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on 23 February 2000
From the team that brought you the Third Doctor story "Devil Goblins of Neptune" switch gears and bring you a Seventh Doctor novel that is so well written, that it's a shame that it's not a television episode. A somewhat sequel to "The Daemon" the Doctor and Ace land in a town of Evil where blood runs thick. So much to the fact that it's not uncommon for cousins to sleep with cousins in this town. There is an evil that is taking away the town folk in the form of hideous scarecrows and the Doctor believes that whatever the forces that haunt this town are, it's not as simple as a case of ghosts and gobins but perhaps something alien in origin. Probably the best Seventh Doctor novel in the series thus far. A tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat reading.
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on 27 February 2000
A stunning novel from these two excellent writers (and nothing like their previous 3rd Doctor Novel which was amusing and well characterised but lacking in plot; The Hollow Men, on the other hand, is a John Wyundham-style story of a village with a terrible secret. A classic evocation of the traditional Doctor who story of spooky going-on in an English country setting. The depiction of McCoy and Aldred are terrifically accurate and the villagers are so well drawn one can almost picture this novel as a TV adventure. Simply beautiful.
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on 27 January 2013
This was the first Doctor Who novel I read and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The creepy story was well written and got under my skin; it became a real page turner. Some of the themes and events in the book were a lot more adult than I was expecting but it always felt like Doctor Who, I could easily believe this took place in the classic series' darker, final season.
The authors perfectly captured the characters of the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace and all of the other characters felt fully fleshed out and believable.
Also with this novel being from two of the three authors of the famous Discontinuity Guide expect lots of nods to other stories, as well as a few moments that the new series seems to have "borrowed" from this adventure.
A very promising start to my exploration of Doctor Who novels.
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on 13 June 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and i'm sure once you have picked it up you will find it hard to put down. The Doctor and Ace travel to the small picturesque village of Hexen Bridge, a place that has been cursed for centuries. After making some investigations they discover that Jack the Green is behind it all, an alien force that is using human being's psychic energy to conquer Earth and other worlds. The Hollow Men are simply his foot soldiers. The story is well written and scary, and the characters in it are delightfully deep and well decribed. The other strong point to this book is that there is constant suspense and the story is not predictable at all. One to purchase for Who fans and Horror fans aswell.
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on 12 February 1999
This book was written by an author who obviously knows what he's talking about. Sylvester McCoy's 7th doctor (aka the professor) and Sophie Aldred's character of Ace are beautifully realised in this mesmarising novel. It is recognsible Doctor Who at its greatest; you can almost hear the theme tune!
It is frightening, dramatic, poignant and touching, beautifully crafted. A wonderful and intelligent tale.
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on 1 June 2011
You have got to remember that this book was published for adults and therefor there are more ADULT references inside i.e drugs. This book has a very high death count as well, so be warned, if you are squeamish I would not recomemed this book for you.

The Plot

The Seventh Doctor and Ace go to a west country village, where there is a high population of inbreeding (Everyone is related to each other in bazar ways). Plus there is a school where all the pupils are wierd, an force that landed in Hexcon Bridge in the 17th Century and still lives there.

The Narative

This book is highly describtable and very good enjoyment, the discription very specific. It takles Racism and a evil drug barron gets his compupence.
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on 10 June 2014
Just re-read this book on my kindle, thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of plot and a clear through line for all the characters. Hope more and more books are re issued for kindle.
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on 24 July 2004
This is one of my top-favourite DR WHO novels, great scifi, thrilling to the end, nice 3-D characters. and its got ACE!!!!
this was really a "read as fast as i could to find out how it ends' book for me.
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on 29 May 2013
The Hollow Men is the 2nd outing for the 7th Doctor in the PDA range and also the 2nd book of the range to be written by Keith Topping and Martin Day. There first was the very first book of the range "The Devil Goblins From Neptune" which was severely lacking in my opinion. I needn't have been worried though this novel is far more interesting than the previous effort.

The premise of The Hollow Men is that a village called Hexen Bridge has been visited by a great evil and it's residents now rarely leave, nor do many newcomers arrive. As such there's a lot of inter breeding and sense of close knit community. The Doctor has been visiting on and off for 4 lifetimes and only now are events going to take there final turn as an ancient evil stirs beneath the green.

The authors have you follow the residents of the village, most of which are up to no good and are obviously possessed with the taint of the evil beneath the village. The evil (Jack) is planning to harness the fear and terror of the people of Liverpool to grow stronger and take over the Earth, and it's using the residents to achieve this. It's all gripping stuff.

However my joy with The Hollow Men did start to wane somewhat towards the end. Falling into the same trap as they did in The Devil Goblins From Neptune, the authors suddenly spin the entire story on it's head which changes the tone, and in this case also my enjoyment.

Character wise you know it's the 7th Doctor and Ace. They've both been done to death in book form, so they are really easy to write for, however Topping & Day have managed to create an air of mystery around the Doctor, which was what the producers wanted from the 7th Doctor in the late 80's. You learn very early on that the Doctor has had a relationship with Hexen Bridge for over 4 lifetimes and you wonder why he would go to such lengths. You then realize that this ties in nicely with the manipulator image which the 7th Doctor was associated with, and you can't help but smile. Ace is, well Ace, she gets very little to do other than blow stuff up and attack things, but you can't fault the authors for this given the time period it was set.

The supporting cast are all a bit stereotypical but interesting nonetheless, the authors make it clear that the people of Hexen Bridge are good deep down, but all have bad traits which Jack manipulates. Hatch is the only character who is shown to be bad through and through, and only because he is being controlled by Jack.

In summary The Hollow Men started off as a first class PDA but ended as a mediocre one due to some pretty shocking plot twists. The good bits do outnumber the bad bits though and it's a far cry from the sometimes mundane The Devil Goblins From Neptune. I do feel that Topping and Day do have the potential to write a 5 star Doctor Who novel, but sadly this isn't it.
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on 5 June 2002
This is a really good novel with a very creepy setting that simply oozes a chilling atmosphere. The characterisations of The Doctor and Ace are very good. This novel is not quite as good as "Illegal Alien", but then that would be a very difficult novel to match. But it is still highly entertaining and every Who fan should read it.
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