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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2004
Three and a half years after 'Return of the Jedi', Wedge Antilles sets out to create a new type of starfighter squadron, one capable of being the quiet vibroblade to Rogue Squadron's shining lightsaber and one created entirely from failed pilots.
Although I was worried about the idea of another author taking over the X-Wing reins from Michael Stackpole, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Allston's writing style is not so dissimilar as to cause problems. Like Stackpole, Allston has a talent for writing dynamic combat sequences and coming up with novel strategies to surprise you. Where Allston beats Stackpole is in the humour stakes. The characters in this book (particularly Face, Phanan and Janson) will literally have you laughing out loud at their witicisms and childish pranks. The new pilots are all interesting characters with diverse backgrounds, the discovery of which makes the book worth reading, if for no other reason.
By the nature of this book it is all too similar to the first book of the X-Wing series, 'Rogue Squadron', even going so far as to have a disapproving general frowning on Wedge's activities. The only other real problem I had was the fact that, but for a few minor differences, Kell Tainer is the same character as Corran Horn, with Allston using him in exactly the same way that Stackpole used Horn.
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on 16 October 2000
This was the first book that I have read in the X-Wing series, mainly because it was the only one my local supplier had got! When first opening the book it took me a while to adjust to the unfamiliar characters in the Star Wars Universe, but I soon had a raporte with them. The plot has you hooked right from the word go, building up to one of the best space battle finale's I have ever read. If you like Star Wars, get this book!
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on 27 November 2000
I couldn't help feeling that this book was not up to the standard of Stackpole's X-wing novels. I didn't particularly like Kell, he was not, IMHO, a strong enough character and at times seemed like an inferior Corran with a non-human sidekick who was not as likeable as Ooryl.
However I thought that Face and Phanan were great characters of whom there should have been more and I welcomed the change from a squadron that rely mainly on flying.
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on 5 January 1999
I was quite concerned when I learned there would be a diffrent author for this book but I was pleasntly suprised when I read it. I was also worried when I saw nearly all the characters were diffrent. But Aron Allston did a nop notch job. the characters were instantly beliveable and the story it's self was exellent and tension filled but managed not to become boring. I realy recomend this book.
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Despite the change in authers the X-Wing series just went from strength to strength with this book. Aaron Alliston has developed the charecter of Wedge Antilles further showing us more of the Alliance's greatest fighter pilot. Lots of action and humer, two of the greatest sci-fi comedy double acts Kell and Runt, Ton and Face. What more does a book want. Wes Janson. And it has him.
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on 26 July 2004
this book is great, you should buy this then get iron fist then solo's command, the Wraiths are hillariouse and Wedge almost has a mid life crisis, if you like comedy, action, mind blowing strategy and funny people get this book also if you secretly smile at the cute romantic parts in star wars books then get it.
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on 4 November 2001
This was actually the first one i read and i really enjoyed it. The plot went on at a very easy spead to read at. The way that Kell and Tyira got together was good and the funiest character was Face as he was the over dramatic actor. In all a good with all the best characters from the movies and other books.
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on 17 July 2001
This was the first book I had read by Allston and I must say I was mightily impressed. It took a while to get use to their being no Corran and the book took a little while to get going but it was truly a master piece. I only hope the other books that have been wrote by him are as good.
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on 6 October 1999
This book is a brilliint read. Altough it is a bit slow to start with with Wedge Antillies setting up Wraith Squadron, once you get in the swing of the book it is highly enjoyable and a great addition to the Star Wars universe. There are also many memerabe character like Ton Phanan.
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on 4 March 2013
these are continuing tales following on from one another dating back all the way to the last film return of the jedi , a must read for any Star Wars fan !!!!
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