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on 25 January 2014
There are so many faults within this book; I am almost at a loss as to where I should start in describing them. The plot is meandering and senseless, the descriptions are weak and poorly strung together, and the language awkward and repetitive (the word "chunter" is used six or seven times, as though the author wants to use a rarefied word but doesn't know another intransitive verb).

Mariah's character is a total blank... you don't know his likes or dislikes, because he and the other characters are merely puppets that serve as the locus of the plot. The loose ends are not satisfactorily tied up and the magical aspects of the book don't always make sense (what is the point of a deck of cards that tells the future, but doesn't always show the real future? Surely that means you still don't know the future?).

I am quite literally livid, thinking about this book, which I forced myself to finish so I could judge it fairly. Fortunately, I got it for free from the Healthy Planet Charity... I should have known I was in for a rough ride because I'd seen the Mariah Mundi books in dozens of discount bins before getting my copy. There is a film adaptation of the MM: The Midas Box coming out, but from the looks of the trailer is already markedly different from the incomprehensible novel (you could not POSSIBLY adapt the original, warped storyline). My advice, if a friend gives you this book? Read Harry Potter or Charmed Life and send this straight to the second-hand shop.
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on 18 May 2015
love that book
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on 11 July 2013
My order arrived promptly and in excellent condition. The story was interesting and exciting!! Characters were very well drawn. This book appeals to people of all ages. I now intend to order and read the other 2 books. Now looking forward to the film which I am sure will be a great success.
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on 22 January 2009
Shadowmancer by G P Taylor was my first introduction to this author, and that was a fantastically original read. So I came to Mariah Mundi, seeing the premise for the book about a boy trainig to be a magician, with some high expectations. It did seem like the plot resembled Harry Potter slightly, and thus leant weight to the oft-repeated claim that G P Taylor is 'the next J K Rowling.' It started really well, and the author's ability to paint a picture is amazing. Its very atmospheric, with the train station and the Prince Regent described in wonderul ways. So that sets you up for a good story. However, I felt the plot lacked order and continuity. You are told Mariah is studying to be a magician, and this is placed (seemingly) as the central plot focus of the book, yet I didn't really feel it stayed with it. The plot hurtled off in completely another direction, leaving you wondering if that bit about training to be a magician will ever happen. The desccription sometimes lags a bit, although more atmospheric locations are introduced which is good. I counted about 7 typo's, and got as lost as Mariah did in the labyrinthe's of the caves. I felt the structure of the book was rushed, and I think many younger readers will find it difficult at times to understand or follow it closely. However, the ending (or at least a plot line that emerges to carry Mariah through further books) was extremely satisfactory. In fact, I was quietly hoping for it, since it does indeed reminisce of Harry Potter and (without giving anything away) expands on something that is lost after the Harry Potter series finished. Any Harry Potter reader will understand what I mean (*the badge*) and will agree that it sets the whole series up well for more adventures. Overall, its a pretty good read. Perhaps rushed? but no doubt a sterling book from a great British author.
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on 3 September 2013
The book arrived quickly and in good condition. It was a gift for my grandchildren. They are looking forward to the release of the film.
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on 20 January 2014
this was a xmas box which I read before giving it too my daughter hope she likes it better than I did not my taste at all sorry
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on 17 June 2015
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on 12 May 2012
While compared with Harry Potter (which I suspect is more a coincidence of when it was first published rather than a serious comparison) this book owes more to Bram Stoke, Robert Lewis Stevenson and Jules Verne (with more than a dash of Dahl). Mariah finds himself leaving the only home he has known and shipped off to a mysterious hotel by the seaside. Set in a steampunk version of Victorian England Mariah is thrust into danger and adventure before he even gets on the train that will take him there.

Taylor's worlds are always places where you can smell the mud on your shoes and if you look up you might see the contents of a chamber pot coming down on your head. The villains are delightfully villainous and the heroes given to brooding. I loved it.
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on 24 March 2009
Firstly, if you read the jacket detail and believe that this is the next Harry Potter, then you will be extremely disappointed - this is nothing like HP, and GP Taylor is certainly not the next JK Rowling!

I hate having to give up on a book, but sadly I couldn't get past Chapter 9, although I did try - twice.

From the opening chapter you can tell the author is trying too hard to set the scene for the reader - the amount of detail given leaves little to the imagination, and so becomes tedious, and ultimately you become disconnected with anything that is happening in the story. I've no idea what happens to Mariah and Sasha, and to be honest, I won't loose sleep over it either! Sorry, but my spare time is too precious to be wasted on this.
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