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on 18 February 2010
I disagree with the lukewarm review i've just read regarding this novel. It certainly hit the spot for me bearing in mind my rather jaded view on the genre at the moment. I was becoming jaded due to the 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' nature of some of the offerings from the authors i'd previously enjoyed. Where is all the romance? Where has the long drawn out sexual tension that literally sizzles as the pages turn gone? Where is the 'falling in love', instantly perhaps but believably without the need to rip open the bodices from page one!

Well, here we have it. I've yet to read any other of Madeline Hunter's offerings but I certainly will be on the strength of this one. Here's a book that is gripping from the first page, grabs your hand and drags you along at a a pace to the final page and offers a hand again as you skip straight back to the beginning to start the magic again.....sigh! The pages crackle with sexual tension and the interplay between the two leads is believable and satisfying.

The characters are rounded and likeable and Fleur's fear of intimacy is used to great effect as the story unwinds and Dante is forced to be patient and gentle in his wooing of her, a state he is unacustomed to being the ultimate jaded rake. Cliche I know but it works!

I rate this novel if you're after a passionate love story that builds up at a perfect pace. I loved it. :)!
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on 8 January 2015
I've enjoyed some of the books in this series and wondered what Dante Duclaire's book would be like once it was written. We know him from previous books in the series as the one who had no problems attracting and accommodating women - be they ladies, maids, whatever. In The Saint: A Novel (Get Connected Romances), we were also introduced to the heroine of this story - the lovely Fleur Monley, who was kinda, supposed to marry Dante's older brother, Vergil. You'll need to read that story if you want the details.

In this book some years have passed and Fleur has possession of her own funds which she has been using to help the poor and needy. Fleur has issues which need to be resolved and finds it very difficult to be touched - therefore has never been able to manage courtship or marriage with only one person aware of her secret - Vergil. Dante is seriously, I do mean seriously in need of money to keep him out of prison. Fleur comes up with the perfect arrangement. She needs protection from villains who are attempting to take her money away from her by declaring her "mad." Dante, the man with the "mostest" needs money.

They form an uneasy alliance with the understanding they will have a marriage in name only and he can go his own way (meaning that he can continue his rakeful ways) and she will retain possession of enough of her money to be able to continue spending in the manner she desires in order to complete some projects. This all sounds kinda okay, until it doesn't seem to work out. Dante has enough common sense to make a deal with Fleur that he can touch her every day as much as he desires until she tells him to stop. He actually manages to make some progress.

At some point, the book becomes less than interesting due to the lack of progress in their relationship - Fleur not being willing to trust Dante with some of her objectives, choosing instead to trust dishonorable people to help her with investments and so on.

I was disappointed on so many levels with this storyline. Dante did come through bright and shiny, however. He only needed to be in the loop much earlier in the game to do his thing.
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on 17 November 2013
I read everything she writes as soon as it is released. This includes The Sinner, The Seducer, The Saint and all of her other novels. She is an exceptional author and together with Loretta Chase, Laura Kinsale and Joanna Bourne she is outstanding.
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on 7 November 2011
I love the seducer series compared to the one on the Rothwell brothers which I didnt fancy much). This book is one my favorites. I will admit to getting irritated with the heroine and her hang ups and even when the reason behind her behavior was revealed, it was just odd, childish and somewhat difficult to believe. I just wanted her to grow up. But it did work in to the storyline and despite all that, you still ended up liking Fleur. She and Dante made a lovely couple and with each turn of the page, I so wanted them to find happiness. I also liked having glimpses of the characters featured in the previous books. Would definately recommend. A keeper.
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on 23 May 2005
I was very excited when I first discovered this historical romance writer and am devouring everything of her that I can lay my hands on. She tells a very compelling tale with a good mixture of seduction, suspense and passionate love. However, this book disappointed me. Both Dante and Fleur are troubled souls and I expected much of the road they had to travel to reach the ultimate goal of each other in everlasting love. While Dante was willing to adjust and comes across as protective and desiring of having this venture work for the two of them; Fleur instead comes across as selfish and bratish to a large extent. By the time the issues that compels her to act in this way is unfolding to Dante (and the reader) the reader basically does not care anymore. It is also interesting that Dante, a connoisseur of women et al, has to wait for his brother to indicate that there may be more to Fleur's behaviour than the surface actions. The reader cannot help but finish the book with the nagging feeling that Dante deserves better. Having said that of this book, please take the trouble to read the rest of the series. It is well worth it!
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