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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

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on 1 July 1997
This was hands down, the best trilogy I have ever read. The first book is somewhat slow but stick with it. Once you've finished your friends will have to erect a barracade around you to keep you from charging out and buying the 2nd and 3rd. It is good to see that fantasy worlds the like of Thimhallan are not dead. I am currently reading the Death Gate Cycle by these talented authors and I have to say that I love it. These two writers have the ability to create intricate and fantastic worlds, that draw you in and won't let go. If you ready to experience new worlds than go out and buy these books. But be warned reading this book makes it very difficult to do the less important things like shower eat and sleep!!! :)
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on 8 March 2002
Of all Weis and Hickman's series, this was the last one I read. I was still reeling from the remarkable Rose of the Prophet trilogy, and was once more completely swept away. This book is not told with the raw energy of ROTP and the original DragonLance trilogies, but this is in keeping with its primarily character-based plot (the writing is still exceptionally good, but in a different way, with the language more subtle).
And what characters! Saryon is one we immediately sympathise with and will on; Joram, in many ways the protagonist, is refreshingly kept at a distance; and then there's Simkin, who has to be the best - and funniest - Weis and Hickman character of them all (and consequently one of the best fantasy characters). This is, along with ROTP, the best fantasy series of the lot I've read. Don't just buy this book - buy the trilogy, and soon! (And if you're a true W+H fan, buy Legacy of the Darksword as well, as this series rocks!)
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on 8 June 2008
I wasn't sure what to expect and to be honest I was quite impressed. Dragonlance books are standard fantasy fare, nothing wrong with that but it is refreshing to read something different.
The setting is a society made up entirely of magic users, any born without the talent are killed at birth. The story follows one who was born without it to the royal family yet was spared the fate. Skip on to adult hood and he is trying to get by undiscovered in his society. soon he is discovered and he must flee beyond the realms of the world he knew.
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on 17 May 1999
This is a great intro into the wonderful series of Darksword books. I think that this is one of the best lead off books that I have ever read. An awsome book.
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on 20 February 1998
It was only by a fluke that I even picked up the Darksword trilogy, but I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. It took a lot of effort to get through the first book, but by the time I finished it, I found myself completely engrossed in the story and insatiably curious about the other two books. This is a world that I love, and characters I can relate to!
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on 12 February 1998
What can i say, this book and the other two (there are three books), are one of the best (of better, 3) of the best books i've ever read in my life. It's gets you from the beginning, you get the sensation you are in other world, and you will be able to dream with the caracters. If you want to do something smart, buy the 3 books.
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on 16 February 1998
seven and a half would be a better rating. This series was much like the rest of the two authors works, captivating and entertaining, but lacking something. It is a definate must read for fantasy folk, but dont expect too much in the way of detail or intrigue. Simpkin is a marveouls character and Joram is admirable as well, but they lack the depth that is so easy to obtain with a fantasy character. The story is decent, but its fast pace and lack of complexity cause it to fall short of being anything for the halls of fame. If you are sick of Robert Jordans constant introductions to new problems and lack of soultions to the ones that are already there then read this series, it is a refreshing excape from complicated storylines. If you enjoy intricate characters and twisting storylines then you may want to rethink spending 7 bucks.
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on 1 January 2008
It is testament to Amazon that you can purchase these books without having to wait an obscene length of time or spend a fortune waiting for a print run.

The Darksword Trilogy is yet another monumental work of fantasy from Weis and Hickman. It is a crying shame that these authors have been so overlooked within the sci-fi/fantasy genre; avid fans of the genre would be remiss in overlooking the opportunity to read this series.

In this first book we are intriduced to Joram - the dark, brooding hero of the piece. And Saryon - a troubled 'Catalyst' who, struggling with the tenets of his faith, falls into disrepute with the church and is sent on a mission to infiltrate the Technologist's camp and help bring Joram to justice for the crime of murder and being 'dead'.
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on 2 July 2016
Far too magical fantastical for my liking. This was Weis and Hickman's first trilogy of novels without the backing of TSR and they seem desperate to come out with something completely different to the Dragonlance novels. The result is a world where just about everyone is a wizard and magic is an everyday thing. Unfortunately this leads to a world that is like some childish fantasy where wizards fly around altering reality as they like, drawn in flying chariots pulled by winged squirrels. It could just be a matter of personal taste but I prefer fantasy novels that are at least a little more grounded in reality. The quality of the writing is good but the story stretched my willing suspension of disbelief too far. Not a patch on the Dragonlance saga.
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on 23 January 2008
I first read the trilogy in 1989/1990 while at college and decided fifteen years later to read them again. Having read many books since I can now confirm with some experience that these books are fantastic and a thoroughly good read. Sometimes you find yourself smiling, laughing and then sad as the story, plot and characters develop and unfold before your eyes. I highly recommend reading all of these books if you get a chance. Worth every penny. Thanks Almin these authors continue to churn out classic and well thought out paperbacks !
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