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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 June 2007
I bought this book about 2 years ago, because I thought 'there must be more to life than this ordinary hum-drum', but on my own I couldn't figure out what to do with my life, or how to go about it. I started the book once and tried to do it all in 7 days, but this really is ambitious, so I ended up putting it down for a few months. It was probably the fact that I couldn't come up with an alternative that I thought 'pick it up again, give it a proper try' and this time I took my time and it worked a treat - that was 18 months ago.

That is my advice to you, give it a proper try. What Paul aims to do is simply empower YOU to change YOUR life, no one else can, will, or should, do it for you. Some other reviewer wrote 'it is no magic bullet', this is true, but nowhere does the author promise that he'll do all the work for you - if only life were that easy. All I can say is if you dedicate a little time (and regularly) to his techniques as well as listening to the CD, you will see the changes you are looking for. He is open and honest with you and reiterates that it is up to you to practise. The exercises are clear, straightforward, engaging, and after a few tries, easy to do. Paul's advice is not airy-fairy, and unlike a lot of other self help books it is not vague - the jobs he asks you to do are specific, and when you think about the exercises and the effects, they are quite logical.

However, I suggest that the title of ' seven days' is a bit unrealistic. To do what he asks (and do it right) in just seven days is impossible if you have a job, a family, if you commute, or whatever. I made significant changes within 3-4 weeks, and other changes occurred simply by doing a little and often. I stress that you need to really visualise, really employ your imagination 100%. It is worth it though. Regarding the CD recording, don't pay too much attention to what is being said, he is speaking to your unconscious after all. Just enjoy the relaxation.

The things that improved for me are, most noticebly, I suffered badly with sweating hands and feet, every day, morning til bedtime since I was 13. It affected my confidence and of course was pretty uncomfortable being swollen up all the time. I had tried expensive hypnotherapy which eased it for a few days but didn't cure it. I always felt it was psychological, and when I did Paul's techniques of finding your 'authentic self' and vividly imagining myself at my best, I always visualised myself with lovely dry hands and feet, smiling and shaking hands confidently with people. After about 3 weeks of doing the techniques every day (or second day), I had about 25 'dry' days out of every month. A pretty decent leap forward I say. I still suffer with it now and then, but I take a few minutes and run through the visualisation techniques and the problem quickly goes. The author does not suggest he will work miracles, he just helps you to help yourself.

Other improvements include a big boost in self-confidence, something that friends and family notice and comment on (this just causes a bigger boost again). I am calmer and don't worry so much. I value myself a lot more than before, and dare I say it, love myself a bit more; job offers and nice salary increases have occurred; working life has improved a lot too, I have even gotten relief from IBS. Yes, I may have gotten there on my own, but it would have taken me honestly about 5-10 years. The advice and techniques in this book have brought me very far, honestly. It is same with anything, if you want good to come into your life, it will, but if you only worry and fret and see the bad.... It is not rocket science.

By the way, we aren't related!
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on 19 January 2005
My life has changed completely. This book, together with a few others that explore the reasons for not feeling good, has changed my life. A year ago I was hopelessly depressed, and have been trying to work out why. I read the book and did the exercises quite diligently, and listened to the CD everytime I wanted to relax. It sent me to sleep initially, but a culmination of events including the use of these techniques has resulted in a complete change in my life. I used to be reserved and unconfident, now I am full of self confidence, and have discovered the reason I am alive. I am happy all the time, I sleep better and much less, eat healthier, have a brilliant sense of humour (which I only had before on the rare occassion I felt happy)- I feel there is nothing I cannot do, now. I take my hat off to Paul Mckenna, he has obvioulsy found out how to live. I find everything much more interesting, am curious about everything, can work people out immediately (why they say what they say). Change yourself and the world changes. I am glad I have at least 2/3 of my life left. Most people dont find out how to live, while they are alive, and they think the problem is with everyone else- but the problem is within you. Just listening to people and observing them has shown me so far, that most people are unhappy about something, its not their fault, but its their life experiences up until then that have formed theses thoughts. I've had a difficult time up to now, and I realise that I have been influenced by a lot of negative people throughout my life- you dont always consciously realise they are negative- but they affect you- and they want to, because they are not happy. I love life, and I am not in love with anyone yet, apart from myself. My new life started 2 weeks ago.
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on 24 September 2004
Having owned this book for several months I can definatly say that this is the best self help book I own. This is the kind of book you can read over and over and still learn something new each time.
The book focuses on reforming just about every major area of your life: emotions, your self image, living your dreams, being healthy and wealthy ect. You do one chapter per day and each chapter contains exercises for you to complete with anything from writing down your goals to visualising a new positive self image. On top of this the book also contains a 'mind programming CD'.
My only slight critisism of the book is that it needs a new title. You are met with a title boldly proclaiming to change your life in one week only to get to the end of the book to be told you need to 'change your life one week at a time to see the results'.
This doesnt really bother me, however, and I still give this 5 stars, because its such a great book to read and follow- In this book what counts is what works- none of the cheese you often find in your average self help book.
I used the 7 day program and found that within one week it certainly had made a difference; but i felt slightly dissapointed because I expected more- however after a while because it was such a great book I picked it back up again and began applying the techniques on a longer term basis and I can definatly say they work best that way.
Conclusion- brilliant book; very well written containing some of the best self help stuff available that does work, but dont take the title too seriously, because it will take longer than 7 days to really make big changes.
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on 24 March 2004
I bought this book hoping that a miracle would happen and that I would feel a massive change in myself in 7 days. It was a bit tongue in cheek and I thought well its only a small investment and just maybe this will help.
Wow[...] I read this book and did not tell my husband about it. He was away for 7 days and came back asking what had I done, I seemed different, calmer, more confident. I have to say I am noticing differences in all aspects of my life. Paul McKenna gives us a no nonsense simple approach to life, how we view ourself and others and easy exercises to continue to recondition ourself of any negativity. A fantastic buy.
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on 11 August 2005
I was so convinced after reading the "I can make you thin" book(having gone from a complete cynic to full convert) that I wanted to immediately find all the other stuff Paul Mckenna had written and produced. I have to say the results are fantastic. apply yourself to the exercises and keep an open mind. It's very straight forward and cheerful in it's style and doesn't go for the american shmaltzy(?) style which would have put me off straight away. And it's not for business types exclusively either, I'm a musician with quite a large debt which I'm now convinced won't be there all that long. I've been diagnosed in the past with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Clinical Depression and various other mental health issues but nothing anyone has said to me has helped me, personally, as much as this book. I'm not saying it's a cure for these things but it makes you approach your life differently and it certainly worked for me.It basically teaches you to unlearn your natural responses if they are negative and make them into something very positive.Of course you can't change your life in 7 days but you can certainly alter the course and in a few years time I believe I will look back at the week I've spent reading this book and think it was a turning point. I agree with the other reviewer about the C.D (once you get past the cheesy-ish voiceover) it really does work! I think he's a genius, but I also think most of us have the potential to be geniuses having read this book! I really was a complete sceptic and am now convinced of the benefits of neuro-linguistic programming/suggestion/hypnosis, whatever you want to call it I just know it works. Thanks Paul, you've really changed my life!Dom
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Paul Mckenna is best known for his television hypnosis shows, and you might be thinking that this is a kind of spin off gimmick book, but it isn't. Change Your Life in Seven Days is really very good.
McKenna's writing style is quite light, which makes the ideas easy to digest and makes you comfortable with doing the daily tasks. You are introduced to one task per day, and so you can get to grips with each bit easily and build on each day.
The CD that comes with the book is of a very high quality, the sound is clear, and the music soothing. When you listen to it twice a day, you can just let the hypnotic effect resonate through you. Many of the things that McKenna says chime with the daily tasks in the book, which ensures that you know the CD and the book work together as a pair.
After the first day of listening and reading you are likely to have a bright, beaming smile and a more colourful outlook. The daily tasks that McKenna presents allow you to see all kinds of possibilities to extend the richness of what is already in your life and also to expand your horizons in the directions that suit you best.
This is a wonderful book, full of genuine insight, and has all the tools to get you up and on your way to whoever it is that you want to be more of. All it takes from you is a little time every day to gain your own rewards.
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on 24 January 2004
This book, as the title suggests, breaks down its topics into seven days - covering areas such as wealth, health and happiness. I found this book to be written in a non-threatening style with no jargon and extremely easy to read. The concept (with apologies to Paul McKenna for my interpretation) is to change your perception and to determine your own unique goals. Ok I know that when I was first introduced to this concept I was sceptical, but I do know that after reading the book and listening to the cd (which if nothing else I found to be very peaceful and relaxing) I do feel decidedly more cheerful and focused – a fact that has been commented upon by others, who were unaware that I even owned this book, let alone that I was reading it!
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on 24 July 2004
I bought this book in desperation last weekend and I have listened to it twice a day ever since. It's the only reason I'm still alive. I've been through a desperate time in the last couple of years, appeared to be coping, then my world seemed to start falling apart, with panic attacks, serious loss of confidence, depression and a recently ended relationship. I went away last weekend, to think seriously about ending my life, but knew I was suffering from depression and knew that if I just gave myself time, then things would probably come right. My world has not altered dramatically in the last 7 days, I'm not magically 'better', but thanks to this book and CD I am coping and at times feel optimistic about the future. I will continue to listen to this CD and read the book until my life is completely happy again ... I have nothing to lose. Paul's suggestions, both in the book and on the CD, are superb; he has a relaxing soothing voice. I highly recommend this book.
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on 19 October 2004
I have read many self-help books, and in my opinion Paul McKennas Change your life in 7 days is the best of them all.

The title does not mean your life will be sorted in 7 days but it does mean that if you follow the exercises in the book that you will have indeed changed your life in some way in 7 days and so the title is an apt title, but unfortunately some people are misunderstanding the title thinking it means your life will be sorted instread of realizing that it means change will happen in 7 days which is a totally different thing.

If you follow the simple techniques in the book over the 7 days and listen to the CD (as instructed) your life will indeed change for the better insome way & thus you will have changed your life in 7 days.

I am a fully qualified registered hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and I very much rate this book.

This book is very inspiring and easy to understand, if you really want to change your life ,take more control, become more confident and gain an improved feel-good-factor then this book will give you the ideas and tools to start to achieve it, the trick is to keep doing the mind exercises reguarly in your life.

I would suggest that because P.Mckennas book is helping so many people create change for the better in their lives & the way they feel that He deserves to become wealthy from it for all the wonderful good it does.
Its a fantastic life changing book! Buy it!!!
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on 20 September 2005
This book and cd is like having a good friend to encourage you and to keep you focussed. I have read many self-help books and this is one of the best. Paul McKenna is greatly let down by the editor who titles his books. The silly title put me off buying it for some time. (See similar comments by others on 'I can make you thin!' sounds like a handbook for anorexics!)
The content has a great deal more subtlety and substance than the title suggests. I particularly like the way he emphasises that contentment comes as much from friendship and enjoyment of the present as from the usual indicators of 'success' in these type of books. (Although he deals with those too).
It would be impossible to work through the book in a week (which gives various exercises), but in a few weeks it could change your mindset completely.
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