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on 6 October 1998
Rick Stein is not only a superb chef but his writing is clear, simple and enthusiastic - like his food. He gives plenty of tips from what utensils to buy, to how to store fish and how to make excellant stocks. All the way through the book he carries you along with his passion and almost cooly, simplistic aproach. If you like fish - or even if you don't - I am sure you will find this book rewarding, not only for the food but also the interesting little tit bits he incorporates.
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on 23 August 2015
This book has been on my cookbook shelf for over a decade. I live by the sea with easy access to fresh seafood every day of the year (well maybe not 25–26 December) and I look into it for tips and recipes at least once a week. If you ask my wife what her favourite fish dish is she will say "Roast Cod with butter beans, aïoli and fennel, or casserole of brill (or plaice or dab) with shallots and wild mushrooms". Both are fish cooked in gravy! Delicious, easy to cook from low-cost ingredients and I have to say I probably agree with her.

Outstanding value for money. A brilliant source for when you invite friends around for dinner,
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on 27 September 2005
....just fresh ingredients, a pinch of enthusiasm and Rick Stein to guide!

'In 1995, Rick Stein brought the taste of fish into thousands of British homes with his ground-breaking TV series and best-selling book:-

Rick Stein's Taste of the Sea

Reluctant fish-eaters were won over by the simple flavours and no-fuss approach of Rick's cooking, and by the sheer enthusiasm of this charismatic cook.
'Fruits Of The Sea' carries on from there and contains over 100 fabulous new fish recipes to cater for all occasions and palates.
As well as contemporary recipes, Rick has created some hot and spicy dishes inspired by his travels in Asia and Australia.
To encourage us to include more fish in our diet, but realising that most cooks are busy people, Rick provides a range of recipes that can be prepared in half an hour.
All the recipes are clearly laid out and easy to follow; for the more experienced and adventurous cooks there is a selection of more challenging dishes along with special occasion plates.
And to end, by popular request from his Cornwall restaurant devotees, Rick provides a selection of the most tempting desserts imaginable, such as the most delicious recipe for:-

* Baked Chocolate Mousse with Cornish Clotted Cream

224 high quality pages split into main chapters:-

1. Preparing Fish
2. Unusual Ingredients
3. Soups, Stews & Clear Broths
4. Light Lunch Dishes
5. Hot & Spicy Fish
6. Deep-fried Fish
7. Summer Fish & Salads
8. Fish from Colder Climates
9. Elegant Fish Dishes
10. Quick & Simple Fish
11. Hand-held & Pastry Food
12. Food to Finish With

sandwiched between an introduction and a concise index, along with useful sections:-

~ Basics
~ Listing of American, Australian and New Zealand Fish
~ Alternative Fish


A small taste of the recipes contained within:-

* Cullen Skink
* Seafood Paella
* Fillet of Bass on a Crisp Risotto Cake with Saffron Sauce
* The Finest Seafood in a Small Ragout with a Deep Red Wine Sauce
* Mussels with a Cream & White Wine Sabayon
* Whelk Fritters
* Mussels with Tomato, Celery & Saffron Butter

along with a selection of suitable puds to finish off a truly fishy menu:-

* Pear Bavarois with a Fresh Passion Fruit Coulis
* Crème Brûlée Ice Cream
* Hot Bread Pudding with Armagnac Sauce
* Sticky Toffee Pudding
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on 18 June 2009
I have to admit I bought (or maybe was given) this book a few years ago, thumbed through it, and thought "these recipes are to complicated for me". I have recently come back to it having been on a cookery course for the last 6 months, and so feeling much more confident about my abilities. Now, the recipes seem brilliant. Inspiring, different, genuinely tasty, impressive, I can't speak too highly of this book.

Yesterday I cooked the prune and armagnac tart (which is actually quite straightforward). Very very tasty (I served it with plum ice-cream from the Leon cook book). Today I cooked the mille feuille recipe, modified to use seared fillets of lemon sole, and the cod with saffron mash, which is an absolute winner for a dinner party in terms of both taste and presentation.

The descriptions and photos of how to prepare fish are worth the cover price alone. Keith Floyd eat your heart out. If you have a bit of culinery experience, then this is an excellent book.
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on 7 December 2000
Rick Stein's passion for seafood is only equaled by his skill and artistry in seafood preparation. This is a "must have" recipe book, especially if your not over keen on sea food. Stein's straight forward and simplistic approach make sea food in general a much more palatable choice to what is basically an underrated and easily accessible food source. You will be amazed at how easily and quickly you can produce mouth watering dishes with the humble Cod,sea bass or just a crab, and quicker than the Que for a fast food burger! Rick Stein's down to earth character helps give a real feeling that you can tackle all the recipe's and the instructions are as clear and precise as they need to be, after all says Rick "a recipe is just a basic guide not something to be followed religiously". This book has certainly opened my eyes to seafood and steers you away from the days of "steamed fish" that probably turns most people away from seafood in the first place. This is one book that will help you see just what you have been missing and After all we do live on an Island surrounded by sea
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on 13 October 2000
I bought this book for the Thai fish cakes originally. Since then I've cooked many of the recipes and they are all excellent. You'll find one to suit any occasion. There's a guide to help you prepare your fish and a list of substitutes in case you can't find the one recommended. Rick Stein also inspires you to try fish that you wouldn't normally. I'm a fan! (There's even a section on puddings as well.)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 March 2011
This is a fantastic collection of recipes, but it must be said that many of them are not for beginners, either to cookery in general or fish in particular. From experience, cooking fish (or more to the point not overcooking it) needs full concentration and not to be distracted faffing about with presentational flourishes and complicated side dishes.

But go for it - the rewards are worth the effort. The Cod with a pesto butter filling (a sort of very posh Chicken Kiev), the haddock fish pie with Cornish Yarg (cheese) and the plaice with pancetta gave me glorious results and so it can't be that difficult!
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on 5 June 2005
I have to admit it, I love Rick Stein ... purely platonically, you understand. He presents some of the most distinctive and thoroughly enjoyable cookery programmes on British television. I love seafood ... purely gastronomically, you understand. As a Scot it would be a treasonable offence to suggest that I did not. And Stein brings to the cooking of seafood a cerebral, acerbic, yet almost visceral passion which is more infectious than a hospital superbug and which inspires you to venture into new experiences and new flavours.
Fortunately, I have an excellent fishmonger in the centre of town. That helps a lot. There are few areas in the British Isles which are more than a few miles distant from the seashore (or loch, lough, lake, river, or stream). One of Stein's most potent messages is his frequent exhortation to make use of your local fishmonger and support local seafood restaurants. We can all play a part in encouraging local fishing and sustainable harvesting of the seas and rivers.
Stein offers an excellent introduction, here, evoking the flavour of a small fishing port, extolling the virtues of fish as a healthy foodstuff, and talking the reader through the subject - the book pictures a wide variety of seafood and parallels this with an apprenticeship in how to prepare each. As I say, visceral pleasures (the gutting of squid is a particularly amazing experience). But, for the squeamish, a good fishmonger will tackle the beheading and evisceration for you!
Stein offers a wide range of recipes - he describes fish stocks and sauces, leads you into the wonderful adventure that is soup, talks you though stews and pies, and on to stand alone fish dishes (if you can cope with the notion of a fish standing). He looks at indigenous British seafood and Mediterranean varieties - flat and round, shellfish and crustacean.
The pages are beautifully illustrated, the recipes well explained and easy to follow. It's a book which is complemented by watching Stein on the TV - try to capture some of that amazing enthusiasm and passion. It's never mentioned in any recipe, but the one thing you need to bring to fish cooking is passion - sprinkle each meal with love. Treat the fish with respect - nurture the flavours and offer them up as a benison.
The value of the book, the value of Rick Stein's television programmes is in stimulating that passion, encouraging you to enjoy, to experiment, to explore, to get a feel for your local food suppliers. If you're inexperienced in cooking, you can feel self-conscious about asking your fishmonger (or butcher, or greengrocer) for advice: most are only too happy to help, and the good ones are a mine of hints and information. Rick Stein's Taste of the Sea is one of my favourite cookbooks, one to which I regularly return for ideas and inspiration. Mouthwatering!
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on 26 November 2009
I was always luke warm about sea food until I saw Rick on TV and bought his book. The recipes are delicious and actually work unlike some famous chefs I could mention and won't.The illustrations make you long for sun drenched beaches and fresh fresh fish caught that morning and almost leaping about on the plate. Freshness being the optimum word where fish more than any other food is concerned and Rick gives helpful advice on how to buy fish and what to look for in the way of signs of freshness. There are also useful instructions on how to clean both fish and shell fish.

With all this advice under one's belt the recipes are clear and precise and above all easy to make successful without too much fuss which confirms my personal belief that often the best food is the simplest.
Basic fresh ingredients however are tastefully combined to make some exotic ideas and combinations, delicious sauces, mayonnaises and even some unusual combos such as mussels and chips with mustard mayonnaise.(Mmmmmmmmm!!!!Yum)

This book is a generous publication with some excellent photography and food that looks so real you could eat it!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 October 2008
If I could have only one fish cookery book, it would be this one. There are some superb recipes that really work. I feel immensely grateful to Rick Stein for inspiring me to cook many more exciting and unusual fish dishes.
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