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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2011
The orginal LP that this is remastered from has always held a special place in my heart. It comes from those far off days when there was no way to relive classic Doctor Who stories other than the TARGET novelisations.

Being a long term fan involved in tracking down pirated copies of episodes years before any official releases was a wonderful experience but this was just a magnificent event that I hoped at the time would lead to more, alas it wasn't to be but the sheer nostalgia of being able to own a perfect quality Doctor Who recording in the late 70's still brings a warm feeling even today.

The LP was a condensed version of that all time classic, Genesis of the Daleks and featured brand nerw narration by the ultimate Doctor Who, Tom Baker himself. This gives the story even more punch as the Doctor is relaying the story directly for the listener.

The artwork has long been my favourite cover for any Doctor Who item and I'm delighted that it's reproduced here in exactly the same way as it was originally, albeit smaller of course.

This isn't really all that important or necessary to Doctor Who fans of today, and even to me really because I can just put the full story on the DVD player anytime I want, but in terms of nostalgia and memories it's priceless.

That will be the main selling point of this, and other titles in the range, nostalgia. It doesn't matter if the material is there in other forms, this was the first and well worth picking up.
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on 28 June 2011
wow! I remember having the vinyl L.P to this so when I seen this for a bargain price of less than a fiver I snapped it up.its just basically the audio of the actual genesis of the Daleks episodes,shortened with Tom Bakers voice filling in the missing bits.its packaging is real retro,exactly as I remember it when I was a kid.even the disc has the original BBC label printed on it.this is a good place to start if your just getting into Who audio books.bought this to play in the car and plan on buying more. they're also great to take on holiday for lazy days on the beech and you need your Who fix.an essential purchase for all Who fans.
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on 1 May 2017
strangely this has been edited but makes for a better story and exploration earth tells you how the world began
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on 27 July 2001
The highlight of this CD has to be Genesis of the Daleks. This version of Genesis is slightly different than it was on TV, with narration and edits. In places, this can be confusing, such as in the beginning, the Doctor "steps out of the TARDIS" but than needs this thing called a time-ring to get home... This is only a minor niggle, as you soon get swept away with the story. I listened to the cassette version of this before seeing the video, and was never disappointed. The gritty script holds up well and, if anything, imagining the story taking place is better than seeing the vivid colours on your TV. And it's worth getting this just to hear Exploration Earth- if Tom isn't going to do a Big Finish serial, this may well be the only 'new' or unheard Doctor Who you'll get to hear him in...
My only problem with this is the price. This was made many years ago, and costs little for the BBC to put on a CD. Big Finish make brand new Doctor Who at a similar cost. Like all of the BBC releases, this is expensive, but worth the money if you can afford it.
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on 20 March 2012
Had the original LP and great to hear again. Classic kids telly from the days before video's or dvd's. special effects are ludicrusly great! Very Retro. Recommended :)
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on 22 February 2015
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on 8 May 2013
I originally had this on audio but wore away. I'm very glad I was able to get it on CD. Essential for any Dr. collection.
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on 4 February 2011
This is the long-awaited CD release of the classic Doctor Who album originally released on LP in 1979.

In many ways, the story works just as well in this condensed 60-minute version as its six-part TV counterpart. The narration is excellent and not overwritten (like some of the missing episode releases) and acts as a suitable transition between scenes. The thing that everyone remembers fondly about this album is the cliffhanger - which, in fact, was never a cliffhanger in the original television episode at all but was required for the purposes of splitting the album across two sides of a vinyl disc.

The album was released on CD a few years ago ("Doctor Who", Genesis of the Daleks and Exploration Earth: Genesis of the Daleks AND Exploration Earth (BBC Radio Collection)) with the rather controversial move of re-editing the story to "clean up" what were originally tape edits limited by analogue technology of the time. Thankfully, this CD edition is a direct facsimile of the original LP, cliffhanger intact, and even the play side of the CD is black (not silver)! It's been mastered from a mint copy of the LP, but you wouldn't know it (thanks to the wonderful work of Mark Ayres). Sharp-eared listeners, however, will notice that one slight improvement has been retained: on the original LP, the Dalek's final word ("universe") at the end of Part 2 was somewhat curtailed as it cut to the music sting, leaving a rather abrupt and awkward-sounding edit. Here, there is a nice overlap into the music. It's very brief and, for me, a welcome improvement. The original album artwork is replicated on the CD cover, with the back cover of the LP on the inside sleeve. The CD itself is printed with a replica of the LP centre label.

If, like me, you only ever owned this album on cassette - which is now well and truly unplayable - then you owe it to yourself to get this CD. It's a classic piece of Doctor Who merchandise, and no-one will ever forget Tom Baker's immortal line: "I sent Harry and Sarah in there..."
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on 11 September 2011
This review of AUDIO GO's re-release of the "vintage" DOCTOR WHO - GENESIS OF THE DALEKS original edited soundtrack could be a very short one indeed.

It wouldn't impress the publicity team at AUDIO GO for me to say, "Excellent. Buy or download it", would it? In essence, that is my review. How many words (in use) in the English language? According to OED online, three quarters of a million. I could effortlessly use all of them in a review of this CLASSIC SERIES product.

Quite frankly, this audio release is indispensable, essential for any fan, literally any fan of the CLASSIC SERIES or NEW SERIES.

In 1979, I can remember clutching my "clam-shell styled" leather coin wallet and marching (perhaps, that should be "gliding" as it's a dalek-related review) to the LP (if you are under 20 years old, ask your parents what "LP" is) to the counter in WH Smith (a UK retailer) and asking for my reserved (I wasn't going to take any chances in missing this product) copy of DOCTOR WHO - GENESIS OF THE DALEKS.

BBC RECORDS REH 364 MONO (Available on Cassette No ZCR 364). £3.45 (In today's money [2009 data calculator], you would pay £13.00.) See right for image.

In the following years, it became an essential companion in the "summer void" when DOCTOR WHO was "off-air" in the days before VHS recorders allowed you to become "square-eyed" from hours of re-watching re-winding (un-tangling) your cassette collection. Is it little wonder that the vinyl pressing became scratched, forcing the dalek's final track pronouncement to be punctuated with involuntary "skip-hiccups".

And, thirty-two years later, would any sane minded person still have the same copy? Of course, I'm a DOCTOR WHO fan. Loud and proud. Certainly, it is dog-eared, showing its age (aren't we all?) but it can still be played.

Fast-forward to February 2011 and the clever concept of "Vintage Beeb" from the new home of BBC AUDIO, AUDIO GO.

In a near reproduction (yes, there is a flaw as the original sleeve stated "BBC records" and not "BBC records & tapes) of this most iconic of Fourth Doctor stories, fans-of-a-certain-age can once again be enthralled by this edited (I don't like the word "condensed") version of Terry Nation's GENESIS OF THE DALEKS whilst younger fans of the NEW SERIES can be entertained in addition to understand the importance that such audio product had in maintaining a true fan-base (that lead eventually to the 2005 re-imagineering of DOCTOR WHO by long-term fans Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson).

Like the original LP version, this release is a mere 60 minutes (the maximum length on a vinyl LP was 45 minutes per side), and that goes passed in what seems like a beat of a butterfly's wings.

Remastered by Mark Ayres, the release should on everyone's AMAZON "wish list" or DOCTOR WHO display shelf (admit it, we all have "that" segregated shelf set aside for only WHO product, and woe betide anyone who moves CDs out of either [1] broadcast order or [2] release order).

Filmed in 1975, Tom Baker's Doctor was, at that stage, understated yet witty, Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith independently courageous and Ian Marter's Harry Sullivan heroically subtle. At the time, it was dream team and for this story was supported by two legendary performances; Michael Wisher as the scheming misguided would-be dictator, Davros and a chillingly sterile creation, Nyder, by Peter Miles. Combined with a deft yet workman-like direction (David Maloney) and a creative vision for the series from new producer (Philip Hinchcliffe), GENESIS OF THE DALEKS has become one of the series' "top ten stories" (The DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE 40th anniversary Poll placed it at No. 3). Quite right too.

From the opening spine tingling charged theme music and Baker's opening nonchalant narration

"I stepped from the TARDIS onto a bleak planet. All around the ground was ravaged, no vegetation. Banks of chilling fog swirling through the air. Why had I been brought here?"

- to the final triumphant diatribe of the entombed dalek

"...as the supreme power of the universe"

- DOCTOR WHO - GENESIS OF THE DALEKS is critically superb. If you were buy/download one CD this month, this is it.
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on 12 March 2011
One of the first and certainly the greatest DW audio-book there has been. BBC missed a trick though by not releasing it in a cardboard sleeve - would've been a perfect 5 then. Instead it comes in a standard jewel case.
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