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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2017
it took me over a year to read all ten books in the series, and for that reason i feel like i didn't remember certain things of catch on to certain references. That being said i've had the best time ever. This has been the biggest and most complex series i have ever read. I think it's important to know that, like in real life, this book isn't full of heroes, not everyone can be a main character. Some people are mentioned in passing simply because that is what happens in life. You can bump into someone you don't know in the street,say sorry,then be on your way, and that is the total amount of interaction that person will play in your life ever. Some characters in these books are like this. Ive learnt to just go with it. The magic is epic, the battles are my favourite and can last hundreds of pages. The books have a tendency to shift gear two thirds of the way through, and once they do theres no slowing him down. must read series
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on 24 July 2017
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on 7 July 2017
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on 28 January 2015
I've struggled. Struggled to turn the pages. And its struggled. Struggled to set the fire in my loins that most of the other books (barring 8) have done.

Is it a good book? Possibly, but it's a tad boring. Like 8. Too many characters you don't care about. Why focus on say 40 disparate characters who mostly die instead of the characters that make the series (like Quick Ben and Fiddler), who get barely a whole chapter between them (again). I enjoyed perhaps one fifth of the book. The rest was a real chore. Hope by the Errant's hairy ballsack book 10 makes up for it!
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on 17 June 2016
many years ago I read up to volume eight of the series and stopped because nine wasn't out yet. I loved those books, every single one of them and all for different reasons. I was so excited to have got "back on the wagon" and start volume nine and perhaps its that level of expectation that has lead to my sense of disappointment. It seems that this book could be about 2/3 of its present size if you removed all the blatant filler, I am so tired of pages of characters talking in riddles when asked direct questions by their companions, of tedious eulogies and pointless reflections on the nature of the world. The bits I love are still buried away in there but it like meeting an old friend at a reunion who has seriously let himself go, I can see my old friend in there but its not the same as in the good old days.
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on 2 February 2016
Fantastic action, great characterisations..... sadly diluted by rambling, introspective nonsense monologues that serve as nothing but padding.
Still, only one more to go.
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on 7 February 2017
I have always had trouble describing Malazan. I don't have the words to capture the extraordinary work of literature this entire series is. Once again I ended a book in this series in tears. The author captures what it means to be human in Dust of Dreams. All of our faults, our pettiness, our cruelty. Then he does what he always does, and ends with courage, selflessness, and the incredible fighting spirit that defines the entire Malazan series. These are the best books I have ever read, without a doubt. It's 5:30 am because I was up all night reading this book. There's nothing else like this series.
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on 17 September 2009
Dust of Dreams is the penultimate part of the 10 Book series by Steven Erikson, if you havent read any of the series i would strongly reccomend doing so before reading dust of dreams (or even if you dont intend to read dust of dreams). The series has proven to be epic and intricate, chilling and absorbing, fantastic and gritty.

Dust of Dreams while a hefty tome in itself should be considered the first half of the last book in the series and as such it leaves the story half told. Also despite its place in the "pantheon" of malazan books it continues to raise more plots, new lines of intrigue, while providing few answers. However after such a long and enjoyable journey I trust the author implicitly to complete the series in the next book, though maybe not with all the answers I would have wished.

The series will contine to be expanded by "companion" titles such as those written by Ian C Esslemont (night of knives, return of the crimson guard). But the main "storyline" if it can be considered to that is coming to a close.

Steven Erikson's writting is complex and involved, sometimes overly so, seeming to concentrate overly on minutae, and while his character interaction continues to delight me, I recognise an almost formulaic approach in some parts. But despite all that, Steven Erikson is perhaps the greatest fantasy writer I have ever encountered, his books sit on my shelf, read and re-read. This book is the 9th in the series, and as such I rate not just the book but the series as a modern great and a must for anyone with any interest in fantasy.
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on 10 May 2016
Fantasy, by definition, means without rationale. In short: you can write anything you like, it doesn't need logic, sense or indeed rationale, because, heck it's fantasy. Erikson has done just that, taking full advantage of not having to make any sense or explaining himself to anyone. You either like it or hate it, and regrettably I'm with the latter group. His names, both for characters and places, sound like letters grabbed at random from a scrabble bag. There is no sense of "nomenclature" -- a method of attributing names. Swedish kitchen appliances spelled backwards, indeed. Compare with Tolkien and, to a lesser extent, Martin, who took a lot of trouble with names, getting them to sound and feel right. The story twists between tear-jerking and just plain stupidness. And maybe it's time Andy Latimer of Camel took notice of a potential copyright infringement in a close-match title...be an interesting about-turn, and sell a few more copies!

This is a book for people who just want to immerse themselves in a writer's ability to write, because that's all that's on show here. Erikson can write, and how. The dense, matted narrative just gushes from his fingertips.
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on 15 December 2011
The best characters have gone to his world creating partner. His story is now set in a substitute continent where not much happens. The best names have gone. The awesome mythology is a thing of the past. In this book the most boring characters wander aimlessly for thousands of pages in the dullest of all landscapes, a dry empty wilderness. Whether this is filling a contractual requirement when the author is bored stupid with the series or whether some quirk of the deal he had with Esslemont over the usage of the best characters, places and history, who knows but this books is simply a waste of paper and of my reading effort.

The first few books of this series are some of the very best fantasy I have ever read, worth ten stars at least. Who can ever forget the Chain of Dogs just for a start. It is correspondingly heartbreaking that the series has now sunk to the low of this book. So much marvellous and awe inspiring imagination gone. How can an author let that happen? It all started with the continent shift a few books back but I have laboured on for the odd moment of the old glory. That moment is entirely absent in this book, even the battle is a write off. Can I muster the cash or the desire to buy that last book in the series? I don't know if I really care how it ends now, I really don't.
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