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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 August 2000
I have just finished reading the empire trilogy. In brief, I can only say that I was transported into the midst of the action with a big tub of popcorn on my knee. TZs writing is second to none - all our favourite characters were there - he captures the ambiance that is Star Wars. Thrawn was so well described you could see him constantly coming out of the shadows with some deadly counter action if you dared to even put the book down for a second (which was practically impossible). As a trilogy, I had to keep all three books together for fear of loosing the continuity. But dont just listen to me rambling on about it, go and buy the books "YOU WILL BUY THE BOOKS!"
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VINE VOICEon 3 November 2004
Five years after 'Return of the Jedi', Grand Admiral Thrawn desires to draw the New Republic into a decisive battle. To that end he launches cloaked asteroids into Coruscant's orbit and the New Republic have no choice but to attempt the theft of an Imperial anti-cloak device. Meanwhile, Han, Luke, Leia, Lando, Chewie and Mara undertake a mission to destroy Thrawn's cloning facility on Wayland. However, the insane Jedi Joruus C'baoth awaits them avidly.

This book has all of the great elements of the previous two, dramatic action, subtle military strategy, political tension and extensive character development. The climatic Battle of Bilbringi is an unmissable Star Wars moment, recalling elements of the Emperor's 'surprise' in 'Return of the Jedi'. My favourite part of this book is where the New Republic's heroes defy their government to break Mara out of imprisonment, an act of faith in her that causes some dramatic development of her character. The confrontation in the Mount Tantiss throne room also brilliantly captures the atmosphere of 'RotJ', but with C'baoth's minion proving to be a welcome surprise (I won't give away details, but it's one of the best handlings of this sort of thing happening to a main character that I've read).

Thrawn's end, although entirely fitting, was somewhat abrupt and the otherwise excellent battle scene therefore also ended too abruptly.
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on 14 June 1998
I rarely give out five stars, but this book raelly deserved it. Zahn did an excellent job from begining to end. Loads of action especially during the battle between Skywalker,Mara, and C'baoth.
Two of my favorit scenes is when Trrawn sends out his elite forces after Leia and her twins. The other is when Luke and Mara battle the literally insane Jedi Master C'baoth.
Lando Calrissian one of the over looked character in the Star Wars books that I've read many has a very impotant part in protecting Leia, as well as the Noghri.I like this part< because it's awesome how Thrawn infiltrates the Rebel base located on Coruscant in the palace of the late emperor Palpatine.
I like the battle between Master C'baoth,Luke, and Mara, because it has a lot of action and an interesting plot turn lots of rock falling. There even a Luke vs. Luke battle. The ending is also very uique, some may say it's simple maybe those of you who like big explosions where the enemy could always survive. However Thrawn's end is pretty up close and personal.
The only thing I can find possibly bad about this series is that Tommothy Zahn and this series may be slightly over rated but I think it's well desrved.
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on 8 June 2002
Although Im a great fan of Star Wars, I never really cared for the 'Expanded Universe Books', I thought that they couldnt give me more joy and excitemnet as the films did, I was wrong! After reading Zahn's, 'Heir to the Empire' and 'Dark Force Rising', I was utterly enthralled by them, I had to buy the third enstallment, 'The Last Command', whhich in my opinion, is the best of the Trilogy. The way that Zahn describes every tiny detail to get the image across is excellent, I never thought that there could be another villian to fill the shoes of Vader and the Emperor, but Zahn delivered us Grand Admiral Thrawn, everything you'd expect of a Warlord. The book is written beautifully, the scenes between Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker are superbly written, although they are not together in this series, you can see their relationship develloping. The insane Jedi, Joruus C'boath is excellently potrayed in this book, even the words he says give a sense and feeling of madness!. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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on 6 February 1998
This trilogy definitely is by far the absolute best stuff I've ever read in my life!
Not one of the other STAR WARS authors did manage to write a story so thrilling and true to the characters of the original as Mr. Zahn did. Perhaps even more so. I must admit that he's a genius. And I'm not a person to say so very often.
Till now I've read about seventeen English STAR WARS books, but after reading this trilogy (I'm reading the books in chronological order), I didn't really believe that someday I would happen to find a better book lying in my hands.
Actually, I never did.
May the force be with you, DANA (Germany)
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on 26 October 2000
I've got all three versions of this, (paperback/graphic/audio) and aside from listening to Anthony Daniels doing all the other voices on the tape versions, (Absolutely hilarious by the way...) this is one of the best star wars books I've seen so far. I did notice one important mistake though, which was 'how did C'Boath brainwash the clone if he couldn't use the Force?' but even this can't take away from the rest of the book, which truly shows how much effort and attention to detail Zahn put into this. All in all an amazing end to a top notch trilogy which gets better with each book.
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on 15 September 2015
Although these books have no been declassified as Star Wars lore, they are still some of the best Star Wars books out there. If you're a Star Wars fan and want to read about some of the "Legends" pick up the Thrawn trilogy ASAP!
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on 16 December 1999
Having read all three in this trilogy, obviously, Timothy Zahn really seems to develop the existing characters and introduces very strong new ones, totally in-keeping with the spirit of Star Wars. The books make entertaining reading and would make superb films. Only thing that does bug me though is that Grand Admiral Thrawn, a believable character though he is, seems to know too much about everything that is going on in the galaxy. Mr Zahn does sometimes make a galaxy seem the size of a small village in Devon because the main 'baddie' seems to know what everyone is doing all of the time. Apart from that the books were excellent with a brilliant twist in this last book.
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on 2 November 2000
I originally bought the first book, of this three part series, at a jumble sale. I was sceptical of the many additional storylines that have been spawned form the films.
Timothy Zahn in my opinion has written a trilogy, that would surpass the films. It was intriguing, and had me totally engrossed. I thoroughly recommend the series of books (as they all have to be read in order to fully understand the whole storyline) for not just Star Wars fans, but any one who enjoys, a well documented Saga!
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on 7 August 2014
A great ending to an amazing story, truly an unexpected ending too. Timothy Zhan is probably the only man you can trust with the Star Wars universe in my opinion. I imagine if he wrote the films, the prequels would've been epic.
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