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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2016
A beautiful story, painful and complicated. Love, homosexuality , incest, hate, jealousy feature but the deepest feelings come from the love and the pain.
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on 16 July 1998
At times I found myself holding my breath, such was the intensity of this story and the beauty of the language. The love between Roy and Nathan was so eloquently and poetically realised; yet at the same time it seemed too fragile a force to deal with the realities of their world. It is a strange thing, to CARE so passionately about characters on a page. It is a mark of Grimsley's skill as a writer that the reader falls headlong into the world of Roy and Nathan; hoping against hope for a happy ending. I have read and re-read favourite passages from this book, and feel the richer for having done so. I was impressed with the manner in which Grimsley balanced both the physical passion and emotional connection that existed between Nathan and Roy; juxtaposing their relationship with the hypocrisy and violence of their 'everyday' lives. There are only a handful of books I have read that will stay with me forever. 'Dream Boys' is one such book.
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on 26 August 2000
This book is marvellous. The despair and hopelessness of Nathan and the uncertainty of Roy in this hesitant gay relationship twists your heart -- and the ultimate tragedy shocks. The last few pages of this book haunted me for days, I could not move them from my mind.
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on 26 August 1999
Dream Boy, for what controversy it may evoke, is one of the most powerful romances I have ever read. Grimsley's writing is vivid and intense- slightly reminiscent of Toni Morrison's Paradise.
The relationship that developed between the two boys, Roy and Nathan, had me at the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. Oddly enough, even for his younger age, Nathan is mature beyond his years in both his interactions with other characters and in his relationship with Roy.
I sincerely recommend it for anyone looking for a beautiful romance novel mixed with the trials that all adolescents face as a part of growing up in American society.
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on 19 July 2000
This is a short and sweet review. just to tell you all go out and buy this book. All the reviews you'll read here will say the end is disappointing. It is certainly unexpected and a bit supernatural but it's done in a way that is kind of convincing. The dialogue if the book is excellent and you can really get an understanding of how the leading character, Nathan, is feeling and coping with the mental scars of his Father's sexual abuse and his Mother's denial and unwillingness to relate to the situation. I can't wait to read more of Jim Grimsley's work.
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on 6 June 1999
This is not your usual boy meets boy, boy falls in love with boy, and they live happily every after. Although the characeters are also not the usual "couple", they do fall in love and that love is very gratifying to both young men - and to the reader. Further, there is no suicide of one of the young lovers, nor does "family" tear them apart from each other. They do end up together, but the way the author does it will really surprise and delight you. It sure did me.
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on 6 April 1999
A friend of mine handed me a copy of this book and told me to read it right away. I'm glad I listened to him, as "Dream Boy" is one of the most brutal and beautiful books I have ever read. Jim Grimsley manages to restore faith in the power of love and language. His lyrical prose and beautifully woven characters had me engrossed from start to finish. Nathan and Roy manage to haunt you long after the novel is finished. I couldn't wait to turn each page to find out what was coming next, yet never wanted the book to end. There are sentences so small and so affecting, that I was wracked with sobs for most of the book. Grimsley's novel is one of great beauty and portent; a gay love story that transcends that label to become a universal truth. His writing makes me both envious of his talent and glad to be a writer myself, and I have not been so shaken, moved, and unsettled by a novel in a long time. Superb.
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on 15 April 1998
overall mediocre - simplistic but also a bit pretentious... pretty cliched too. yeah, this might be a nice book for oprah to recommend - seems to be her style - but it really isn't particularly good... it's not particularly bad either, though... a very quick, fairly absorbing read, written by someone who is probably a very sweet man... he gets a point or two for his nonirritating use of the present tense throughout (a hard trick)... the religious symbolism is a bit much, though... it could have been appropriate, but doesn't seem to have really been thought out too much... also, i liked nathan and roy, but didn't really feel like i got to know either of them at all... i mainly felt sorry for them... i also agree that the end does seem to come from another book... i don't feel any worse off for having read the book, but it definitely could have been a lot better... there were sparks of talent here or there, but... a nice, sweet book for gay teens to read... not to say straight teens can't read novels about gay characters... there just isn't a lot here to hold your interest without being able to identify with that most fleshed out aspect of either nathan or roy's personalities... oh well... hmmm... others seem to have disagreed...
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on 20 November 1999
I found this book to be truely remarkable. I couldn't put it down and started reading it again as soon as I was finshed! The difficult path of first love experienced by the two boys was beautifully played out. The story was so moving, uplifting, sad and beautiful. I found the unexpected ending to be superb as well - quite a surprise!
I am full of admiration for Jim Grimsley - what a talent!Read it NOW if you haven't already!
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on 22 July 1999
I've never been the "reading" type, especially when it comes to modern gay literature. Being a young gay man I have too easily put down many gay themed books for being typically sarcastic, venomous, too political, or just plain boring. Luckily, this book made its way into my life by chance and I am forever grateful. From the minute I flipped open the front cover (hesitantly, mind you) I found myself smirking in anticipation, reading further in shock, and sighing with inevitable delight.
A select few may share the opinion that this book is "underdeveloped", for whatever "their" reason. But, that is where its beauty thrives. This is a simple story about the most basic of human emotion, and the wants and needs that surround...a love story.
Jim Grimsley is so amazingly clever with words. An innocent walk through a field, a first kiss, or even a scattering of dinner plates becomes a grand event unto itself. Quite the dream.
I could ramble on about the wonders within this book, but read it for yourself, and relive your teen years...they way the could have been.
Thanks Jim. "Amen" :-)
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