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VINE VOICEon 13 August 2005
I've managed to watch a couple of the episodes from the BBC TV series Coast and I just had to pop into Waterstones to flick through the book.
Loads of excellent Photos, wonderful descriptions of the coast and a great companion to the TV series. It's written in a way that everyone can understand about the coastal features as well as the history, geomorphology, special features that are found in all the fascinating areas that have been visited.
The book is in two parts and the gazette at the back is a quick reminder a highlighter focusing your attention and sign posting you to web pages where you will find loads more detail on the things that grab your interest and attention.
It opens your eyes to the fascinating coast that we have, who needs to go abroad when we have so much beauty, intrigue, surprises to investigate and explore. This book is the start of what can be a fantastic adventure for you and I think that it claims that wherever you are you are only 70 miles away from the coast.
So get a copy and off you go exploring, you are guaranteed to be taken on a great journey and when you get there and have read about what you are going to see, connect to the BBC mobile information and listen to a tour of the area, download instruction.
The book is a vehicle into your Coastal Magical Mystery Tour, be it from your armchair, PC, Mobile but best of all with the wind blowing against your face or the sun lighting up the scenery.
I've already seen one place last night in Scotland a small peak that wasn't climber until 1955, can you believe it, even Victor Mildew would be flabbier gusted. So many secrets exposed but many more for you to find with the help of this book, and it's a nice light weight.
Mine is on its way from Amazon as I write.
How can you tell that I'm a frustrated geograhpy student student stuck in an IT job, as soon as that book arrives I'm going to get my boots on pack my lunch and I'm out of here. lol.
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on 20 September 2013
I am only giving this god awful book 1 star as it won't allow me to give no stars. Firstly may I comment on the discriminatory nature of the bbc published book, I feel sick to the pit of my hurling stomach. Bbc books have not catered for the hard of sight or the members of the community who are illiterate. They enjoy the coast just as much as the next man. I should probably stop here as I don't want to say something I may and probably will regret. Just want to warn all that this book has stolen from me. Not only the £10.99 I payed for it. But it's stolen my dignity and my time. Neither of which can have a price put upon them.
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on 18 August 2005
It has to be said that this book is a little bit of a disappointment compared to the joys of the television series. The series (hopefully due out on DVD) offers an epic journey round the British coastline - it's been done before, but not as well. The television series was absolutely first class. The book?
Well, it is beautifully illustrated, although you do feel that it would have benefited from being physically bigger, from having a chance to display its images on a grander scale. But it does seem to offer loads of photographs with only limited text to support them. Having seen the television programmes, maybe you want something more substantial, something to flesh out the geology, geography, and history of each of the myriad landscapes and seascapes the camera visits.
Perhaps that's the problem. Given the shape of the British Isles, there are few of us who have not had some intimate contact with the sea - if not brought up on the coastline, few live more than 30 miles from it, and virtually everyone will have a beach or stretch of shore they knew as a child or visited regularly at some point.
Most of us have some sort of intimacy with the sea and the coastline - watching the television, I could rejoice in revisiting places I have lived (London, Liverpool and Cardiff), but I most wanted to see the Solway Firth of my childhood and youth. There's an element of excitement in following the TV programmes, looking forward to the night when the cameras with get to your special stretch of coast. That element of anticipation isn't present in the book. You can just turn to the right page.
And the page doesn't seem very substantial. It's well written and informative. It is an excellent stimulus, an excuse to get out there, to go fossil hunting, to start studying geology, to take an interest in local history, to watch the wildlife, to worry about pollution, to decide you want to paint or photograph. That's the problem! The coast is such a potent stimulus, has so many facets, has so much magnetism, once your enthusiasm has been fired, a whole shelf full of encyclopaedias won't satisfy your curiosity or thirst for knowledge.
The television programme is a first class stimulus to action. The book is interesting, informative, and a useful little reference volume to have to hand - nice pictures, convenient text, some useful addresses and contacts at the back. But, of preference, you'd buy the DVD first ... and hopefully get yourself back down to the shoreline with a fresh perspective and renewed interest.
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on 4 October 2005
There is always a feeling with a film and a book - given a choice, which should one do first, read the book or see the film. Will one spoil the other?
The same could be said about a TV series and an accompanying book. Having being glued to each programme in the BBC TV series I was really looking forward to seeing and reading the book.
Expecting something of a larger tome, it was somewhat disappointing to find only 192 pages in
mid-size paperback format.

The book is divided into two, the first part being dedicated to the 12 coastal regions explored in the TV series. The second part is a handy and clearly laid out reference section indexing places, people, natural history, historic events and facts to help one plan a trip to an individual region.

It is undoubtedly a superbly illustrated book, but is sadly lacking in the text to support the breathtaking photography...almost as if the job of getting the book to press has been rushed.

I have an interest in the North of Scotland, and was really disappointed with this section in particular. The TV programme showed the 'Whaligoe Steps', south of Wick, but there is no mention of this fantastic Caithness landmark in the book.

It would be fair to say that the BBC series had a certain mystery attached to it in that each programme might well touch on a childhood memory or a place re-visited and I guess this is impossible to carry into the book, in reality.
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on 24 October 2017
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on 11 August 2013
Bought this a fair while ago now but when it came I could not put it down. Very interesting and makes you want to go and see some of these places yourself. Inspired by the TV program which is also very good. Great photography in both.
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on 11 December 2014
This is a most interesting book to read. It was given to my husband and he is very satisfied.
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on 21 March 2014
An excellent book. It gives the mix of interesting information alongside a sort of educational approach, where one learns more about our coastline. Quality pictures break up the text.
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on 7 April 2014
An ideal present for a couple who are alway travelling around the country. A good insight to our coastline. Very well excepted.
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on 25 October 2015
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