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on 26 March 2017
But very good if you just take a few of the suggestions on board.
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on 30 November 2005
This book is great and a really easy and 'human' read. I would really recommend it as a great book for parents - and very easy to dip into for tips and insights. Tanya Byron's TV series is a real eye-opener for parents and she cuts through every parental excuse possible. This book gives you more practical and psychological information than the programmes. What I like about her approach is the fact that she never forgets that the children are individuals and that they need love and play and kindness as well as the strict guidelines that we all know about from Supernanny and other shows. We don't have any extreme behaviour problems with our children thank goodness - but even so I use her bedtime programme to the letter - and it's worked wonders. There are chapters on sleep, play, parenting skills and eating problems and bad behaviour too. I find the info about how parents behaviour affects kids really interesting and helpful. You know you're hearing it from a professional with a heart.
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on 28 January 2011
This book arrived very quickly which was great as i was experiencing difficulty in getting my toddler to stay in her bed and go to sleep. Although it didn't give me any instant new ideas it did reassure me that my child was a normal healthy toddler and that I was doing things right. It confirmed that I just need patience (by the bucket full) and to keep going! There are lots of other areas covered in this book too which I am sure will come in very useful in the future.
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on 12 January 2011
Excellent book. Was recommended to me by my childminder who got the book from the library. Gives loads of advice of what to do in certain situations. A very helpful bible!
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on 18 March 2009
I bought this book to understand the behaviour of my nephew and nieces. Tanya is pretty good, she is compassionate but challenges behaviour of both child and carer. The book goes into detail about why children do what they do and how to move things on. A very informative read with something to learn for everyone who looks after children.
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on 28 September 2016
I would not recommmend this book. The book is short and the general comments/psychology of toddler behaviour/issues and how to address them are short and can easily be found in general websites. Not in depth at all. The book uses real life examples but again they are so short they are not useful at all. Too expensive for what it is. There are plenty of other books on toddler behaviour that are far more in depth and useful.
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on 9 September 2009
Really didn't get a chance to read this book from cover to cover because my son and daughter inlaw took it a couple of days after it arrived and still have not returned it. I bought the book because I was hooked on the TV Series, being a grandmother of four and a mother of three I thought I knew it all only to find I wish I had the book or the series around in 70s and 80s when I had my own children small. Really helpful read. My idea was to leave the book as a coffee table read (think thats what they call it in USA) hoping my children would pick some useful hints to tame my wild grandchildren it may still work if I ever get the book back.
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on 4 December 2005
The freak show grinds on and reality television now throws children into the circus ring. Been embarrassed by your kids lately, been concerned that you're failing as a parent, that you're not doing as well as friends or neighbours - well here's some right little monsters to make you feel better about yourself and disparaging about other parents. "The House of Tiny Tearaways" now makes the transition from television spectacle to book form. So what of the book?
Well, let's put my cards on the table. I'm a social worker. I've seen some brutal, incompetent, and appallingly abusive child care in my time. I've worked with many people who have been traumatised and who daily struggle to come to terms with life because their childhoods were such nightmares. I've also been a parent - I've been a house-husband, I've coped with the ups and the downs of trying to figure out how to handle each new situation … you win some, you lose some, and no, there are very seldom any 'right' answers, just an approach which works, and survival till the end of the day.
We live in a society in which we're rarely taught how to be parents - each of us has to cope alone (or at least in partnership with the mother / father). It's terrifying, it's exciting, it's exhausting, it's rewarding, it'll cost you a fortune. And people will judge you. Other parents - strangers at nursery and school. People who pass your wailing brat in the street or supermarket. You know exactly where I'm coming from! My daughter, at the doctor's surgery, pointing at a large lady opposite and saying, "Why is that lady so fat, daddy? Why is she so fat? Why? Daddy?" The term 'justifiable homicide' is a daily perspective in parenting.
So does this book make the process any easier? No more so than most good books on the subject. Give your kids love. Be consistent. Be firm - make sure they understand the boundaries. Accept they'll make mistakes … give them opportunities to make mistakes, to experiment, to take risks, to learn. Don't suffocate them, don't be overprotective, don't feel pressurised to keep up with friends and neighbours, let your kids become individuals. And study the subject. Have a read at some decent books on childcare and parenting. Try to appreciate how exhausting and demanding parenting is and don't beat yourself up if you're not perfect. No one is, not even Tanya Byron.
Tanya Byron is an experienced, professional psychologist. She offers a very credible book on how to look after your children. If it's a book which owes its marketing success to the power of television rather than to any radical or revolutionary way to guarantee 'success' in parenting, well, that's the nature of modern life. Skills in parenting have become a commodity to be marketed, bought, and sold.
This is a perfectly adequate book on child care and parenting - don't just leave it on the coffee table, read it. Don't assume it contains all the answers - oh, the little brat's having a tantrum, the answer is on page xx. Use it to help you think and focus, use it to help you relax and switch off from the pressures of parenting. It's not a competition - you'll make mistakes, you'll get things right. Use a book like this to relax and unwind by gaining the confidence to sit back and question what you're doing - and then keep doing what you're doing right and find ways to change the situation if some things don't appear to be working. Don't panic! Think!
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on 3 December 2014
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on 1 March 2010
I found this book a waste of time. I don't like the way it is set out either. It repeats itself in different sections. If your child happens to be behaving like one of the example children given then perhaps it may be of some use, but I did not find it so.
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