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on 16 October 1998
The only reason that I have given this trilogy two stars is because it offers a trip to the Star Wars universe. Other than that the entire trilogy just sucked! All of the original characters are either pale or just stupid. All the new characters are worthless! The situations and events the characters get into are also completely and utterly worthless.
Leia somehow falls out of favor with the Senate? How did this happen exactly? The trilogy opens with almost everybody hating her guts. The whole thing remains me too much of the Clinton scandal. The Senators suddenly become whinny little punks who get upset at the slightest notion. "Oh no! President Organa Solo has built a fleet to protect the New Republic, what are we to do?" How about getting a clue and a life!!
Luke is once again a whinny little brat who can't seem to do anything. "Oh, I'm having trouble consintrating with the Force. I'll just seclude myself from the universe and go on a wild goose chase with someone I do not even know." Give my a break. And what the hell is this White Current sh**!! "Now Luke. You shouldn't kill anything, even if it's going to torture, kill, and mutilate you. It's not nice." I wanted to scream and rip the pages out of the book when I read this crap! And Luke has SEX with this loser. He didn't even have sex with Callista, which I am surpised to say is actually a better character than this worthless and ridiculous one.
Han is completely worthless. His character is very underdeveloped. Enough said.
Chewie. How in the world can a author completely eliminate Chewie from an entire book (Shield of Lies)?! When he finally does reappear in the third book he is the only character that is worth anything.
Lando and the droids. I'm not even going to go into that pointless situation.
Nil Spaar. What a moron!! "Oh I'm a greatest life form in the universe so bow down to me or I'm going to slit your damn throat." The character was not threatening, especialy when he was intended to be. All I wanted to do was cut the blood flow to his brain, if he even has one, so the monotony and stupidity would stop.
The situations are also pointless. The war, the search for Luke's mother, and the Qella ship are all stupid and not even worth talking about.
In short, DO NOT READ THIS TRILOGY. I repeat, DO NOT READ THIS TRILOGY. It will destory Star Wars for you.
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on 2 March 1999
Okay, I admit that the begining of this book was alright, but the rest stank! I mean come on! Who cares about stupid polotics! This isn't REAL, it's just a story! And what was the deal with that white current nonsense! Did anyone else happen to notice that no one who wrote a SW book afterward ever said a word about any of the charackters who were introduced in this book? And why? BECAUSE THEY WERE BAD CHARACTERS! No personality, no deapth of emotion! Even the characters that weren't new were terrible! Leia never leaves coruscant, Luke never does anything, and Han is well behaved! And forget Lando! He never even has a significant influence on the rest of the plot! And to top it all of, the "ending" was weak and contrived. I would say there should be another, 4th, book, but I don't want to see Kube-McDowwel put his fillthy little hands to the SW universe ever again. In fact, I loath this book so much, my sister tries to blackmail me by reading parts of it out loud. I threw it out the window, and I hope no one ever pics it up. (They might be tempted to read it!)
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on 11 November 2008
I really liked this trilogy, I thought it was better than the Jedi Academy trilogy, which I thought had too many silly and OTT things going on. It's not as supreme as the Thrawn trilogy, but as someone else stated, nothing really is. I didn't like the story layout, I guess I'm just used to the story going to and from sub plots every few chapters instead of doing the whole sub plots together in bulk. I thought the sub plot of Chewies kid was the worst part, and ended up skimming it to get through. I agree that Lukes character seems a bit off, but I don't think everyone has to be exactly the same all time, people go through bad times and act funny, so I think it's good to make them a bit diff. The only big thinf I was wondering, was where's Wedge?
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on 15 January 1997
Look. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but this book (actually the whole trilogy) is nothing but crap!
No apologies! The Star Wars universe has been contaminated and this series is the final straw.
Star Wars is fun. These books are not. The plot is dull and the writing is boring.
I just can't be construction with this - I am angry that George Lucas has let the Star Wars
Universe turn into such dribble. But, I am a Star Wars fan and I will continue buy any and all books
that come out. I just hope that George Lucas raises his standards or at least that the publishing
company will look a little harder into the book...and not just that it is Star Wars.
We, the fans, deserve a lot more than what this series has to offer.
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on 12 January 2003
This series was truly awful. Lacking clear plotting, it had instead bad writing, the creation of new super "Force" powers, new super baddies, bad characterisation and a flurry of lame ideas. Star Wars already has weird and wonderful powers - it needs no more, nor did we need another race of super baddies. We have widely different storylines with no clear connection between them. To top it off, the author appears to have run out of space (or perhaps was ordered to stop?) and has to rely on a sudden uprising to defeat the new super baddies when this lame trilogy gets to the end. And as will be clear from other reviews it has a woeful lack of understanding of the main characters.
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2004
Twelve years after 'Return of the Jedi', Leia unleashes the military might of the New Republic against the Yevethans, following their capture and torture of Han. Luke and Akanah's quest comes to an end and Lando's team discovers the secrets of the Teljkon Vagabond.
The reason that I've given this book three stars instead of two (which is what I gave the other two in the trilogy) is ONLY because there's a lot of military action in this one and Kube-McDowell writes those sort of scenes quite well.
This book (aside from the point mentioned above) is every bit as dire as the previous two. People who've been hoping that the widely different storylines throughout the trilogy will come together here will be very disappointed. Particularly in regards to the mind-numbing Teljkon Vagabond storyline. When the NR and Yevetha fleets square off above N'zoth I was hoping for a real kick-ass battle (particularly with a Super Star Destroyer involved), but remarkably, the author even manages to make that an anti-climax (it's got a lot in common with the last episode of Star Trek: DS9 in that respect). Now, there are those who might be intrigued by the blurb about Luke going on a quest to find his mother, but I'll set that straight now: Akanah is lying to Luke, he finds out nothing about his mother and the story has nothing whatsoever to do with Padme. There, I've saved you the trouble of reading this awful trilogy.
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on 13 November 2000
This last novel of the "black fleet-trilogy" isn`t really my favourite. It belongs to a couple of stories in which the characters change, and that not into the positive. The only good things that happen are Lukes coming back to the family and the brave of Chewies son. To the story itself: Han, a commodore is rescued by a woman who belonged to the community of Lukes new friend. Luke doesn`t find his mother.
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on 21 January 1998
Usually I review Star Wars novels differently from other books I read, my love for the series is that great. But this book, no matter how you cut it, is absolute crappolla. Awful plot, useless supporting characters, bad dialogue, and the worst excuse for a Jedi-type religion ever. Mr Kube-McDowell, go back to school and get writing lessons - now!!!
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on 3 May 1998
The problem with this book is it's BORING!..it's not the plot..not the characters..but the writer himself!! The whole story when i think of it now seems pretty good..but when the writing is lousy HOW in the world can u enjoy it?!?!?
I for 1 think Mr.McDowell should have been a lecturer NOT a writer.
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on 18 July 1999
To put it bluntly, this trilogy really, really stinks. Kube-McDowell might as well have been writing three different plots, and not very good ones. Give me a break. Lando and the droids invade this living spaceship and try to figure out it's mysteries. Luke's off on some trip trying to find his mom or something. And in the middle of all this the Republic finds a nemesis in the Yevetha. And none of them really has a conclusion. Everyone is out of character (except maybe Chewie). Luke is a twit, Han's pretty respectable, and Leia is so indescisive it's not funny. I love Star Wars a lot, and I rarely think of any books as bad, especially Star Wars books. But this, on the other hand, is the worst book I have ever read in my life. Do yourself a favor and don't touch it.
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